Los Angeles escort permits

As an escort in Los Angeles, you probably already know that in order to operate your business legally, you must apply for and receive escort bureau and escort permits. Section 103.107 of the city’s municipal code mandatesthe act of permit issuance and helps to regulate the escort industry within the city limits. If caught conducting business without such a permit, an escort is subject to arrest and charges connected to prostitution. Here is more information about the permits required by the City of Los Angeles:

  • In 1958, the City of Los Angeles approved Section 103.107 of the municipal code requiring escort bureaus to acquire permits in order to legally operate.
  • An escort bureau is defined as any business, agency or individual person who arranges for a person to accompany another person to social events, places of amusement, entertainment venues, public resorts or private quarters in exchange for monetary benefit or profit.
  • An escort bureau must apply for a permit and be approved by the board before business operation is authorized and legal.
  • The board only authorizes individuals for permits. No groups, organizations or partnerships are recognized by the board as owners of escort bureaus.
  • The board allows owners of escort bureaus to use fictitious names to advertise or market the business, provided that approval was sought from the board initially.
  • All employees of the escort bureau must be approved by the bureau.
  • Any personnel changes within the escort bureau must be reported to the board within 24 hours.
  • All escorts must be 18 years old or older.
  • All escort encounters must be kept track of. A record of all transactions and meetings must be carefully kept. The record of each should include the escort’s name, client’s name and address, the time of the transaction and activities of the encounter. The records should be available to the board at any time.
  • Escorts are defined by Section 103.107.1 of the municipal code as any person who for a fee, commission, hire or profit accompanies another person to a social affair, place of entertainment or amusement, public resort or private quarters.
  • Escorts must obtain escort permits in order to work legally in the city of Los Angeles.
  • Escorts may apply to the board for permits after first being hired by an escort bureau.
  • To get a permit, an escort’s application must be approved by the board. An escort must prove that he or she is employed by a permitted escort bureau, is at least 18 years old and has good moral character (no criminal record).
  • An escort must carry on her person an issued identification card (escort permit) while working. If he or she ever ceases employment as an escort, the card must be surrendered.
  • Escorts, and escort bureaus, are prohibited from providing services to anyone under the age of 18 years old.