How to work in a hotel

There are many different types of escorts and ways of doing escort business. Some focus on creating and maintaining regular clientele through their independent escort services. Other escorts work only through agencies owned and ran by others. Many escorts find that befriending lonely travelers at a hotel bar or in the lobby is a way to earn their wages. However, in order to make this work in a hotel, it helps to have a good working relationship with the concierge, bell staff and the hotel bar manager. Here are some tips to remember when targeting clients at upscale hotels.

Typically, upscale hotels have an unwritten dress code and code of conduct that an escort must adhere to in order to blend in and to help the hotel maintain its reputation as a reputable, classy establishment. Hookers decked out in fishnets, knee-high boots and skin-tight bustiers fail to blend in with hotel patrons wearing business suits, designer labels and conservative attire. In order to be allowed to loiter and utilize an upscale hotel as your prime recruiting location, you must make attempts to fit in by dressing and acting appropriately for your surroundings. Purchase and wear a wardrobe that is classy, sophisticated and elegant.

Your actions will earn you the trust and admiration of the hotel staff, or it can get you kicked out by security. At all times, it is important to exercise discretion as to your professional intentions, in addition to respecting the hotel’s patrons. A hotel bar manager or concierge may allow you to maintain a permanent post on a corner barstool or lobby couch if you refrain from pestering patrons and project a dignified persona. Any actions that associate you as a street hooker, instead of a high-end professional escort will cause your presence to be rejected in the hotel and all areas of it.

Hotel staff members must exercise extreme caution when working with professional escorts. Law enforcement is always looking to crack down on prostitution along with those who help to facilitate it. Hotels must never be associated with facilitation. Additionally, a hotel that becomes associated with being a haven for prostitutes loses its reputation as an upscale hotel for sophisticates.

In addition to earning the respect of the hotel staff by dressing and acting appropriately, a few other tricks of the trade exist in order to befriend the staff members of the hotel. Tips, gratuities or plain old cold cash will do wonders to cause even the most distant concierge to become your friend. Money really does talk. Offer the concierge a percentage of any donation you receive in exchange for companionship with someone the concierge has referred to you. Even if the concierge isn’t willing to help you out by providing referrals, he or she may be willing to look the other way or provide a cover for you when law enforcement officials rear their ugly heads.

Additionally, bell staff can help you find clients by providing referrals or tipping you off to patrons who have arrived alone. Either way, a tip or percentage of your donation is a great way to establish and continue a relationship between you and the bell staff that may be mutually beneficial.

Finally, the hotel bar manager may become your business partner, too. Many hotel patrons hit the bar after a long day at the convention or conference they’ve attended or for a nightcap before bed. The bartender or bar manager may have the opportunity to refer patrons to you, or, in turn, suggest that you contact patrons. Also, a bar manager may appreciate your abilities to get patrons to buy drinks for you, thus running up bar tabs. By allowing you to frequent one of their high-end barstools, bar managers may find that working with you is good for his bottom line, especially if you tip him well. However, you must refrain from consuming too much alcohol and acting unprofessionally, taking things too far with a client within the bar (thus the need to get a room!) and bothering his customers when they have no interest in having any “company” for the night.

The most important thing to remember is to treat the hotel staff well, with respect and with generosity. If they know you are going to take care of them, odds are that they will take care of you, too.