Jingo sessions: How to escort patriot johns

There are millions of Americans who are either veterans or active military personnel. They love their country, and many of them enjoy visiting with escorts. With upcoming patriotic holidays on the calendar, it only makes sense to consider how you can provide encounters with American appeal to your clients.

There are several things you can do to demonstrate your own patriotism or play on American themes that will bring some excitement to your bookings. Use these tips to create red, white and blue encounters:

  1. Gear up for patriotic holidays. During spring and summer, there are three major American holidays that celebrate the United States’ history and involve patriotic vibes: Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day. It only makes sense to focus your marketing around these particular holidays, if you’re attempting to create experiences that suggest pride in your country. Really ramp up the frequency of your posts and profile changes in the weeks leading up to these holidays and stress your availability around the dates. Use American clichés, incorporate patriotic themes and splash your ad with liberal amounts of red, white and blue. Dress in patriotic attire or clothing that suggests you are an all American. Consider tell prospective clients they are the “apple of your eye” and that are eager to give your own personal salute to the troops. Add in other elements that you think are truly American and will coincide with influencing your clients to book you around these special holidays.
  2. Fly your flag at your incall. Clients who are members of the armed forces or are veterans will appreciate your patriotism when they see you are flying the flag as they show up for a booking. However, make sure you abide by proper flag etiquette. Your flag should be in clean, never flown in the rain and illuminated properly if you leave it out after sunset. (If not lit at night, you should take it down when it gets dark.) Your flag should not be tattered, torn or in disrepair. If you aren’t able to fly the flag at your incall location (due to being in an apartment or condo with only an internal entrance), you can still display a flag or flag art within your incall. Or, you can set out small handheld flags in holders somewhere in the incall. The presence of the American flag somewhere in or around your incall will help set the stage for clients knowing you respect America and appreciate your country.
  3. Engage in patriotic activities with your client. Depending on your location, there may be many opportunities to engage in some fun dates during bookings. And, while dates like these may not be particularly discreet if you live in a small town, others who live in larger metro areas may be able to get by with them. A great way to celebrate any of the upcoming holidays is to watch fireworks together. You can watch them from a car (as long as you’re with a client who is well trusted) or from some other location that provides a great view. You might want to visit a patriotic memorial, such as a national cemetery or monument. Many of these locations also have events surrounding the patriotic holidays coming up on the calendar. And, many communities have parades during patriotic holidays. These events are great ways to get in the patriotic spirit and embrace you and your client’s love for America.
  4. Don some patriotic lingerie. Whether you want to frame your ta-tas with some flag pasties or just simply wear red, white and blue lingerie, it’s entirely up to you. But, picking colors that imitate those in the flag will lend a lot to the patriotic vibe you are trying to set off with your encounter. A red lace bra and royal blue thong is a great way to create an American theme. Anything sparkly with these colors, too, will create a fun look. Additionally, some clients may think that a plain white bra and plain white, cotton panties are the most all-American look you could wear. Consider your client’s preferences before getting dolled up for your booking. While you may think that your lingerie is a key to a successful encounter, your client may not really be concerned with what you’re wearing at all — he’s most interested in what’s underneath.
  5. Incorporate American things into your date. Clients who are true blue patriots will appreciate encounters that feature elements of American life that represent what it means to be from the U.S.A. People often say that someone is as “American as apple pie.” Serving your client a romantic dessert of apple pie is a great way to celebrate tradition. Additionally, watching America’s favorite pastime, baseball, is a perfect way to demonstrate how down to earth and all-American you are. Other fun activities that show you are through-and-through the girl next door might include going on a picnic, complete with picnic basket, or going swimming at the nearest beach or other water hole. (If it’s private, skinny dipping is a GREAT activity with clients!) Maybe your client is an avid gun lover — consider going to the shooting range. Or, sit down to a good barbecue dinner complete with watermelon or homemade ice cream as a final dish. Think of other activities that scream “America” as you brainstorm elements to incorporate into your bookings.
  6. Pose for a sexy flag photo shoot. Even though flag rules discourage wearing the flag as an item of apparel, most clients will give you a pass for a sexy photo wrapped up in the flag. Do some research online for ideas. Pinterest has a lot of classy examples that demonstrate beauty and sex appeal, without being obscene. If you don’t like the idea of wrapping up in an American flag for photos, pose in lingerie with a flag or other patriotic backdrop. Make sure that all areas of the body are covered, so as not to cross the line into being pornographic. You want your clients to have to book encounters with you to be able to see you in your all natural state. Use these photos around the upcoming patriotic holidays (or year round, if you find that they are successful in attracting new clients).
  7. Salute the troops. Promise something extra special for veterans or active military personnel. Of course, you’re going to have to be extra cautious and require that clients prove their veteran or military status. Otherwise, you’re going to have clients getting something for nothing. What should you offer? An extra special massage. Or, a creative way to give oral pleasure. Or, you might offer 15 extra minutes. Maybe, you can do a special strip tease to a patriotic song. You can offer whatever you want, but it needs to be something that actually is an incentive. It shouldn’t cost you anything, or at least not very much. However, keep in mind that most clients will think getting anything beyond the norm for free is great! As clients think they are being rewarded for their patriotic service, you gain loyalty and even more attention from these individuals. Your recognition, alone, means a lot to them.
  8. Role play in a sexy military uniform. Most costume retailers feature a large selection of armed forces garments that you could use during a booking. As you talk to clients, gauge which branches of the armed forces are the most popular. If you live near a military base, using that branch as your go-to uniform might be wise. If you can afford it, purchase multiple uniforms so that you can easily please any client. Your clients may have some ideas for the kind of role play scenarios they would like to act out with you. Or, it may be enough to simply show up and do a strip tease for them. For some, just seeing you popping out of your costume will be enough to get their engines revving. As you incorporate the uniform into your bookings, you will need to learn a little military lingo and how to do a proper salute. You can learn some lingo by watching films that feature the armed forces, and you can learn to do a proper salute by searching for tips on YouTube.
  9. Cater to the members of the military in your area. If you live near a base, it only makes sense to focus your marketing on this group of potential clients. These guys and gals are an integral part of your local economy, and they could be a major part of your client list, if you play your cards right. Many of them are single or are deployed from their spouses and families. They are lonely and looking for company. Promote yourself as friendly, open and desirous of their companionship. Do some research about the shifts on the base and attempt to set your schedule so it’s convenient for military personnel to set up encounters with you. Both your available slots for bookings and your communication periods should make you accessible to them. Provide a homey incall, because many of them may live in barracks or military housing that isn’t like their homes, at all. Become a refuge for them, when they need a release from the pressures of their jobs. Become adept at providing the GFE (girlfriend experience), as many of them prefer this type of booking.
  10. Bone up on your knowledge of patriotic holidays or American history, in general. Most of your research can easily be done online. However, if you don’t want to read a lot of stuff, choose some great movies that will make you better informed. Consider the following flicks:
    1. “The Longest Day”
    2. “Midway”
    3. “The Tuskegee Airmen”
    4. “Glory”
    5. “Gettysburg”
    6. “1776”
    7. “Gone with the Wind”
    8. “Roots”
    9. “High Noon”
    10. “The Grapes of Wrath”
    11. “Memphis Belle”
    12. “Patton”
    13. “Truman”
    14. “Courage Under Fire”

Of course, some of these films have a LOT of fictional quality to them. But, you will get some information that will give you some perspective into the time surrounding many historical events of our nation. Additionally, as you learn about basic American history, it’s always recommended to seek out additional information as you become more curious about what you’ve seen or learned. Many clients won’t care what you know about the country’s history or the holiday. However, others will relish your knowledge.

  1. Donate a portion of your proceeds to a patriotic non-profit organization. While there are many non-profit organizations that do good things for veterans and military personnel, check out any local ones that may be operating in your area. If you can’t find an option in your area, consider a national organization such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Cell Phones for Soldiers or Disabled American Veterans. Conduct some research about the organization prior to announcing your plans. Plan to contribute 10 percent (for example) to your chosen charity. Let clients know that during a specific time period, part of the fees that they pay you will go for the worthy cause. The response from your clients should be very positive and your promotion may even attract numerous new clients who needed an incentive to choose you over another escort. This small act may actually build a lot of loyalty from clients, too. As you donate your proceeds to the charity, make sure you are not cutting too deeply into your profits. You still need to make money from your efforts.
  2. Play patriotic music during your encounter. Music sets the mood for any kind of romantic rendezvous. As you pick and choose musical selections that represent true Americana, consider how they may impact your booking. Songs by John Phillip Sousa are truly patriotic, but would lend little atmosphere to intimate moments. Look for jazzy or blues versions of many patriotic tunes. Many variations often feature throaty lyricists that make the songs seem a little sexier.
  3. Embrace diversity. Be open minded about what being American can mean. While many clients will still believe that old-school “American” means apple pie and baseball, there are others who believe fiercely that the United States is a melting pot and encompasses many cultures. Feel free to expand on what is truly patriotic and at the core of what being American means. Focus on standards of freedom, free speech and enterprise, instead of specifics that relate to geographic cultures. Being open to all cultures as American will endear you to immigrants and other clients who feel that they are not represented by the white-picket fence America often depicted in film and pictures.

Providing a red, white and blue encounter can be interpreted many different ways. Don’t box yourself into specifics that will limit your reach, instead of expand it, among clients. Use the holidays and the principle to your advantage, have fun with it and show your pride in where you are from.