Top 10 sexiest foreplay moves

Even though many clients arrive at your door ready and raring to go, others are distracted enough by nerves, stress or concerns that it takes them a bit time more to get in the mood. Any escort worth her salt has several tried and true techniques to fire up a client like this.

While some of these techniques can be used on both male and female clients, most are intended for male clients exclusively.

  • Perform a slow striptease. Give your client something that will help him “rise to the occasion” by letting their imagination do the heavy lifting. Slowly remove your clothing until you are down to your lingerie. Don’t let your client touch you, but feel free to dance around him so he gets glimpses of you from every angle. Rub your body up against him before you remove any more clothing. Finally, reveal the rest of yourself before allowing him any contact.
  • Talk dirty. Most people get really shy when they attempt to talk dirty to their partners. They use funny words for body parts and they don’t fully express themselves due to embarrassment or shame. Your client will respond heartily to your dirty talk, especially when you specify to him how excited he is making you. Inform him how tingly, wet, etc. your particular body parts are (and don’t use cutesy names for them). Whisper in his ear about what you wish he would do to you. Dirty talk stimulates his sense of hearing and fires up fantasies in his brain.
  • Pay attention to more than one erogenous zone at once. Instead of concentrating only on your client’s mouth, genitals or other single part at one time, use your hands and mouth to stimulate him in two places simultaneously. Blow or kiss in your client’s ear while you touch him below the belt. Kiss him deeply, using your tongue, while you reach for his penis. Physical contact both above and below the waist at the same time increase the levels of arousal quickly and create stronger orgasms ultimately.
  • Caress his cut lines. A man’s cut lines are the creases that form in the areas between his thigh area and torso. Licking or caressing along the cut lines is said to increase his arousal more than simply touching his genitals or engaging in deep French kissing. This is an extremely sensitive area, and when touched in addition to other arousal techniques, can bring a man to near orgasm levels. You can provide additional arousal by caressing him as he lies with his knees bent and legs spread slightly apart.
  • Tease his tip to tantalize him. Even if your client is not fully stiff, insert the very tip of his penis into your vagina while you sit on top of him. Do not allow his penis to fully penetrate…only allow the tip to touch you. As the tip barely enters you, use your Kegel muscles to repeatedly clamp down on him to get your client to break out in full lust for you.
  • Take shower togetherTake a shower together. The steam, the nakedness and the intimacy that the shower suggests is enough to make many men stand on end and salute you. However, you can enhance that arousal even more through soaping each other up, rubbing against each other in tight quarters and, even, by performing a hand job (thanks to the soap suds!). Depending on the client, you can surprise him by joining him in the shower, which many men find even sexier than knowing ahead of time that you’re going to be jumping in with him.
  • Deeply kiss your client to let him know you really want him, now. This method does not include just any kiss. This is the kind of kiss that is deep, penetrative, includes tongue and includes more than just lips and tongue. Press your body up against your client, grinding your pelvis into his. Tell him through the kiss that your passion and lust for him won’t wait much longer. Use your tongue to caress and taunt his, lick the edges of his lips and explore his depths. A deep kiss is often enough to bring a client to full arousal.
  • Administer a sexy, sensual massage. This isn’t the kind of therapeutic massage where you tend to sore muscles and tendons. During this massage you should, at some point, touch every body part your client has with your breasts, legs, arms and hands. Be naked. Tend specially to his butt region, chest and any other areas he reveals are extra sensitive. Once you’ve touched your client on every part of his body, give your attention to his genitals.
  • Get rough with your client. Your client may be used to being treated with kid gloves and will appreciate some manhandling. As you kiss your client, pull his face to yours, forcefully. Squeeze and clench his body against you as you kiss him. Instead of touching him with a feather touch, pinch, tug and yank at him. Don’t worry about slowly and carefully removing his clothing. Pop the buttons on his shirt as you remove it. Show your rougher, more animalistic side. Men like to play a little rough, so don’t be afraid to pull his hair and push him down on the bed.
  • Ask for assistance. Bring some toys or other accessories to enhance his arousal. A small vibrator does wonders for you, but it can also bring his shaft to life quickly. He may like a mini vibrator held up against his prostate, which make arousal strong and immediate. Your client may be excited by leather or the idea of trying something new and naughty, like a sex swing. Consider trying out the whole barrage of toys with your client in order to get him turned on and ready for some fun.

While all of these methods and techniques are sure-fire ways to get your client hot and horny, there are a couple of other things all escorts should remember for those clients who seem so distracted or unfocused that they can’t get an erection.

Here are two bonus techniques that escorts can use with clients who have even a harder time getting hard:

  1. Pleasure yourself. Men love to watch a woman masturbate. In fact, many men fantasize about being able to see a woman engaged in a full-blown orgasm as a result of her own hands or techniques. Pull out all the stops and give him a good show. It’s a win-win for you. Not only do you get your client turned on, but you also get a first-rate orgasm.
  2. Don’t leave out the boys. While you’re focusing your efforts on your client’s penis through hand massage or oral sex, don’t forget to massage his testicles, too. They are extremely sensitive and are a direct link to arousal. While very few men like their balls handled roughly, most prefer that you be very, very gentle with them. Be careful as you massage them. And, while you’re massaging the testicles, be sure to continue to give the penis ample attention, too. The sensation of having one’s penis and testicles massaged at the same time is mind-blowing for many men.