Retro glamour for the modern escort

Reading the escort review sites it seems pretty clear that the escort experience is seen by the hobbyist is pretty one dimensional. And there is nothing wrong with that. But for the ambitious escort and escorts who want to work less for more, taking the experience to the next level, adding some seduction and some fun can create an escort experience which completely redefines the client’s expectations.

by Hannah Jay

While there are some girls who are very, very beautiful and can offer a model experience, most escorts are better off offering experiences which do not involve the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Playing a role, a role which takes its cues from another era, another age, can create an experience which will transport the client into a completely different world. Yes, the destination is the same; but the route and the itinerary are very different. For an ambitious escort the glamour date, the retro encounter, creates the opportunity to actually bring her client a glimpse of the noir world of the 1940’s and 1950’s. It will be a wonderful excursion for the client and lots of fun for the escort.

Setting the Scene

Dita von Teese has created an entire career as a clothes horse, burlesque queen, lingerie model and celebrity by noticing one, critical, fact: mid-century women had wonderful clothes, great lingerie, pretty make-up and a very good time. If you take Dita as your model you will not go far wrong in your retro escorting career.

Reaching back to the mid-century is about more than just the firm girdles and flared skirts of the Paris New Look or the pretty women of Mad Men; it is about attitude. Mid-century women valued their femininity and their sexuality. Marriage was the female goal and women who were free with their sexual favours were shunned by the “nice ladies”. Which created a ready market for what were referred to as call girls as upper end escorts were then called. Then, as now, many girls were happy to escort but they were very discreet about it.

The mid-century call girl world operated within the confines of the sexual morality in which it was embedded. And this is important because it defined the nature of a mid-century call girl’s dates and can inform the structure of her 21st century escort’s service. In the 1940’s and 1950’s good girls expected to be wined, dined, taken out and even then, they would draw a line long short of heavy petting, much less more intimate behavior, without a ring. The mid-century call girl, on the other hand, was paid to allow matters to become more intense. However she still expected to have a real date.

Mid-century girls didn’t play hard to get, they were hard to get. Which meant that call girls were able to charge a premium for the simplest things which relieved unbearable urges.

In the modern world of hook-ups, quick if expensive divorce, easy birth control and casual dating, the ambitious escort has to offer something more than just lots of activity between consenting adults. To command premium prices the modern escort needs to see herself as providing a service which goes well beyond “consenting” when the time is right.

Doing Retro Right

A modern escort offering a glamorous retro date beings with the advertising. The content of the ad will come later, the style is where the potential client will get his first hint that this will not be like his typical escort encounter.

Forget everything you know about escort advertising. No abbreviations, your breast size is between you and your corsetiere, no XXX and not a word that can be read as anything other than an invitation to spend some time in your company. If possible, find a good graphic designer and ask her to design you a card in the style of the 1940’s or 1950’s with the right fonts and design. You can tell her your business or not but a calling card, traditionally, is social rather than business related so you certainly don’t have to. Make sure you get the electronic files which you can then use to design your ad. Alternatively, if you think you want to trust your designer, have her design the ad.

In this world the escort is inviting a discerning clientele to…well, that is the interesting question. “Give her a call”? “Take her on a date”? In fact, your ad is where you begin the story. A great image of a 50’s bad girl is a place to start. Then an itinerary, “Drinks, Dinner, Dancing…or maybe just straight back to my place for a nightcap.”

No, not your typical escort ad but different enough to stand out. “An evening with an old fashioned girl.”

Then a description: “Pinup/glamour girl/vamp with fabulous legs and deep blue eyes likes to slip into a vintage dress and let you show her the town.”

You don’t need much more than this. Most of the possible clients will have no idea what the heck you are taking about, but the few who do are going to be very, very interested.


Many escort ads allow for pictures. In general those escort pictures, even the high end ones, are heavy on thong covered butts and size too small bras. Virtually all of the escort pictures are in colour.

Glamourous girls know that less information leaves more to the imagination. A haunting black and white picture of a 40’s film star with real studio lighting highlighting her etched cheekbones is more about what is not revealed than what is. The fabulous Betty Paige was usually wearing more clothes in her pinup shots than you would wear to the beach.

Going the retro route means an escort will want to have some studio shots with a photographer who can actually shoot black and white. There is more to black and white than just turning off the colour. Lighting is critical.

Look at Model Mayhem for photographers in your area. Many will be happy to shoot an interesting sequence at a reduced rate.

A great photographer is wonderful, but a clever escort will also look for a hair and makeup person who actually has a clue about what a retro look is. The success of Mad Men means that the “look” is now more common. “I want to do a Mad Men shoot” will tell the hair and makeup all they need to know.

Look for one great head shot, a shot in a pretty dress and another shot in gorgeous lingerie with, of course, stockings. Be as different from the standard escort photograph as possible. By all means be a bit revealing but, remember, that 40’s and 50’s gals, even call girls, were very modest. You should be too.

Putting the “Call” into “Call Girl”

If your advertising and photographs are working you should get calls or emails from potential clients. On the one hand, normal escort rules about careful screening apply; but there is an additional layer of screening for a “retro date”; the client has to “get it”.

Try to speak carefully and correctly when you take your call. Ideally, unlike many escort calls, you should be somewhat formal. If you are not given his last name, and you should be for screening purposes, then use “sir”. It may seem outdated but the whole objective of the retro date is to take your client back to a world in which a younger woman, on first meeting an older or more powerful man, would naturally be politely deferential.

Figuring out whether the gentleman gets the fact this is a retro escort date is a bit intuitive but a few questions can help. For example, “You know, sir, this is a very 50’s Mad Men date – so where would you like to meet for a drink before we enjoy our evening?” Make sure you have an answer ready and try to pick a classic sort of a bar. (Note: you don’t see the people on Mad Men going for “coffee”. Hand crafted coffee had not been invented.) Asking if he was planning on taking you for dinner is also a good qualifier.

The retro escort experience is all about spending actual time with your date. Sure, eventually you are going to go back to your place for a nightcap, or his, but part of the fun is the chase.

Being a bit coy on the phone is not at all a bad idea. The escort formula of “you are paying for my time” is correct here. But there is nothing wrong with telling a potential date that “if we hit it off who knows what might happen?”

As with any escort booking, be very clear about pricing and how you expect the money to be paid. But, remember, if you are meeting in a public place for a drink or dinner, exchanging cash can be tricky. Worse, your gentleman may think he is being “set up”. Sometimes you have to risk not being paid for an hour of your time in order to create the right mood.


This is a retro date in a modern world and, as an escort, it is a pretty good bet that later in the evening, your gentleman caller will be seeing your lingerie. So, for heavens sake, wear something pretty.

The secret to the Mad Men hourglass figures is nothing more complicated that firm foundations. Not for nothing did the ladies of the 50’s say “My girdle is killing me.” In fact, for a three hour date a girdle will not kill you. It will compress your waist and tummy, make your bottom more prominent and, critically, hold up your pretty stockings. Look at vintage clothing stores or thrifts. Online you can get a great girdle for about $50. Two things an escort should know about the foundations of yesteryear – make sure you buy an open bottom girdle and look for girdles which zip up the side. [As a side note: girdles look best on girls who “need” them least. Stay trim.)

If you don’t want the full girdle effect, a great garter belt will keep your stockings in place and smooth your tummy. Men in general, and particularly men over 50, love the look of a garterbelt and stockings and even on non-retro dates, escorts are well advised to make a garterbelt and stockings part of their standard wardrobe.

A matched bra and panty set should be part of every escort’s lingerie collection. For the full 1950’s look, consider a vintage bullet bra. Alternatively, invest in a well made, well fitted, push up bra. No escort, under any professional circumstances, should ever wear a molded cup bra. They are deeply unflattering. As to colour, black is always right – except under whites and light colours. If you can find it, dove grey or champagne looks very attractive. White is lovely and can trigger a powerful response from a gentleman reliving his first high school encounters.

No escort should underestimate the erotic power of a lacy slip between her foundations and her dress. If things progress on the retro date a nightcap served by a mildly naughty girl in a black slip and a pair of sheer black stockings will stir the fire.

At which point you’re ready for your dress. Most retro dates will be in the evening and this gives you a terrific set of choices – everything from a tight little black dress to a full skirted evening dress can work. It all depends on what the evenings activities are going to require. LBD for cocktails, something a bit more formal for dinner.

Finding vintage fashion in the internet age is a snap. While you are waiting for your escort phone to ring, take a browse at e-bay or etsey. Or you can spend a little time going to thrift stores and vintage shops. (If you find retro regulars – and you will – shopping expeditions can be a great part of the retro date experience.)

The Main Event

A wonderful difference between a retro date and a standard escort date is that it is part of the escort’s role to play “hard to get”. While it is a pretty good bet that there will be consenting adult action later in the evening, the retro escort plays the ingénue on the arm of a man of the world.

A bit of acting is a pre-requisite for any escort and retro dating is no different. Begin with your style and manners – be formal, ladylike. Expect the door to be held and the chair to be placed. Obviously, as an escort, you’ll be warming up as the evening progresses; but at the outset let your client make the moves.

1950’s gals were fabulous flirts and big teases. Reaching across the table to touch your client’s hand or straightening his tie lets him feel wanted. Yes, asking him about his day, his work, what he loves to do are all great conversational gambits. But you can also remember that you are a thoroughly modern escort and lean in to ask if he enjoys oral attentions.

The key here is to, as the mid-century call girls would, observe the outward appearance of a date. The difference being that both you as an escort and your client will know where the date is going. The pleasure is in the journey between the first sip of the martini and the pleasures of your bed.