Secrets of a great escort incall

Providing a great incall location for clients is imperative to the success of any decent escort, and every good escort should know the secrets to great incalls. Not only must an incall location be discreet and convenient, but it must also be personalized, clean, tidy, and safe. Use these tips and suggestions to create your perfect incall:

  • Locate your incall in a hotel. In a hotel, there are some guidelines to consider. They are:
    • Personalize your hotel room or suite. Your incall location should be inviting and reflect your image. Because most hotel rooms and suites are generic and simply decorated, the rooms are plain and pretty bland. Make the location more “you” by bringing in candles, personal towels, pillows, bed linens, and music.
    • Make sure the hotel you use for your incalls has several entrances. Your clients do not want to enter a upscale hotel by the front door each and every time he visits you. Unless he can explain entering the hotel for business reasons, it may look suspicious for him to come to the hotel frequently. Give him an opportunity to enter your hotel undetected and unnoticed through side or back entrances.
    • Select a hotel with different parking options. Some upscale, posh hotels only allow their customers to valet park their vehicles. Many clients will not have a problem with this service, while others will choose to remain more anonymous and park themselves. Ensure that both valet and self-parking options are available.
    • Clean up your room before check-out or prior to when the maid comes to tidy up. Pick up and dispose of used condoms, food and drink containers and any other trash. Make the bed and pick up towels. By making it simple for the maid to clean up you are not drawing extra attention to yourself or your clients. It’s also wise to tip the maid for her discretion.
  • Choose a private incall location in a separate house or apartment away from your own home. There are other tips to consider when using a private incall location:
    • Keep up the laundry at your location. Soiled towels, bed linens and other items should be washed regularly. If laundry does pile up, make sure it is out of sight from any part of the incall location your clients may see.
    • Avoid odors at your location. Cooking, smoking, piled up trash and pets tend to cause odors. Clients are coming to you to fulfill a fantasy and they want to smell neither what you had for lunch nor your cat’s litter box. Avoid anything that may cause odors in your incall location. Lightly scented candles or oil may give your place a pleasant smell, but steer clear of heavy, overpowering scents.
    • Share your incall location with another escort to save money. However, be very cautious who you select as your partner. Create easy to understand guidelines that each of you must follow, and stick to them. If your roommate fails to follow them, end your contract with him or her.
    • Match the decor in your incall location to your image. If your image is girl-next-door, make sure your decor reflects that. A girl-next-door type probably wouldn’t have exotic, ultramodern furnishings as decor in her home. Conversely, an exotic, foreign escort wouldn’t have a decor that is homespun or “country.” Pick up simple accessories that are depictive of your image to personalize your incall location.
    • Keep your incall location clean and tidy. No client want to come to see you and have to step around junk in the hallway. Nor does he want to see dust on the furniture, cobwebs on the ceiling or lots of clutter on your nightstand. He is expecting your place to be clean, classy and tidy. Make it that way.
  • Keep your incall location in your home. While there is no arguing that work and private life should never fuse, sometimes the circumstances are all wrong. In that case, define a particular bedroom or area in your home for your incall clients and try the following tips:
    • Don’t mix your personal life and its objects with your business life. Keep your children’s toys, family photos and personal affects away from your incall area.
    • Remember that escort safety is priority #1, followed by the goal of creating a successful business. Screen your clients carefully before allowing them to come to your home. If you have any shadow of a suspicion about letting a client into your home or allowing him to know where you live, refrain from scheduling incalls with him. Clients you do not feel comfortable with allowing into your home can be outcall clients, if you feel safe under those conditions.