Pros and cons of being a kept woman

Many escorts have received the proposition: “Let me rent you a nicer place in exchange for the fees I normally pay you. I’ll come around once in awhile… Otherwise, you lead your life as you please.” That sounds great on the surface! A luxurious place in exchange for the same services you’ve been providing all along… It sounds like a deal too good to turn down. You’d be getting a genuine Sugar Daddy!

But is it really that good of a deal? What if the client comes around too often, especially in comparison to how often he used to come around or how much rent he’s paying? What if he stops paying?

There are many pros and cons of being a “kept woman”. Most women think that having someone pay their rent or lease will be the answer to getting along to Easy Street, but there can be strings attached. Before an escort accepts any such proposition he or she should consider the pros and cons:


  • You can finally afford a nicer pad! OK, you won’t be affording it. Your client will. A condo at the beach, a high-rise apartment, a townhouse in an upscale neighborhood or a house in the ‘burbs. Your client may provide you with the type of home you’ve always wanted, but could never afford. And, without having to worry about paying a mortgage or rent, you can stage your home with the type of furnishings you’ve always dreamed of. (Some luxury homes actually come furnished, too!)
  • You will have money for other things. Instead of dumping all of your income into rent or a mortgage, you can finally afford to pay off your student loan or to enroll your kids in a private school. You can finally afford a newer car or the latest Apple gadget. That savings account that is always dipped into at rent time can be left alone to grow for a rainy day. Disposable income is good.
  • You can rent out a room or part of the home to other escorts for outcalls when you won’t be there or when times are lean. It may not be the ideal situation, but it will be a nice enough pad that you should be able to attract another upscale escort who would be willing to bring her clients there for outcall appointments. The extra income you make from renting out part of your place can be applied to other bills, necessities or put in your savings account.
  • You establish a consistent schedule with a client. Because he is paying your rent, you can figure out how much you can see him (based on his payments) within a month and set up a schedule for him. Establishing a consistent schedule with him also helps you out with scheduling other appointments. You know what you have open and available for your calendar.


  • You are stuck paying the rent if your client bails. You have no guarantees that your client will continue to pay the rent indefinitely. If you and your client have a falling out or if he, simply, tires of you, you could be stuck with the lease or rent, which is likely out of your income range. Or, if your client decides he wants to terminate the agreement, you could be out on your keester in a matter of a few days with no place lined up to live or work from. His wife, kids or employer might find out about the arrangement and insist that it ends. You are definitely running the risk of having financial issues by accepting his or her agreement to pay for a nicer place for you to live. You could be financially ruined if you had to take over the payments in the case that your client reneges on your agreement.
  • Your client may take advantage of the situation. What starts out as three or four set appointments each month, turns into an occasional “extra” session here and there when he pops by to check in that everything is going good with your place. He may not even mean to take advantage of the situation, but many clients feel that they are paying the rent, so they have the privilege of stopping by to just say hello. He may catch you in the middle of an encounter with another client or simply enjoying life without worrying about working. His extra encounters may be equal to much more money than he’s actually paying in rent or mortgage payments.
  • Relationship issues are normal for these types of agreements. Often, clients begin to feel that they are in a true relationship with you when they are footing the bill for where you live. As he starts to feel that you’re his girlfriend, issues arise that make your professional relationship difficult to hold onto. Just as in any situation where a client begins to feel a strong emotional attachment to an escort, problems may arise involving clinginess, jealousy and commitment issues. Questions about how many clients you see per day, what you did with them and who you plan to see next may become commonplace, which can cause stress to your agreement with your client concerning your lease. It takes a special client to truly make this scenario work without emotions or control becoming issues.

If, for some reason, you decide to take a chance and say yes to such a proposition, there are some things you should do to make this agreement work in your favor. The first thing to do is to request that your client pay up front for a year-long lease with your name listed as the tenant. That way you have the courtesy of an entire year without worrying about losing where you live. If you’re listed as the tenant, your client can’t kick you out, even if you have a falling out or his wife insists that you vacate the premises. You are the tenant, and by law, you have a right to live there until the pre-paid lease is up.

The second thing you should do is to write up a contract with your client specifying the visit and encounter terms. This contract should include the maximum number of encounters allowed per month, allowances for extra encounters and a fee schedule for them and any other details that will keep your relationship professional. And, thirdly, you should always act professionally when with your client. Never share details of other encounters with other clients; avoid promising too much; keep dates limited to what you’ve agreed upon…no dinners out for the heck of it.

As long as you and your client have clearly specified the terms of your agreement, you may be safe in accepting this type of a proposal. But, remember, that being a kept woman definitely has strings attached. If you’re not prepared to address them, do not even think about taking on a Sugar Daddy.