How to become an escort: 11 things to do before your first session

You’ve taken some pictures, done some marketing and found your first actual client. Congratulations! What next? There are a few things to do before you venture out for your first booking.

Once you realize that your intentions have gone from an online ad to meeting up with a client in the flesh, you may think you’re not really ready for such an adventurous career choice. However, if you’ve made it this far, you are likely very prepared to walk the walk. This checklist may come in handy:

  1. Make sure that no speck of dust or a stray hair dares undermine your gorgeous persona

    Physically prepare yourself for an encounter. Clients expect escorts to look their very best. This means careful attention to detail about all physical aspects of your appearance. Wax or shave your legs, underarms and bikini area, using extra care to trim up closely. Consider seeking professional assistance at a spa or salon if you want a Brazilian wax or any other special process. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin; clients want an escort’s skin to be soft and smooth. If you have time, get a spray tan if you’re not already bronzed up: tanned skin usually looks healthier and helps one to appear thinner. Do your hair and makeup to accentuate your best features. And, ensure your nails are properly manicured and clean. While these efforts may be elements of your usual beauty routine, going through them methodically may ensure you are at your physical best, which will boost your confidence when setting out for your first gig.

  2. Dress to impress. You already know that your client expects you to look great when you walk through the door. But, it’s important that you not only select an outfit you look great in for your first encounter, but also one that accommodates the needs of an escort. Your little black dress that has a zillion buttons on it is not a good choice for an encounter. Select something from your wardrobe that is easy-on, easy-off. The fewer troubles you have getting out of your clothing, the sexier you can go about getting undressed. (Many clients want to watch you undress—it’s best to be able to do it easily.) Additionally, you need something you can throw back on quickly when the session is over. Pay attention to where and when you’re going to be meeting your client. If you’re seeing him during the day at a mid-level hotel, for example, a cocktail dress may seem out of place. And, finally, always wear sexy lingerie that works with your clothing choice. It’s obvious that your client expects sexy lingerie; but, your lingerie should enhance your outfit. Don’t wear a bra that hangs out from your dress or shows through your white blouse, unless that’s exactly the look you’re going for. Lacy bras sometimes causes bumps or wrinkles that show through blouses. Avoid unsightly effects from bras, panty lines or other items.
  3. Put your best foot forward. You may wear sexy stilettos to see your client. However, you don’t want to arrive at your outcall limping so badly you can’t strut around for your client, if asked. If your shoes are uncomfortable or you know you will be walking a considerable distance, wear a lower-heeled (or flat) shoe to get you there. You can easily change into the sexier ones that you’ve got stowed away in your bag. Even if you’re meeting your client at a hotel, you may still have a considerable walk to get from valet parking to your client’s room. Having comfortable shoes is a must for an escort.

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  4. Be ready for anything. Every escort needs to have a bag of goodies and necessities with her each time she meets a client. Several items should be included in your bag. Some items may be things you will never need. Others will come in handy all the time. Here is a basic list that you can build on as you gain personal experience:
    • Wrinkle-free clothing change: You never know when your outfit may get stained, wet or damaged. You don’t want to have to walk back to your car looking suspiciously. Purchase a neutral knit top and skirt that are wrinkle-resistant for your bag.
    • Variety of condoms: Don’t think that one or two condoms are enough to get you through an encounter. You always run the risk that standard condoms won’t fit your client, or that he has a latex allergy and needs a polyurethane one. Condoms may break, so you will need extra, too.
    • Lube: Regardless of what happens during time with your client, lube always makes things easier. It is a necessity in your bag.
    • Pocket vibrator: It’s inconspicuous, portable and fun. Your client may enjoy watching you use it or want it used on him. It can help relieve your arm or mouth, too, during extended sessions.
    • Wet wipes: You never know what you’re going to need to wipe up. Depending on where you meet a client, wet wipes are also a great way for you to clean yourself after an encounter. They also work to correct smudged make up on both your face and your clothing.
    • Extra makeup: Your make up may become smudged or completely wiped off by a client. Always have enough in your bag to repair or replace it to look presentable as you leave.
    • Scotch tape: It can fix a hanging hem or a broken nail. Scotch tape is also a great lint remover, for times that you discover your little black dress is a bit fuzzy.
    • Mobile phone: Your phone should be with you at all times. Use it to call to let your security buddy know that you’re safe with your client. It’s also available to call for help if things go badly.
    • Keys: Always keep your car keys handy so that you can leave at anytime.
    • Pepper spray: Use as a deterrent for threatening clients. If pepper spray is illegal in your area, consider such options as bear spray, hair spray or wasp spray.
    • Cab fare: Even if you drove to an outcall, always have enough money in cab fare with you to get you somewhere safe, if needed. A wad of cash between $50 to $100 is the most versatile item in your purse.
  5. Know where you are going. Getting lost on the way to your first encounter wouldn’t be good. Get directions from your client, seek out information online or do a practice drive by to the location you’re headed to. Get a good idea of how long it will take you to get there, factoring in traffic if it’s an issue, so that you won’t be late. If you determine that the location is in a bad neighborhood, contact your client to request an alternate meeting place. You shouldn’t have to risk your personal safety for a client.
  6. Engage in mental cheerleading. Mentally preparing yourself for what will happen during your encounter will help you get through it successfully. Know that you and your client will likely engage in some chit chat, which will be followed by some intimacy and nakedness. Visualize yourself going through the activities you plan to engage in, and anticipate feeling positive about the experience. Being mentally prepared for what will ensue is the best way to gear up for your first time. Additionally, establish a clear vision of what your boundaries are. Imagine situations that you may be forced to address your limitations with your client. Prepare to enforce them with strength and confidence.
  7. Review the screening information you have. Knowing the basics about him will make you much more comfortable. It will help you create a general persona in your mind for him, that may carry over into the encounter. Going over the details you know about your client will also help you brainstorm conversation ideas for your visit. Small talk is often one of the hardest elements for new escorts. If you have some ideas already generated, you may not experience the awkwardness that many newbies do.
  8. Rehearse your own version of the date. Go over various things you may say or do at the beginning of the encounter. Prepare a greeting for your client that you can use when you first see him. Many escorts find they are tongue-tied when they first meet a client. Having an introduction already in place will help you get past that first step and move into the booking smoothly. Practice undressing or dancing, in case your client wants to watch you. It always help you feel less self-conscious if you’ve watched yourself do this in the mirror ahead of time, so practice liberally before heading out for a visit.
  9. Focus on business. Remember that an encounter is a business transaction. On your part, it has nothing to do with romance, lust or physical attraction. It is about money. Keep in mind how you’re going to use the money you get from the encounter. Putting the experience into perspective involving money helps you realize that it’s actually a job. Escorts often have trouble accepting intimacy as a business element the first few times they see clients. But, if you keep your mind on the money, all elements of an encounter become standard job requirements.
  10. Love yourself at all times. As a new escort, you may be having doubts about whether what you’re about to do is actually acceptable. You know that your family members and friends would be judgmental about your actions. However, remind yourself that you are not doing anything wrong by spending time with a client and helping him to feel good. If you still feel positive about your plans, despite your moral doubts, forgive yourself. Take pride in who you are and your talents. And remember that you deserve respect for who you are.
  11. Tell someone where you are going. You may skip the what for, but tell them where you are heading and how long you expect to stay there. Ask them to start worrying if you don’t call again at a certain hour.