Spanking and other ways for escorts to punish bad boys

Many a man, in some deep, dark crevice of their souls, wish to be told that they’ve been very bad boys by a woman wearing sexy lingerie, fishnets and stilettos. Something about being naughty automatically implies that punishment is ensuing, and it’s going to be good!

However, role playing that your client has been a bad boy may involve more than just talk for some clients. While it may cross slightly into the field of sadomasochism, most clients who want to be spanked or punished don’t truly want the true S&M domination experience.

  • Spank your client. Cup your hand and gently slap their bare behind. Cup you hand so that with each spank, it makes a nice “slap” sound. Some redness may occur as a result of your spanking, but no serious damage to your client should ever occur. Some clients may ask you to use a paddle (of sorts) on them, but use caution when you do this. Using a bare hand will enable you to know how hard you are striking your client. It’s more difficult to gauge how hard you’re hitting him when you’re using a paddle or other spanking device.
  • Flogging feels good. Many clients may ask that you use a leather flogger on them. A leather flogger is simply a handle with strips of leather attached to it. You can lightly striker your client with the leather flogger using only a flick of the wrist in order to give a slight sensation of leather against skin. Or, with a firmer hand, you can actually inflict a little bit of pain with the strips of leather. The flogger should only be used on fleshy parts of the body, such as the thigh or butt cheek.
  • Whip them. Just the sight of an escort dressed up in lingerie and brandishing a whip is enough to get some clients’ blood pumping. However, when you use it to barely strike his skin, he may explode. Use caution when using a belt or whip to punish your client, though. Whips and belts can cause more serious pain, bruising and serious cuts. Unless you really wish to break into the S & M entertainment aspect of escorting, purchase only costume props or imitation items. Imitation whips are much less likely to cause real damage or pain to a client.
  • Biting is not just for vampires. Some clients really like the way your teeth feel upon their necks or ear lobes. Biting down hard or just grazing their bodies with your teeth can be huge turn-ons for clients who like to be bitten. Escorts who nibble a client’s ears, neck, nipples or genitals may be able to get a good “rise” out of their clients. Some men enjoy having their balls lightly bitten, which completely goes against most common logic about oral sex. However, each client is different and has his own unique sexual needs. But, whatever part of the body you bite on, never break the skin. By breaking the skin, you are leaving yourself open to infection and spread of germs or disease.
  • Use a code word for safety. Escorts should discuss any form of physical punishment with their clients ahead of time, before the encounter is set to begin. Getting the details settled about what he wants and expects ahead of time gives you the opportunity to know what’s off limits and what’s fair game. However, in the heat of the moment, it’s sometimes difficult to know whether enough is really enough. Ask your client to use a code word to let you know that he’s done with the pain/pleasure role playing. The code word should be something that is far from anything you might be discussing during the encounter. For instance, “pineapple,” “Zulu” or “elephant” are words that would most likely be out of the realm of discussion during an appointment with a client. Any of these words could be used by the client when he’s in pain and wants to stop with the punishment.

Clean up afterwards. As always, disinfect and clean up any devices you used on your client. Paddles, floggers, whips or any other items used to inflict little bits of pain on your “bad boy” should be cleaned and sanitized. Otherwise, they may carry sweat, bacteria and other bodily fluids on them.