How to have an escort session in or around water

Sometimes, clients want to enjoy the water during an encounter with an escort. They may be avid sailors, swimmers or general beach lovers. Regardless of their affinity to the water, escorts must attempt to compensate client requests as long as they seem reasonable and safe. Most people are excited about getting to work in the sun and surf, so escorts who get to meet clients in the great outdoors may be genuinely pleased with the prospect. However, just like all encounters, there are certain things to remember and guard against when you’re hooking up during an encounter in the deep blue sea.

Consider these tips for waves of fun with your clients:

  1. Realize that you are more vulnerable when you’re in or on the water. Even the most adept swimmers are less able to defend themselves in the water than they would be on land. A client might easily overpower you in the water, dunking or holding you under the surface. When you’re on a boat, you are away from anyone else who might help you. And, even if you run from a suddenly-violent client, there aren’t a lot of places to escape to, since you can’t exit the vessel. Because the water can put you at a sincere disadvantage, it’s essential that you are certain your client is not a safety threat. Double-check his background, verify that he’s who he claims to be and ensure that he doesn’t have a bad record with other escorts. If he’s a client you have seen before, review your gut feeling about him. Even “nice” clients can become violent when you least expect it. If anything seemed off about this client in the past, deny his request for an encounter involving any body of water, except for maybe the bathtub.
  2. Practice common water safety practices during the encounter. Don’t let your client’s desire for fun override your good sense when it comes to reasonable swimming or boating rules. Don’t swim too far out into the ocean, despite your client’s goading that you should come out “just a little further.” Obey the old rule of not eating a full multi-course meal prior to taking an active swim. Avoid diving into shallow water or bodies of water that you’re unfamiliar with their depths or bottoms. When you’re with a client, it’s still your responsibility to act like an intelligent adult who recognizes what is safe and what is not. If you’re boating, don’t encourage him to go too fast or conduct himself in any way that might lead to an accident. The water can be a fun place to go with a client, but it also holds a lot of room for accidents. Just as you take precautions when on land, don’t allow your “vacation mind” to control your sense of balance.
  3. Realize that sex is sex, in or out of the water. As a teenager growing up, you may have been told by your girlfriends that it’s impossible to get pregnant when you have sex in the water. While that is completely untrue, many people do actually believe that. Not only can you get pregnant through sexual intercourse occurring in the water, but you can also contract sexually transmitted infections or diseases. It’s important to continue your use of condoms if you engage in intercourse during your encounter at the beach or pool. It’s never okay to allow a client to talk you out of using a condom, regardless of the arguments he may present to you about sex in the water. It’s not an issue about what feels good or is most comfortable; it’s a question about protecting both your and his health. Persist with your condom requirement, regardless of whether you’re in a room, on the beach or in the ocean.
  4. Use better-fitting condoms. Since a condom is still required in the water, you should make an effort to find/supply the best condom for the activity. While an ill-fitting condom is a risk in dryer conditions, it’s an even more serious problem if you’re going to be getting it on in the water or under sweaty, outdoor conditions. A condom that is too big or doesn’t fit well may easily slide off, under the friction of intercourse. To avoid this occurrence, look for a condom that fits fairly tightly. When a condom has a firm fit, it’s staying power is escalated under extra slippery conditions. Also, it’s less likely to take on water, which can cause it to break under pressure or fall off due to being too full. (Water or semen may also leak out if it’s too large and isn’t tight-fitting.) Talk to your client ahead of time about your concerns and explain why you are offering a different kind or brand, if that’s the case. Most clients are just excited about the prospect of such an activity; they don’t care about the kind of condom you’re giving them. Additionally, be aware that chemicals in the pool may break down a condom that is used for a long session of intercourse, causing it to be more susceptible to breakage.
  5. Get lubricated. Under the water, your natural lubrication may get easily washed away. Internally, you may still have enough natural lube that intercourse won’t be uncomfortable, but it may not particularly enjoyable! Try a silicone-base lube when you’re getting ready to indulge in some action. Otherwise, consider oral sex poolside. (Keep in mind that despite how much lubrication you get, chlorinated pool water and salty ocean water may irritate your vaginal area if too much gets pushed up inside of you during intercourse. If you’re going to engage in such activity, reduce friction by using some sort of lubrication and it may help decrease water invasion, too.) Be careful if you use a silicone-based lubricant, because it can stain your bathing suit or your client’s trunks.
  6. Wear an appropriate bathing suit for your activity and location. If you’re lounging at your client’s personal pool, your teeniest, tiniest bikini may be exactly what the encounter calls for. However, if you’re catching some waves at a public beach, entertaining on your client’s yacht or enjoying the rays at a posh hotel pool where others are, you should probably cover up a little bit more. It’s fully acceptable to be sexy, but you should retain your classy appeal. Additionally, look for a bathing suit that flatters (and covers) your assets. Make sure that your bikini top fully takes care of “the girls” and also lifts them up attractively. If you’ve got a little too much junk in the trunk, avoid wearing a thong bikini bottom. Opt, instead, for fuller coverage. And, practice walking around and jumping in your suit. Make sure that straps stay up, your bottoms stay in place (without having to extract them out of your crack) and that your boobs are secured. You don’t want to be constantly fussing with your suit, making sure that everything is still laying the way it’s supposed to. If you wear a suit that fits well, it will likely stay right where you put it.
  7. Use extreme caution when it comes to public nudity or obscene conduct. Even though your client reassures you that nobody else can see what’s going on in your corner of the pool or beach, check things out to be sure before you get into anything too intense. Many places can charge with a crime (usually a misdemeanor) for public nudity where it is not sanctioned. (Think: hotel pool or public beach.) If you’re caught in a state of undress, the complications can end the encounter and be quite embarrassing. Additionally, if security catches you and your client in a “tender moment,” the guard may not be so kind as to tell you to go to your room or move along to another location. He may arrest you on the spot. Be very careful as you engage in activities during an encounter at a public location. Make sure that you’re covered by the towel if you’re out of the pool doing something naughty to your client. And, keep your “activities” limited in visibility from innocent bystanders. If you do want to engage in intercourse, do it discreetly, under the water, where it looks as though you’re just in a romantic snuggle or embrace.
  8. Consider general touching of your client to be innocent foreplay. Depending on the encounter, you may end up back in the room or another private location with your client after you have fun in the water or on the beach. If that’s the case, utilize any skin-to-skin contact you and your client enjoy as promising foreplay of what’s yet to come. Encourage him to help you put on sunscreen or rub your sore shoulders. Allow him to embrace you in the water. Or, play a fun piggy-back riding game while splashing around in the waves. The more fun you have touching your client innocently prior to retiring into privacy, the hotter your session will be with him. Escorts who use every opportunity they can find to turn on their clients often get better reviews and hotter results.
  9. Wear waterproof make-up or take it off entirely. When you’re splashing about in the water (whether it’s the ocean, a pool or hot tub), it’s probable that you’re going to get it around your eyes, which will make your eye make-up run, turning you instantly into a deranged raccoon. Prevent this from occurring my applying waterproof cosmetics to your face prior to getting in the water. Cosmetic companies make mascara, eye make-up and foundation that can withstand serious water contact. When you use these types of make-ups, be sure to have make-up remover on hand to wipe your face clean at the end of the day. These kinds of make-ups may be resistant to old-fashioned soap and water. But, many escorts aren’t comfortable wearing make-up to the pool or in other situations where they plan to swim. If you’re one of these gals, remove your cosmetics prior to jumping in. Many clients find this approach even sexier than a full face of make-up.
  10. Control your hair so it’s not an issue. Escorts who have long hair may realize that their hair, while beautiful and luscious when dry and styled, becomes a tangled mess after swimming. If your tresses are unmanageable in the water or seem bothersome, pull them back into a smooth ponytail or bun. If your hair doesn’t go everywhere in the water and you choose to leave it down, have a comb ready when you get out to smooth it out so it appears more “fixed.” Clients like their escorts to appear polished and perfect, much of the time, so it’s best to be prepared to maintain a neat hairstyle, despite getting in and out of the water. Plus, if you take care of your hair during such an encounter, it will dry smoother and nicer than if you hadn’t taken care of it. (Additionally, be sure to use plenty of conditioner if you’re in the water a lot during the summer months. The sun, salt, chlorine and other factors can dry your hair, leaving it brittle if uncared for.
  11. Refrain from drinking heavily in the water, especially in the hot tub. Clients usually like to imbibe in some adult beverages as they are waterside. Typically, water and booze don’t mix. Control your intake to ensure that it won’t cause you to engage in silly, in appropriate or risky behavior. Also, keep in mind that consuming alcohol in the hot tub, with its extreme temperatures, may have a stronger effect on you that you’re accustomed to. As your body warms from the water, it metabolizes liquor differently than normal, which can cause you to feel intoxicated long before you normally would. Alcohol is not necessary in order for you to have a good time. Use caution as you determine how much you can safely drink.
  12. Say no if you’re uncomfortable with the idea. Some escorts have a terrible fear of water or boats. In these cases, escorts should never be made to engage in such encounters with clients. If you have a genuine issue with water, deny the request for the encounter. Some people experience anxiety when they are required to swim; if you do, don’t feel any remorse for telling your client “no.” Even your most loyal client shouldn’t be able to persuade you to become involved in an activity that legitimately scares or threatens you. Maintain your stance, despite his pleas or statements about another escort offering the service.
  13. Always let your “buddy” know where you are. Because you are especially more vulnerable during a water or boating encounter, you should inform a friend or colleague where you are and who you are seeing. If something were to happen to you, tracking your whereabouts is much easier.

All in all, water or boating encounters can be a lot of fun, as long as you exercise good judgment and common sense. Implement common safety procedures along with typical escorting guidelines, and you and your client both should be very happy with your time.