Pros and cons of various escort living arrangements

Usually, your career choice doesn’t have a tremendous effect on the type of living arrangement you choose, but when you’re an escort, your odd hours and private phone calls will attract attention.

Because of this, you should carefully consider your living arrangements when you select the escort industry as your profession. Here are the pros and cons of a few potential choices:

Living alone

Pros: When you live by yourself, you don’t have to answer to anyone. (Except for your landlord!) You may come and go as you please, without anyone questioning where you’re going at odd hours or where you’ve been when you come in from a late outcall. You don’t have to sneak around about taking phone calls or texting with clients, nor do you have to worry about your roommates becoming suspicious of your career or anything else. You can leave your fancy lingerie out in the laundry room without fear of nosey questions, and you can invite a client over for an incall, if you so choose. The major pro to living alone is that you have privacy.

Cons: Living alone can be extremely expensive, especially if you desire to live in an upscale apartment, home or condo. You are responsible for all rent, utilities, food and other costs when you live alone. If you’re short one month, nobody is there to help pick up the slack. Additionally, having someone around can provide a little security for you if you have sketchy clients who find out where you live. When you live alone, you don’t have anyone who is expecting you back home at a certain time or a roommate who will report you missing if you’re absent for days. Also, living by yourself can be lonely. It’s nice to know that there’s someone there to share a pizza with or drink a glass of wine with after a long day.

Living with friends or family members

Pros: When you live with others, you have someone who can help to share the cost of a luxury apartment or condo, in addition to paying for other expenses along the way. You can have extra cash to spend on things you want or to stash away in a savings account. When living with others, you have the security of knowing that if something happens to you, your roommates know you were supposed to be home and can alert authorities to look for you. Also, if you bring an incall home with you, they can look out for you if your encounter goes bad and your client gets violent. They can intervene or call for help if they sense a problem. Finally, it’s fun to live with others. You have friends there to talk to anytime of the day or night and someone to take with you to the movies on a slow day.

Cons: In order to keep your profession a secret (as most escorts do from their friends and family members), you will have to lie to them when you live together. Otherwise, how can you explain your odd hours? The lie may involve a job, dates with various suitors or anything else that gets you out of the house at irregular times. But, just the same, lying can take its toll on you and your relationships. Your roommates may become suspicious of your activities, which can cause stress in your home. You have no privacy to conduct your phone calls with clients or work online. Finally, your friends and family members may be constantly after you to engage in their activities, such as a night out on the town, when you have other work-related obligations. These fun activities can eventually tempt you to blow off clients, or your rejection of your roommates’ ideas can cause your friendships to deteriorate.

Living with other escorts

Pros: Living with other escorts can be quite a relief compared to living with other non-escorts. Other escorts know the score; they know that you’re going to be coming and going at odd hours. They know why you’re dressed for a ball one night and going out in a trench coat the next. They realize that there will be days you will sleep until noon, because you had an appointment that lasted until 3 a.m. earlier. You don’t have to lie or sneak around when you live with other escorts. Additionally, you can tell them about appointments you’re heading out for and warn them to call for help if you don’t return at a certain time. You can look out for each other and give each other some security. Finally, other escorts can help you shoulder the financial load of your rent, utilities and other housing expenses.

Cons: Pick and choose the other escorts you live with carefully. Not all other escorts live by the same standards that you do. Some escorts live a much rowdier lifestyle; doing drugs, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and inviting questionable clients to your place for incalls may be a normal part of life for other escorts. These are not the type of escorts you should pick to live with. Additionally, as you’re all competing with one another for income and business, your escort roommate might like to get her hands on your clients. Stealing clients is a common thing among escorts who live together. Trust is often a huge factor between escort roommates, and it often breaks down when business competition occurs, which is likely to happen when you live together.

Renting with random roommates

Pros: This type of situation involves renting a room or living with people who are simply looking for a roommate. Living with perfect strangers helps you avoid many of the other issues related to living with friends and family members. You don’t have any obligation to tell your other roommates where you are going, who you are going to see or when you will be back. You can retain your privacy and avoid having to tell lies about your whereabouts. You can easily retire to your room to conduct business with clients over the telephone, and you owe your roommates no quality time to go out for drinks or a movie. You avoid the additional costs of living alone by having roommates who help to pay the rent and utilities.

Cons: They are complete strangers. You don’t know anything about them. Are they safe? Will they steal from you? If they find out what you’re doing, will they report you? You run a risk of moving in with complete strangers. However, beyond this fact, you don’t have any relationship with them at all. It’s as bad or worse as living by yourself in that you don’t have anyone to share a bottle of wine with or watch a good movie with, if you’re simply roommates and nothing more. And, if you cross the line and begin to become friends, you run the same risks as previously mentioned as when you live with friends and family members.