Speech as an escort’s tool

Most of the time, people think that appearance is the most important part of an escort’s image. While it’s the most obvious part of an image during the first moments of the first meeting, it is not always the most significant aspect. Other attributes such as an escort’s personality, intelligence and behavior all contribute to the overall image. Appearance and behavior, although important, can be made desirable or unappealing by escort’s speech as well. Here are some tips to use your speech to enhance your image as an escort:

  1. Pronounce words clearly. Regardless of what type of accent you have, make sure that you clearly pronounce words and do not “eat” their beginnings or endings. Practice by placing a pencil between your teeth and attempting to speak around it. After speaking with the pencil in place for a few minutes, remove it and speak normally. You should notice a big difference in the way you speak and enunciate your words.
    • Record yourself talking or reading and analyze the results honestly.
    • Watch actors and public speakers articulate.
    • Exercise by exaggerating the work that your mouth muscles while producing various sounds—his is how actors warm up.
  2. Control the pitch of your voice. Record yourself speaking in normal situations or listen to yourself on an answering machine or voicemail. Attempt to correct any speech patterns that are breathy, nasally or squeaky. A lower-pitched version of your natural voice is naturally soothing and will help you overcome any tone-related issues. Many people get nasally or squeaky when they are tense or nervous. Focusing on lowering your pitch helps to avoid these problems.
  3. Breathe through your nose when you speak. Some people try to breathe through their mouths as they speak, which reduces the amount of air you have to use in your lungs. You must have ample air in order to speak clearly with a pleasant tone. Additionally, don’t forget to breathe while you speak. Some people run out of air as they talk simply because they don’t breathe in between sentences.
  4. Be aware of your accent. It’s natural to have an accent. Although most people throughout the United States do not think they have an accent, accents are common through various regions. The southern accent in Georgia or South Carolina is different from the southern accent most native Texans have. Bostonian natives have different accents than someone who grew up in Jersey or Michigan. An accent isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if your accent doesn’t match your image, it could be a problem. For instance, if you’re billing yourself as a golden California girl and you have a thick Brooklyn accent, you’re not living up to your marketing. Additionally, it’s important to recognize any stereotypes that may go along with your accent. Brooklyn or Jersey accents don’t usually coincide with a sweet, girl-next-door-type image; while a southern Georgia accent doesn’t help an escort to sound tough.
  5. Stand up straight when you talk. Standing up straight puts your lungs and diaphragm in proper position to enhance your voice to its best quality.
  6. Speak up. Don’t mumble. Your client won’t want to strain to hear you constantly. Use your voice; project your voice. Speak clearly and audibly. However, refrain from speaking too loudly, as well. You don’t want your client to be ashamed to take you out in public, because the whole room hears your conversation when you speak. Strike a balance between speaking too softly and too loudly.
  7. Get rid of filler words in your vocabulary. Words like “um”, “ah”, and “like” have no place in sentences as you speak. They are filler words and work to make you sound less intelligent than you really are. Some people don’t use traditional filler words, but may use something else in exchange. Avoid using words that are not necessary to express what it is that you want to say to your escort in conversation.
  8. Avoid obscene language. It’s never acceptable to curse in front of your client. Find other ways to express your frustration, dissatisfaction or other moods. Cursing decries class and makes you appear trashy or lower-rate. Obscenities do nothing to enhance your image and make you appear to be less of a lady. Most clients will not appreciate escorts who curse regularly.