How to post your first ASP ad at

Posting an ASP ad on is a simple, self-explanatory process, but tips can make any experience much easier. Much like the sites you are familiar with, has a pre-established method of entering your information and publishing your ad. Once you get the system down, it’s an extremely quick and painless task to post multiple ads in order to promote your business to thousands of very determined potential customers.

  1. Click the big red button in the top right corner of the site or follow this link to the first step of creating your ad.posting-step-1
  2. Choose geographic areas for your posting. The very first task is to determine which region you want to place your ad in. For many escorts living or working in a specific city, this is simple. However, if you don’t live or work in the city listed, you may wonder which region best applies to you. With up to 5 regions to post to at once, it’s easy to choose not only your regular city, but also the ones nearby. If your cities are not listed, please ask for a location to be added to the dropdown menu by sending your request to [email protected] Keep in mind that the locations are not where you live, but where you can work.posting-step-2
  3. Choose a category for your ad. If you’re an escort, the most obvious choices from the drop-down menu will be “Female Escort,” “Male Escort for Men,” “TS Escort” or “Male Escort for Women”. Notice that you can place an extra ad in the Domination and Fetish section, if only for the purpose of measuring the response. (Who knows, maybe you are going to be more successful in a fetish niche than in plain vanilla.) If you are an escort who provides massages, you might want to post an ad in the “Massage or Massage Studio” category, especially if it’s one of your specialties. Additionally, many clients enjoy an escort who can perform a stellar strip tease, so posting in the “Stripper or Stripper Club” category might earn you some business, too. Other categories for ads are “Phone or Website (cam)” and “Adult Job Posting,” but they may not refer directly to your escorting business. Remember that you can post as many ads in as many categories as you want – and see which one generates the most inquiries. There is only one caveat here: Miscategorized ads get culled.posting-step-3
  4. Create an irresistible title for your ad. This is information you are required to fill in as you create your ad. But, even more important than it being required by the system, it draws attention to your posting and sets the tone for what clients can expect from you. Before you post your ad, check out what others are using for their titles – and do something completely different. It can explain a little bit about you, describe your appearance or share details about your outlook. It should be creative and informative. A good title should grab a reader’s attention and encourage him to learn more about you. Stay away from vulgar or direct language that discusses specific sexual acts or body parts. Keeping your title classy and PG-rated demonstrates that you’re an upscale escort, worth your fee, instead of a much trashier option. If you are unique (which you are), let the title be unique. If everyone uses fancy characters, then you will be just like everyone else if you use them.posting-step-4
  5. Fill in the basics. includes some other “must-have” information that you have to include with your ad. Use drop down menus to complete the details. Enter your age, specify the area you plan to deliver services in (this might be the general neighborhood where your incall is or how far you might travel for outcalls), and the genders you are willing to book encounters with (male, female and/or couples). These details may be used to filter your ad from others, so it’s imperative you take ample time to input accurate answers for this information.
  6. Write the body of your posting. Although details about your physical description and the service areas you provide outcalls to are pretty significant, the body portion of your post is where you can spread your wings and describe your offer in as many words as you can handle. This information could include details about your hobbies, your outlook on escorting, your general interests or anything else that clues clients in about who you are. Use verbiage that reveals your sarcastic nature, sense of humor or amazing intellect. This is the space that allows you to step out of the box and show, beyond specifications and drop-down options, why a client should contact you. Use it to highlight what sets you apart from other escorts in your area. For example, if your specialty is the Girlfriend Experience (GFE), give details about how an encounter might play out or what a client can expect, suggesting that your performance in the role is the best available.
  7. Upload photos for your ad. You are allowed up to 12 images. To upload photos, click on “Browse.” A pop-up window should appear giving you access to files on your computer. Click through until you locate the appropriate locations that contain your desired images, and select them one at a time, each time you choose “Browse.” (It’s not possible at this time to do a bulk upload for images.) As your images appear, you have the option of choosing a favorite, that will appear first and foremost with your ad. A favorite is represented by a yellow star. If you don’t like the one indicated with the star, cancel the option as a favorite and choose another one.posting-step-6
  8. Supply service details. This portion of your ad should give a client specific information about the dirty details of booking an encounter. Firstly, you need to give the client a general idea about the region where you work. He needs to know where you are willing to go to see clients and the general whereabouts your incall is located — or both. Clients like to book escorts that are convenient to them, so they need to know this information ahead of time to avoid wasting both his and your time. Another bit you should deliver details about is your basic working schedule. Some escorts are willing to book encounters at all hours of the day or night, 24 hours per day/seven days per week. If that describes you, select this option. However, if you adhere to a different schedule, indicate as such by using the dropdown menus to give details about the hours you are willing to meet for bookings. Another significant portion of this area of your ad is the rate you charge for your companionship. There are varying time options provide for you to choose from and you can indicate how much you charge for each/any of them. You may also select the option that lets clients know you are willing to meet for extended sessions. Finally, payment methods should be addressed in this section. You may choose from several ways to pay, including credit card or cash. If you accept all of them, you may opt in for the entire bunch.posting-step-7
  9. Provide a physical description. This section is a fairly self-explanatory portion of the ad that allows clients to get a better idea of what you look like, based on pre-determined criteria. Items included are your race, hair color, measurements, personal grooming habits, breast size, piercings, tattoos, weight and height. Each of these categories give several options for you to choose from to describe yourself. On some options, you may choose more than one descriptor. Other times, try to select the one that best fits you. Filling in these items helps a client picture your appearance and gives him a better idea if you fit his desired specifications.posting-step-7
  10. Give clients information about the activities you enjoy. Firstly, you can tell clients whether you are willing to drink alcohol or smoke with them during an encounter. Sometimes, this is important to a client, as he sees it as a way to socially interact with you. Otherwise, while it is legally questionable to indicate which intimate activities you are willing to participate in, it’s acceptable to indulge a client’s curiosity by telling him the intimacies you are interested in indulging in with others. Options that you may select range from breast relief to kissing and full vaginal intercourse to the porn star experience (PSE). You can choose one, two or all of them — it’s your choice. Keep in mind that the more you select, the more you will be able to match up with client preferences when search results are filtered.posting-step-9
  11. Be aware of privacy issues that are taken care of by Before you post your ad, you may select the option to allow your information to be shared by search results delivered by Google. Your details can be included in findings that will allow potential clients to find your listing faster than if they had to seek you out on a particular dating site. Your profile can be found based on your name or telephone number, giving you optimum exposure. If you choose not to participate in this option, your profile is only viewable by users of Additionally, you can choose to include a legal disclaimer that will appear at the bottom of your ad each time it’s viewed. This disclaimer informs readers that you are paid for your companionship and your rates are not dependent on any intimate activities that you might choose to engage in with clients. It also indicates that any intimacies are the result of mutual consent between you and clients and have nothing to do with the professional agreement made about your services.posting-step-10
  12. Indicate how you want to be contacted. You may receive email replies through the site. will keep track of your replies, indicating which ad they were in direct response to, which helps you track how effective your marketing on the site is. You may choose the option to hide your email address, so clients don’t know what it is until you personally provide it to them. Additionally, you can provide a phone number for clients to reach you on. Before readers are allowed access to your number, they have to fill in a code. This deters abuse from search engines or computer robots (for the purpose of spamming).posting-step-11
  13. Approve or edit the ad template. After inputting all of this information, you are prompted to view the ad template. Go over all of the information carefully and select any of it that needs correcting or editing. As you observe the template, notice that it provides clients with a great overall view of who you are and what they get if they choose to book with you. Once you’ve given it a good proofread, you can choose to post it.posting-step-12
  14. Create your account. Before your ad can get officially posted, you will be prompted to input your email address and set a password. The site will send you a verification message that should arrive immediately in your inbox (or junk folder, sometimes, depending on your settings). Verify your email address by clicking on the link provided. After this step is completed, you may approve your ad one last time before it’s posted. If the email does not arrive in 15 minutes, please contact [email protected]posting-step-13
  15. Manage your ads. Go to your account information to view and/or delete all of your posted ads.posting-step-15
  16. Manage your templates. Every new ad you create is actually a template – that is, a pre-filled form that lets you post the same ad again and again. While ads cannot be edited, templates can.posting-step-16
  17. Manage your account. From time to time, you may need to adjust the information that identifies your account. You can change the password, update your email address and add a different phone number, easily from the account screen. From this area, it’s also possible to amend all of the “basic” information in your ads, except the verbiage you typed in about yourself.posting-step-17
  18. Follow the good user conduct rules. requires that all posters and visitors avoid delivering harassment and threats to others using the site. No impersonation is allowed. No transmission of anything unlawful, untruthful, abusive, defamatory, obscene or vulgar is allowed. Avoid racial comments or positions. Your ad should never encourage criminal activity, involvement with minors or human trafficking. Posting ads for illegal products or services is prohibited.
  19. Pay attention to the terms of service. By posting each ad, you agree to the terms of the site. Even though they are not radically different from other boards’, you may want to read over them prior to setting up your ad and feel free to address questions about anything you are unsure about.