How to keep your neighbors in the dark about an escort next door: 9 tips

A recent incident in Hampstead, an affluent area in London, England, allowed neighbors to glimpse into a world that was completely foreign to them and caught them completely unaware. Right under their noses, an escort agency was operating out of one of the village’s lovely homes along a cobblestone residential street. Disguised as a perfectly “normal” home, the escort agency owners didn’t bother anyone in the neighborhood, were good neighbors and caused no trouble. The neighbors had no idea that a multi-million dollar escort agency was operating right in their own back yards.

Nearly every escort could take a few lessons from the owners of this Hampstead establishment. They prevented discovery by not only the police, but by their neighbors and others, too. They were able to run their business with ease and without fear of being found out by the local residents.

Doing this is not always easy, but it can be done if one pays close attention to her actions and makes special efforts to disguise any actions that might otherwise seem suspicious. Here are some tips about how to keep your neighbors in the dark:

  1. Blend in: As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as Romans do“. When you live in a neighborhood and operate your escort business from your home, it’s important to carefully examine your neighborhood and the things you can do to blend in. Landscape your lawn similarly to your neighbors, work on your home as they do and engage in similar functions to others in your neighborhood. If they grill out occasionally, do the same. If they put up Christmas lights or holiday decor during the Christmas season, make sure you at least put up a wreath or a string of lights. Walk your dog, jog in yoga pants and a t-shirt and put out the American flag on the 4th of July, if this is what is done in your neighborhood. Do and act as the others in your area in order to appear as “normal” as possible.
  2. Avoid extraneous traffic in and out of your home. Regularly scheduling incalls during the hours between 7 and 9 a.m. or 4 and 6:30 p.m. is just asking for trouble. People are leaving for work and arriving home during this peak travel time, which is prime time for extra traffic in and out of your home to be noticed by passers-by. One or two times may not attract much attention, but if neighbors notice lots of traffic at your house regularly, they are apt to wonder what you’re up to. Additionally, avoid traveling to outcalls except for during normal working or social hours. That means no leaving your house every night at 1 a.m. for that client across town that came in from the bar and wants an outcall. Coming and going at normal hours that people are prone to go to work or out to eat or a movie won’t attract extra attention. When clients come to your home, be sure to ask them to park in the garage or on a side street and walk over to your home. Provide a back or side entrance for clients to enter by that is not in the line of sight for your nosiest neighbors. You can always offer to pick up a client at a nearby location, too, to avoid extra vehicles in your driveway or along your curb.
  3. Ask your clients to bring something with them that would cause nosy neighbors to think they are there to conduct business or fix something. Files, notebooks, briefcases, packages, repair/tool kits, flowers or anything else that could be a delivery or business-related can disguise a client to a spying neighbor.
  4. Limit the number of clients you see each day and the number of days you work per week. Seeing five clients a day, five days a week in your home will surely attract attention. However, if you limit your business activity to three days per week and only a couple to three clients per day, the traffic in and out of your door is much less noticeable. Additionally, schedule as many outcalls as you can to avoid attention being drawn to your home.
  5. Give your neighbors reasons that so many people come to your residence. Explain that you run your business out of your home (which is entirely true!) and that you are an accountant, massage therapist, beautician, consultant, etc. This may help to disguise what is really going on and save you trouble from a well-meaning neighbor who is the “neighborhood watch” type, too.
  6. Block the view of nosy neighbors by planting hedges or building a fence where appropriate. Blocking windows or the line of sight to your door can help to deter nosy neighbors and will help to disguise the amount of traffic coming to your home. Additionally, if you feel neighbors are peering through your windows, cover them with window film, curtains or blinds. Don’t provide easy access for neighbors to see what goes on in your home.
  7. Become friends with your neighbors. They are much less likely to suspect you of any questionable activities if they get to know you and like you. Invite them over to dinner or a barbecue. Let them in your home and see its interior. Kill them with kindness, if necessary; even the nosiest, most negative neighbor may be won over with your smile and charm. By getting to know you they will never, in a million years, suspect that you do THAT for a living!
  8. Don’t advertise your business. That can be taken a couple of ways… and should be. Don’t include your home address on the details of your marketing information. Your address should only be given to legitimate, screened clients whom you trust. Secondly, don’t discuss business in front of your neighbors. Refrain from taking business-related phone calls or discussing anything remotely related to escorting in front of your neighbors. Don’t text in front of them or give them any fodder for talk about your career.
  9. Dress appropriately in the presence of your neighbors. Don’t go out dressed to the nines or in your leopard-printed jumpsuit, despite what your client may want. Dress in clothes that help you to go unnoticed in your neighborhood, and prepare to change immediately prior to meeting your client.