“I’m so glad to be a naïve escort,” said no one ever

Many clients appreciate the doe-faced, innocence found in young, inexperienced escorts who are new to the industry. They find their outlook and optimism refreshing, their nubile bodies provocative and their modesty quite sexy. And, while a new escort can certainly capitalize on her naivety, she should also know that it can hinder her success, as well.

If you are new to the industry and feeling your way through on your own, you need to realize that being naive can be as much of a liability as it is an asset with some clients. Realize these downfalls and find ways to cope with them as you progress and grow as an escort:

  1. It’s common for new escorts to make comments to clients that are easily interpreted to mean more than intended. New escorts feel that they must compliment their clients in order to make them feel good. Instead of simply complimenting traits or abilities, many escorts gush (unnecessarily) about how much they love spending time with a client or about the degree to which they like them. Too many compliments or comments that sound too intimate may often lead a client to believe that an escort has feelings for him. An escort may feel she is only being nice, but it doesn’t take much for some needier clients to read more into her actions. Often, escorts are very willing to share details about themselves or to go above and beyond generously for a client, which also lets a client think she’s demonstrating her emotions for him are more personal than they are professional.
  2. Avoid underestimating clients’ romantic intentions. When you provide the girlfriend experience to clients, it’s common for whispers of endearments to be thrown around, especially during intimate moments. However, some clients don’t stop with their words. They do actually mean what they say. Despite the fact that you’ve been told that clients will profess their love and affection for you without it meaning a thing, once in awhile, it does. Some clients do believe they have fallen in love with their escorts, mistaking the parameters of the relationship. As a new escort, it’s easy to mistake their advances as innocent parts of the encounter, when they actually mean something real by it. When you laugh or pass off their emotional confessions, your clients may act negatively or as though they’ve been injured. Some get angry, while others get defensive. It’s not your fault when a client believes he’s fallen in love with you or developed deep feelings for you, but it’s your responsibility to back the relationship down to professional terms in such a way that your client doesn’t feel insulted. The best way to do this is to implement the policy that you don’t ever become emotionally involved with your clients or date them, and tell your love struck clients about your guidelines. You can even go as far as saying that if the two of you had met under other circumstances, the outcome would very likely be different. Apologize, but insist on keeping the relationship professional.
  3. Young, inexperienced escorts easily fall in love with clients’ fantasies and lies. It’s common for clients to tell an escort that he wants to take her away from her life of struggles and provide her a fairy tale. Some will fantasize about dream vacations. Others will talk about fixing her up so that she only sees him, so he doesn’t have to be jealous of her other clients. A few will even talk dreamily about leaving their wives and starting a life over with their escorts. However, this is all part of the fantasy that a client creates when he visits an escort for an encounter. He takes the opportunity to live in an alternate world where he is free to daydream about a different life. But, when you’re young and looking for that brass ring, it’s terribly easy to be drawn into the excitement of your client’s fantasies. It will only get you into trouble if you expect your client to become your sugar daddy or leave his wife for you. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the romance he creates for the two of you, being influenced to believe his intentions are true. You will only get hurt and create issues between you and a client that could result in lost business.
  4. Allowing clients to push your boundaries is all too common for naive escorts. With the belief that you won’t to please them, it’s terribly difficult to turn down client requests, even if they exceed your comfort zone by a little bit. Put simply, naive escorts are afraid to upset clients and lose their business. You know that a client has many options when it comes to seeing an escort. However, you have to keep in mind that other escorts aren’t going to allow him to push them into doing things they don’t want to, either. You can rest assured that you’re not the only escort who will refuse his request. Some new escorts are just too nice to say no. You have to realize that if this describes you, this particular personality trait will get you nowhere. You have to be willing to stand up for what you believe in and want. You’ve implemented guidelines and policies about what you will and won’t do with clients; live up to them by refusing to grant a client a request that does not coincide with them. Whether it’s a request for a prohibited service or trying to talk you into spending more time than he’s paying for, a client who constantly pushes your limitations is not fun to have. He must learn he can’t do that to you, or you should allow him to find another escort. You deserve better than to have someone trying to get you to do things you don’t want to agree to.
  5. Naive escorts easily fall for scams or timewasters. Lots of clients have ulterior motives when it comes to booking escorts. Whether it’s to rob them or attempt to get a freebie, new escorts are overly trusting and want to believe that all clients are good, basically. Clients may try to get by without paying for a booking by telling an escort that they will go get money from the ATM afterward and “be right back,” never to return. Others will rifle through an escort’s purse and belongings when she is out of the room, after telling her to go check on something in the bathroom or elsewhere. Regardless of what the scam is, new escorts tend to lack the intuition to realize it until after they’ve fallen for it. Unfortunately, all you can do is to stay alert, keep your belongings with you at all times and avoid being over-trusting. Secondly, some clients get a power trip or enjoyment from calling escorts, engaging them in lengthy conversations or communications and the failing to book an encounter. Or, they may book a session, but they won’t show up. Timewasters can often be categorized by potential clients who ask excessive questions, want too many intimate details and try to drag the conversation on uselessly.
  6. Naive escorts who announce their new status in their profiles are targets for clients who wish to take advantage of them. Without even knowing it, you may be inviting trouble into your life. Some clients like to prey on novice escorts, because they know that they are less likely to recognize the signs of their ulterior motives. They hope to take advantage of a new escort by convincing her that she doesn’t know what she’s doing and that their insight is better on price, services offered and general ways of doing things…in order to benefit from the lies. These types of clients will attempt to haggle on rates or try to make deals for additional privileges, such as intimacy without condoms. Don’t leave yourself open to this type of client by forwardly announcing that you are new. You don’t have to let clients know in your marketing that you are just starting out in the industry or have recently moved to town. Avoid any discussion concerning your newbie status, even after attracting potential clients. Some are frequent visitors to escort directories and immediately identify a new face on the list.
  7. It’s pretty easy to excuse awful behavior when you’re naive. Escorts who haven’t been around the block, yet, are inclined to allow clients to act inappropriately due to creating reasons to justify their behaviors. For instance, a client may insult her because he just had a fight with his wife. Or, a client may yell and demand unrealistic services, because he’s unhappy about a business deal gone wrong. In truth, there are no excuses for clients’ inappropriate actions toward an escort. But, when you’re new, it’s too easy to attempt to make it alright, so that you’re not personally bothered by the incident or turn down the client in the future, in fear that you will need his business. Naive escorts need to realize that clients who act badly will do it time and time, again. Making up reasons to justify their actions only enable the poor behavior and allow a client to think he can get by with it every time. You must put your foot down and insist on better treatment.
  8. Naive escorts are deeply affected by insults or criticism delivered by clients. When you’re new, you need to develop a thick skin…quickly. Clients aren’t always nice to escorts. Some have had issues in their pasts that have made them feel negatively toward women, influencing them to sling insults, profanity and hurtful remarks. Being told you’re fat, stupid and disgusting is common from some types of clients. Others will contact you for an encounter, only to say that he expected you to be prettier or thinner. As an escort, you must realize that you’re not going to be every client’s dream girl. (And, that’s okay!) Getting criticism or insults from a client shouldn’t affect your confidence or self esteem or cause you to doubt yourself. Build up your opinion of yourself in order to stand up against harsh statements made by clients.
  9. Ignoring red flags is a problem experienced by many escorts who are naive. For an experienced escort, a client may give off obvious danger signals or indications that an encounter is going to be bad. But, even if the hints are fairly evident, naive escorts tend to shrug off these signs because they don’t trust their instincts or want to believe that something could be wrong. Always hopeful that an encounter is going to be great, naive escorts bypass the signs they should pay attention to. Sometimes, they tell themselves that they are being crazy or over cautious to suspect a client is dangerous. The convince themselves that a timewaster has genuine intentions. The key to overcoming this is to eventually learn to trust the obvious and believe in your instincts.
  10. Naive escorts are shocked by the requests of clients. Many escorts are sexually inexperienced, in addition to being new to the industry. When they are asked to perform anal licking or use a sex swing, for example, their conservative backgrounds may leave them in disgust or disbelief. Often, they don’t know how to handle these requests and react badly. But, within the escort industry, clients believe that they can go to professionals with requests that they can’t ask of amateurs (their girlfriends, one-night-stand dates or others). Clients rely on escorts to avoid judgment or shock. When a client delivers an off-the-wall or particularly risqué request to you, it’s necessary for you to attempt thoughtfully, but not with judgment. Even if you are disgusted or surprised on the inside, it’s your job to mask your feelings. If it’s not something you’re interested in exploring with your client, simply indicate to him that you’d prefer not do the requested act or scenario.
  11. Many naive escorts are impacted too much by the men they see. Escorts hear all kinds of sob stories from their clients. From marital and relationship problems to work issues, escorts are sounding boards for everything that is plaguing a client. Too often, an escort is sucked into the world of her client, influenced to feel sorry for him about his crises or troubles. They may be tempted to try to help him or assist him in his life, giving advice or running errands to help out. Others listen to their clients talk about their wives and families and develop strong dislike for them, due to their cheating and lying ways. Experienced escorts learn that they should try to stay out of a client’s business. If a client insists on discussing his life with her, an escort benefits from distancing herself from his situation, much like a psychologist or doctor does with patients.