Reasons for escorts to avoid parties

You may have had a client ask you, “Do you party?” Even though your initial response may be to say, “Of course! I like a good party,” keep in mind that a client who wants to party with you may mean different things other than the obvious scenario.

“Party” has a couple of different slang meanings in the escort industry. The first and most popular meaning refers to drug use. When a client asks an escort if she “parties,” he is usually referring to consuming cannabis, cocaine and/or other illegals drugs. It’s never a good idea to “party” with a client, mainly for the sake of your own safety.

The other meaning associated with “party” in the escort world refers to the number of people involved in an encounter. “Partying” sometimes refers to threesomes or group sex encounters where the escort is at the will of the clients. Group encounters are often hardcore experiences that involve a lot of sex and multiple partners within a short timeframe. Threesomes are usually not as rigorous, but still involve you and two other people, usually one other female and a man. Again, “parties” may be financially rewarding, but your own health and safety could be at risk, unless you take safeguards to protect yourself.

All in all, even though you may lose a customer because you are unwilling to party, it’s best to avoid the party, altogether. Here are reasons why:

Avoid the drug party

  • When your client takes drugs, they may lose anything in common with the one who politely and respectfully booked the date with you. Drugs can make a client violent, paranoid, crass, forceful, psychotic, jittery or any other number of things that will take away from the success of your session. If the client becomes violent or forceful, he may hurt you or try to force you to do something you are unwilling to participate in.
  • Drugs can cause a client to be unable to maintain an erection, no matter how hard you try. Drugs often decrease sexual desire, desensitize genitalia and diminish erotic sensations. So, a client on drugs may not ever be able to achieve the experience she wishes to have with you, making it impossible to have a successful experience. And they may leave you negative reviews after they’ve done everything to ruin the session.
  • Taking drugs yourself during an encounter can cause you to get high and lose control. You may tarnish the image you’ve worked hard to establish. Lowered inhibitions may let your “real” personality creep through the mask of the escort you are playing. Additionally, getting high might cause you to use bad judgment. For instance, many escorts have admitted to doing things with clients when they were high that they would have never done any other time, such as giving away services for free, allowing behavior to exceed boundaries they’ve established for clients (such as anal penetration or other otherwise off-limits behaviors) or sharing personal details or contact information. Getting high might cause you to provide ineffective or bad service. If you get so high you pass out, are groggy or are disoriented, you will be unable to perform the kind of service you guarantee as an escort. And, finally getting high can cause your perceptions to be off a bit. You might not have a good “feel” for if your client is actually wearing a condom, or what you should say to the police officer you run into in the hotel hallway or which warning signs to pay attention to that your client is getting dangerously high.
  • Clients don’t always have clean drugs. Drugs may be laced with something or cut with something that you could have a negative reaction to. Clients can’t be trusted to always deliver pure compounds simply because they tell you they are. Some escorts have found out the hard way that clients intentionally lace a drug with something else in order to incapacitate an escort.
  • You may have a negative reaction to a party drug. Even though most people think that one line of coke or a few drags from a doobie won’t hurt them, there is the very real possibility that it could cause a negative reaction. It’s just never a good idea to try something entirely new with a person you just met. You don’t know how your body will react, nor do you know how to handle the reaction.
  • Overall, your security is at risk if you decide to party with a client. You could endanger your own health and welfare, and your client could seriously hurt you, if he is a mean partier. You are not as equipped to protect yourself when you are under the influence because your reaction times are decreased and your judgment is impaired. Staying safe should be your number one priority, and taking drugs with clients won’t do anything to ensure you’re protecting yourself.

Avoid the orgy party

  • Too much can go wrong when you’re trying to please more than one person during an encounter. The dynamics and expectations of a threesome (or foursome, fivesome, etc.) encounter can become quite tricky, and it may be impossible to make everyone involved happy.
  • Unless you know all parties involved, it may result in conflict. If you’re “partying” with a committed couple, jealousy and other emotions can cause conflict or complications during the encounter. Even if one person says that everyone is “okay” with what is about to happen, that may not be the case. The only way to avoid complications completely is to avoid parties, altogether. However, if you choose to go through with a party, make sure that everyone involved is on-board and in agreement. Check the clients out for positive reviews or feedback. Meet up ahead of time for a drink or coffee to discuss boundaries. And, always, always, always take the woman’s lead. Otherwise, you’re simply asking for trouble from a jealous partner.
  • Keep in mind that when you’re servicing a party (multiple clients), there will be more of them than there are of you. This puts you at a distinct disadvantage if anything goes wrong or plans are more sinister than they appear on the surface. You could be endangering yourself, leaving yourself open to assault, robbery or worse. Two (or more!) against one is never good odds to play with as an escort. If you still are intent on doing a party, bring a driver with you or someone else along for security purposes. Or, call and check in with someone when you arrive, with the specific instructions that if you don’t call back at the time the appointment is scheduled to end, to call the police immediately. It may seem overly dramatic, but protecting yourself and your safety is never too extreme. If you can’t bring yourself to bring someone along or to make a check-in phone call, at the least, let someone know where you are and when you should return.
  • Partying with a couple or more clients can be a lot of extra work. Especially if the party turns into a group sex encounter. Instead of becoming intimate with one client, you are expected to put out for everyone at the party. That’s a lot of bumping and grinding for one booking. It can be quite exhausting and may tire you out for any other appointments for the rest of the day (or week).
  • There are too many people to keep track of during a group session. Usually, with one client it is easy to ensure he isn’t shooting up in the bathroom, rifling through your panty drawer or stealing from your purse. When you add in at least one more person, it’s more difficult to make sure that everyone is behaving as you expect them to. Leaving yourself open to more than one person during a date enormously raises the risk your personal safety and privacy.