Master the gentle art of escort uniform to rock your clients’ socks off

When you are preparing for an encounter, one of the most difficult decisions for a new escort is what to wear. Clients may ask for the sexiest, sluttiest outfit possible, expecting for you to traipse across town in it to meet up with them for an outcall, not realizing that anyone you meet will automatically label you a hooker.

ultra-slut-body-detergentThey simply get excited about the prospect of having a hot woman come to them with the expectations they may enjoy some intimacies with you and forget about the realistic challenges you face before you arrive.

So, how does an experienced escort strike a balance between the clothes she feels good about in public versus the sexy attire requested by clients? The balance really isn’t so difficult so long as you learn to combine sexy and classy together to create your signature look. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Jackets and coats are your new best friends. As long as you have a great fitting jacket on, you can wear a tube top and still get by with it. (Of course, no escort should ever wear a tube top to an encounter!) The jacket’s lines and coverage will provide camouflage for your more risqué items underneath it, while presenting a respectable appearance from the surface. Focus on jackets that are versatile from season to season and may be worn both casually or dressy so that they function no matter what type of look you’re going for.
  2. Consider investing in a great suit. A nicely tailored, quality black business suit is a great purchase for an escort. When you wear it, not only do you look appropriate to venture out to hotels and conference centers to meet up with clients who travel to your city, but it’s also a very sexy, sleek look. Unless it you happen to luck upon a great suit off the rack that looks perfect on, you will have to have it altered to fit your shape better. From getting pants or skirt lengths adjusted to having a jacket darted up more to enhance your curves, the alterations are just as valuable as the suit is. And, you can sex up the suit by unbuttoning your blouse a few buttons so a red bra peeks out.
  3. Make sure that your clothing choices make it easy for your client to get you naked. Wearing a dress that requires several buttons to be undone or having to work around several straps won’t make undressing an easy job. Your client wants to be able to slip your clothing off fairly easily. If you’ve got a complicated dress or several layers on, your client can become discouraged and frustrated. Clothing that you can get on and off one-handed is probably the best, because you never know how much a client is willing to work at undressing you.
  4. Scarves are a great way to disguise your “real” outfit. It’s really lucky for escorts that all varieties of scarves are stylish right now. If you wish, you can put a low-cut blouse on underneath a jacket and hide the fact that your blouse is really so showy by throwing on a scarf. Of course, some skin may still be seen, but the bulk of your neckline showing all at once is slim. Also, scarves can be sexy accessories in the bedroom. You can tie up your client, use it to tickle him or drape it over a lamp to help set the mood lighting. Even if you don’t wear one as you’re going out, make sure you have one in your purse. It can always be used to hide a stain you’ve acquired from a spill.
  5. Always wear sexy lingerie under your clothing. Regardless of what else you wear to visit with a client, you must incorporate sexy lingerie into your regular escort uniform. Clients expect this, and it helps get you in the frame of mind necessary, too, to perform at your best during an encounter. Regardless of where you must travel to see your client, you can wear lingerie because it’s not going to be seen by anyone else other than your client. And, if you show up dressed conservatively, your client will be pleasantly surprised to discover some naughty things underneath your boring clothes.
  6. Incall attire can usually be at your client’s request. When your client is coming to see you, it’s a much different deal than when you have to go out in public to get to him. You can stay in the privacy of your own incall until he arrives at your door. If he wants you to dress up like a naughty schoolgirl, nasty nurse or sexy nun, you should consider doing what you can to oblige. The only real risk you run is if someone comes to your door right before you expect your client to arrive and you must answer in your requested outfit. Most of the time, this will never be an issue. And, while this requested outfit may not be your signature look, it can help you psyche up for the encounter in an entirely new way.
  7. Be sure to incorporate enough staples into your work wardrobe that you can mix and match your garments easily. Ensure the items belong to similar color palettes and flatter each others’ fits. Having a wardrobe that you can mix up isn’t too much of a worry, unless you have several regulars who need to see you in different clothing other than the “uniform.” Separates and dresses that can be dressed up or down are essentials that can help you build several options from just a few pieces. Make sure they work together and accent each other color-wise.
  8. Go for a classy, elegant look. Even if you aren’t going to a cocktail party with a client every night, you want to channel that same attitude, despite whether you’re going for a dressy or casual appearance. Little black dresses, traditional jewelry, sleek hairstyles and flattering, natural make0up are the best choices for escorts who want a toned-down, classed-up look. Heels are appropriate at all times, though they shouldn’t be crazy platform heels that look like they belong wrapped around a stripper pole instead of in a board room.
  9. Strive for your clothing to be forgettable. Even though you want to leave a great first impression with your client, your clothing shouldn’t be so remarkable that everyone who sees you can identify your clothing. Aim for common, classy, uncomplicated pieces that fit you well, but don’t cause others to ooh and ahh in public about them. And, while they should fit you like a glove, nothing should be too revealing or whorishly tight. Because you may be seen going to conference centers, hotels or apartment buildings, it’s wise to dress in such a way that’s impressionable, but it is not truly identifiable. The difference? Wearing a simple LBD instead of a designer beaded dress with an intricate design is a good way to demonstrate the difference.
  10. Make sure that your attire is modern and up-to-date in its styling. Over the years, hemlines change, patterns come into vogue and tailoring adjusts. Your wardrobe, while remaining classic and wearable for years, should reflect some modern influences, too. Your basic black suit is a staple you should be able to keep long-term. However, switch in new blouses for an updated look that suggests you are keeping up with fashion. Incorporate modern accessories such as a great bag or jewelry to create a pulled-together look that is hip and stylish. Without ensuring that you’re keeping up with what’s in style, your wardrobe becomes boring and insinuates to clients that you aren’t taking care of yourself the way you should be. They rely on you to maintain a certain look, and you should make every effort to do that.
  11. Do your best to abide by client requests when you can. If you know you are traveling to a private residence, and you are driving there, arriving in sexy lingerie and your trench coat is probably doable. Try to figure out ways you can accommodate your clients’ requests if they aren’t too outlandish or require you to purchase anything new. If you don’t feel like you can completely fulfill a client’s fantasy about the way you dress, attempt to find a compromise. Suggest some other alternatives and try to find solutions that will incorporate some aspects of his wishes. However, if a client’s request is so out of line for your outcall travels, simply tell him that up front so he doesn’t expect you to show up dressed as a sexy Pippi Longstocking or something else as crazy.
  12. Stay true to your own style when you can. Even though you play a role when you step up as an escort, it’s nice to be able to dress in such a way that still allows you to be somewhat true to yourself. Attempt to incorporate some of your own flair into your look if possible by adding edgy accessories, allowing a particular color to affect your choices and picking styles that accentuate the body parts you favor. Your escort uniform should be a reflection of who you are as both an escort and a person. And, it should also coincide with your marketing efforts. Coining yourself as a country girl and failing to incorporate a single pair of boots into your wardrobe would be less than constructive for you to do, for instance. And, if you’re an urban girl through and through, according to your profile, make sure your attire demonstrates that image.

Keep in mind that while your escort attire is a big part of how you create a lasting impression on your clients, it’s not the most important thing about how you conduct yourself during an encounter. Your attitude, personality, courtesy, customer service and general good looks (out of your clothing) will get you the farthest with your clients.