Permanent makeup considerations for escorts

Permanent make-up is a potentially great solution for an escort who is constantly on the go or performs several overnight encounters. However, with anything that is surgically implanted into your body for permanency, there are risks and benefits associated with the application of permanent make-up.

Permanent makeup is often called micropigmentation in formal circles. Other names used to refer to the process include dermapigmentation and cosmetic tattooing. Essentially, the process refers to pigment being embedded beneath the skin in order to add permanent color, for cosmetic purposes. Practitioners use a hand-held device to puncture the skin hundreds of time per second with a fast-moving needle. As the needle descends into the skin, it places pigment into the desired location. Some practitioners use an anesthetic gel to numb the area being worked on. Medical professionals have the most powerful numbing elements.

The most common places for micropigmentation to be applied are the eyes (in the form of eyeliner), eyebrows and lips. The procedure may also be used to apply eye shadow or create similar effects to blush cosmetics, although some practitioners in the industry caution against it, saying it creates unnatural effects.

In some cases, micropigmentation is not used solely for cosmetics application. It may be used to disguise scars or take away from other physical imperfections.

The process became popular in the 1930s and has continued as a trend for busy men and women, hoping to create a polished appearance without committing a lot of time to it.

It’s pretty easy to understand why an escort might be interested in getting permanent make-up. As she is constantly on the go between her profession and personal life, having to spend less time on her appearance is a definite advantage. Always having to be made up for your clients, it’s certainly an obligation to “put your face on” each and every time you venture out for an encounter. And, cosmetics are becoming so advanced, they are a part of many women’s everyday routine. As a result, you must carefully apply your make-up when you visit with clients, in order to appear as beautiful, if not more so, than any other woman on the street. Previously, women didn’t know a lot about make-up. They might apply the basics, but the techniques to get professional results were reserved for the true experts. However, women today know the secrets and use them to look their bests. Escorts can definitely use the permanent make-up base as a starting place to create the perfect look for their clients.

Several advantages exist for getting micropigmentation:

  1. Permanent make-up can enhance your natural beauty. There are a variety of ways that micropigmentation can be applied, and one is to provide a natural appearance. Many escorts are naturally beautiful, but can become even more so with just a bit of accentuation on their eyes or evening out and shaping on their eyebrows. Escorts who undergo micropigmentation procedures may be able to get by without any other make-up with some clients who like the “less is more” look. They don’t have to worry about trying to create a made-up look that looks natural, while still looking polished. Lining the eyes and giving your lips a little color may be all that you need to do in order to enhance your God-given beauty.
  2. Permanent make-up can save you time. While many escorts start with a bare canvas as they begin their make-up routines every day, you begin with an already started face that just needs finishing. Most women say that lining their eyes or perfecting their eyebrows take them the longest of all of their make-up chores. When you already have this done with your permanent make-up, you can skip these steps and focus on others, such as eye shadow or precisely applying your lipstick. Some escorts find that they can actually forego much of their make-up application regiment, favoring only powder, if they have had micropigmentation on their eyes, eyebrows and lips.
  3. Permanent make-up won’t rub off during an encounter. Escorts look for the longest-lasting, smudge-proof make-up as they prepare for clients. However, there are few types that won’t eventually wear off or disappear during intimacies. By the end of a particularly physical encounter, many escorts will be bare-faced without a trace of make-up left on. (Or, their mascara and eyeliner are so smeared, they look unidentifiable.) Permanent make-up solves these problems by allowing you to retain a semi-perfect look despite the activities you’re involved in. It won’t wear off during sweaty intercourse. And, best yet, it won’t rub off on your client’s collar or clothing. Many escorts have had to spend time at the end of an encounter helping a client get make-up or lipstick off of his shirt. It isn’t an issue when you have permanent make-up.
  4. Some escorts find they can decrease their cosmetics costs with permanent make-up. When you don’t have to buy eye liner or lip color, it can save you some considerable coin. Many designer eye liners run over $50 each. When you apply it every day in order to meet clients, you can run through several containers each year. Lip sticks are also very costly and come in several colors, which you probably end up buying several of in order to match your outfits. By getting micropigmentation done, you can eliminate or reduce your use of these cosmetics. When you don’t utilize them as dependently in your make-up routines, it can save you money that you can allocate to something else (or simply save). After a few years of savings, you are talking about some serious funds.
  5. Permanent make-up gives you a more professional appearance. Despite your very best efforts, not every escort is a make-up artist. Sure, you can apply your eye shadow and lip gloss. But, when it comes to careful application of your eye liner, it may be a different story. Getting that perfect line on your eye or shape to your eyebrow is a challenge that many escorts fight with regularly. Sometimes their eyeliner is uneven, making their eyes appear to be different shapes or sizes. When you get permanent make-up applied, it allows you to focus on other aspects of your appearance, instead of trying to create the perfect line on your upper eye lid. Additionally, getting permanent make-up done provides you with the opportunity of getting the same look with your make-up each and every time. That consistency will be appreciated by your clients. Instead of hassling with your make-up to get a precise look, your dermatologist or aesthetician can do t for you.
  6. Permanent make-up may be able to fix imperfections. Not every escort has a completely symmetrical face. One eye may be a little bigger or differently shaped than the others. As a result, you may attempt to apply your eye make-up differently to disguise this. Permanent make-up can take the guesswork out of how you apply your eye make-up in this scenario by applying a look that creates a long-term symmetrical appearance. Additionally, other imperfections, such as scars or unsightly wrinkles can be hidden through professional application of permanent make-up.
  7. Micropigmentation can reduce the development of wrinkles. Dr. Charles Zwerling, the chairman of the board for the American Academy of Micropigmentation, suggests that some research shows the process actually slows the growth of fine lines and wrinkles. Through the implantation of pigment in these areas, it makes them more resistant to the effects of aging, the sun and other environmental factors that lead to wrinkles. While fine lines can’t be avoided entirely, it may be possible to slow them down if you get permanent make-up applied.
  8. You wake up looking beautiful. Escorts who do lots of overnight encounters may find that they don’t have to wake up early to apply make-up when they have micropigmentation treatments. While some of your make-up may rub off, the base (eye liner and lip color) are still in place to accentuate your natural beauty.

Although there are several benefits to getting micropigmentation, many disadvantages exist, too. Consider these reasons to not get permanent make-up:

  1. Allergic reactions are possible. Responsible practitioners should conduct a patch test to ensure that you won’t be allergic to the pigment. According to FDA spokesperson Stanley Milstein, Ph. D., iron oxide pigments seem to be the safest. Dr. Zwerling also comments that organic, vegetable-based or “natural” pigments are responsible for the most and severest reactions on record. Reactions may occur immediately or can show up years later, said Milstein. Allergies may appear as rashes or more seriously as numbness or pain in the affected areas.
  2. Scarring is possible. People prone to scarring may end up with adverse results that include affected scar tissue. Additionally, unskilled practitioners may scar individuals.
  3. Granulomas and keloids under the skin are possible around injection sites.
  4. Skin cracking, peeling and blistering are possible in some cases.
  5. Infection is a potential hazard in open wounds. Also, if non-sterile needles are used, infection or bacteria spread is a threat.
  6. Imperfect application can be a problem. Some inexperienced or unskilled practitioners may not apply your make-up as desired. Many complaints include issues involving “too dark,” “wrong color,” “uneven” and “too big.” Some professionals don’t understand your expectations. Sometimes, the colors don’t look the same on you as they were expected to. If you receive an imperfect application, it may require correction through more micropigmentation or other methods to remove it. Removal procedures include lightening techniques, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and chemical exfoliation.
  7. Permanent make-up may not be permanent. With time, your make-up may fade. Sun exposure, age and other factors may cause it to lighten or disappear. It’s natural for the colors to soften as they heal in the days following your initial application, however most individuals expect their micropigmentation efforts to last for years. But, some escorts with skin tones that are dark may notice their professional results don’t last. Additionally, more natural applications may require future touch-ups sooner than more dramatic effects will.
  8. Trendy applications won’t be cool forever. Escorts who are considering micropigmentation should opt for classic looks that will blend with future trends and fashions. Going with a dramatic look that is “of the moment” may be great for right now, but will leave an escort in a lurch when that look is no longer desired. Simple enhancements are better than dramatic applications that won’t last fashionably.
  9. Colors sometimes migrate. Although it’s a sign of improper ink usage, it happens. Dr. Zwerling says it’s possible for ink to migrate from its original location, leaving a precise line looking fuzzy or wider than initially applied. Additionally, depending on how it transitions, it can leave you looking a little scary instead of pretty.
  10. The recovery time for micropigmentation should be considered. Although you will only be down for a couple of days, it’s something to consider. Immediately after the procedure, your skin will be red and swollen. Within a three weeks, your color will fade to the expected, normal shades. However, in the meanwhile, you may have to apply extra make-up to tone them down. Initially, your new make-up will look shiny and dark, which can detract from your appearance. You may want to plan your application for a time where you can take a few days off from escorting. (This may also require you to budget extra funds to cover your “vacation” time.)
  11. Permanent make-up application won’t take the place of your complete cosmetics routine. Getting eyeliner put on doesn’t mean that you can forego everything else. You will still need foundation to even out your skin tone, mascara to lengthen your lashes and other colors to bring out the rest of your beauty. Getting this process done doesn’t unchain you from the make-up wagon forever. It can help you look your best when your other cosmetics are off, but it doesn’t create the same polished, beautiful look that make-up can.
  12. Cost is an issue. While you may save some money by reducing the amount of cosmetics you normally use, you will still incur a cost for the application of your permanent make-up. The procedure varies widely in price, depending on how much you have done, who your practitioner is and your geographic location.

Micropigmentation treatments are delivered by a number of professionals. Dermatologists, cosmetologists, aestheticians, tattooists, medical doctors, plastic surgeons and nurses may conduct procedures. However, you should always make sure that your provider is experienced, with references, checked out by the board of health and licensed or certified with competency. Additionally, competent providers always use some sort of numbing agent to make you more comfortable. Medical professionals are able to use stronger anesthesia, if pain is an issue for you.

Escorts considering this procedure should definitely weigh the pros and cons, carefully taking into account this is an elective treatment that is not necessary to be an escort. It can possibly save you some time through eliminating some steps in your getting ready routines, but it can’t create a look for you that you aren’t capable of doing with traditional cosmetics.