Top 13 things you will miss about escorting if you quit

Most escorts enter into the industry with a goal to retire “soon.” It’s not usually a long-term plan to stay in the career for a lifetime. It’s usually a way for a person to amass some serious savings, adopt a more flexible lifestyle and get paid what he or she is worth. Sometimes, it may even be way to acquire enough money to open a business or start a new career adventure. But, many adult services providers find that they seriously miss their old jobs when they go back to “traditional” working environments. If and when you consider quitting the escort industry, consider the top things you will miss about escorting when you leave:

  1. The money: Obviously, one of the most attractive things about escorting is the money involved. When you make several hundreds of dollars for a single hour of work, it is easily something you will miss leaving behind. Few other career choices will allow you to garner such high wages for such little time dedicated to one particular client. However, keep in mind you’re not solely being paid for just one hour of work. All of your marketing and administrative work goes into a successful escorting career, along with the prep work it takes to look polished and primped for a client. Those hours are often forgotten about when figuring your hourly wage. But, if you estimate that you spend three or four hours of behind-the-scenes work for each client, your hourly wage may still be impressive — but not nearly as amazing as it was before you started figuring in your other hours of effort. Additionally, your hourly wage also goes to cover expenses, such as supplies, incall rent, travel costs, etc. While the money is good, no doubt, it’s not always pure profit.
  2. A flexible schedule: As an adult services provider, you typically set your own schedule, to an extent, anyway. You can dedicate the specific hours you intend to work, coordinate them with particular days of the week and only see clients at “available” times. However, as nice as this system sounds, the truth is that you probably end up booking encounters at times other than when you list your availability as open. You need to be ready for business when clients have free time, which sometimes means you adjust your schedule to fit theirs. But, overall, your time is your own. You choose when to work, how many hours you work and how you split that up. If you need time off for a special event or activity, you can intentionally book around it. When you leave escorting and adapt to a “normal” job, you may not be allowed to leave work for some activities or be required to take time off for them. This can be especially frustrating if you enjoyed this flexibility before.
  3. The autonomy: Unless you worked for an agency, you are your own boss. You get to choose which clients you see, and which ones you don’t. You make your own rules, set your own rates and choose your own services. If you’re moving on to another career where you will be freelancing, you may still enjoy this degree of personal freedom within your work. However, if you are going to a J-O-B with a boss, you are going to miss your independence. Likely, you will be told when you get a break, how long that break will be and when you must start and finish your work day. Your pay will be set by someone else, along with other rules and restrictions established that you must follow. Your ability to maintain your autonomy and personal expression may be very limited. This is one of the things that keep escorts coming back to the career. Once you’ve gotten a full taste of what it’s like to be your own boss, it’s nearly impossible to go back to being someone’s subordinate.
  4. The clients: Even though it may be hard to believe, especially on some days, you will miss some of your clients. They may all have their own quirks that make them a bit obnoxious at times, but they grow on you after awhile. You’ll miss their eccentricities and hearing about the unique things that make them individuals. Despite the fact that you try to remain emotionally unattached to your clients, you are still bonded to them, especially if you’ve helped them overcome their fear of women, worked with them through difficult times or if they’ve hit a soft spot in your heart. Of course, the smelly, arrogant, mean-spirited clients will not be on your “missed” list, and you’ll feel happy to see them gone from your life. But, some of the characters you run across will be fond memories that you hope you cross paths with, again.
  5. The thrill of getting dressed up: Donning the fancy knickers and the perfect escort attire is fun. Primping and fussing over your appearance is something that may become burdensome when you have to do it regularly for clients, but it’s an activity that you may miss when you no longer do it daily. Getting ready for a booking caused you to attend to EVERY detail of your physical appearance. Once you enter into a “traditional” career, your looks will no longer be one of the main highlights of your work. Nobody will care if you are wearing stilettos or flats. A simple conservative hairstyle is best for an office, compared to a bombshell blow out. When you don’t have as many reasons to get all dolled up, you will miss the act of doing yourself up so you look your best. Additionally, you won’t have the events to attend to wear your favorite cocktail dress or fancy jewelry to. It’s just not the same pulling it out only on New Year’s Eve, if even that often.
  6. Appreciation of your beauty and sex appeal: Your spouse or significant other may think you are beautiful, but it’s pretty unlikely that he worships your appearance like some of your clients do. They think you are drop dead gorgeous and aren’t above telling you so. Clients book encounters with you, due largely in part, for your looks. They are looking for the “perfect” woman, combined in appearance and personality. They expect you to show up at their door, dressed to the nines and looking immaculate. When you do, they lay on the compliments and make you feel like the most gorgeous woman in the world. That’s hard to give up. That feeling of being fully adored for your looks is intoxicating. When you don’t get the flattery anymore, you can feel let down and depressed. Nobody, besides a client, will give you the adoration that you have come to expect. And, even if others do fully admire your beauty, they will be much more coy with their appreciation.
  7. The interesting stories and experiences: Escorts run into some real characters. You get to hear some real doozies of stories from timewasters and clients who want extreme or oddball services. Their excuses may be maddening, at the time. But, after awhile, you look back on some of these irritating experiences and laugh. In addition to these less pleasant adventures, you also have some really fun times with clients, too. You may have taken trips with them or ventured out on interesting dates. Sometimes, clients take escorts to places that would be otherwise off limits or difficult to acquire access to, based on costs or lack of networking connections. You may have some GREAT misadventures with clients, too — such as funny occurrences during intimacy or other things that can happen during an encounter. While it may seem that you’re happy to give these times up, you will actually recall them with fond memories.
  8. Touring: Touring is hard work. But, it’s also very beneficial to your business. It may mean locking yourself up in a hotel room for hours at a time, seeing lots of clients right after another. But, it also means arriving into a new city and getting to experience a bit of its culture and see its sights. The cuisine, the atmosphere and the attractions may not be the first thing on your priority list, but it’s pretty common to take a few hours or a day off to enjoy your surroundings. Sure, you may be doing things on the cheap, but you still get to check a few things off your bucket list and add some culture to your background. When you work a “normal” job, you may not get the chance to travel or explore new cities. You will be confined to a traditional work area and may not get the opportunity to venture into new places or meet new people. Plus, touring brings in some serious coin in just a few days. It’s a great way to line your pocketbook, right before a holiday or other event where you need some extra cash. It may be difficult to find a way to make extra money for these events when you are doing a standard 9-5 gig.
  9. New places: Escorts get to see new places. Sometimes, it’s simply getting to spend a night or two in a suite at a posh, downtown hotel that EVERYONE is talking about. Other times, it’s getting to see the inside of one of the admired homes in a secluded residential neighborhood. Escorts get VIP access to many places that others only wish they got to see. After you leave escorting, you will miss this. The excitement about going somewhere new and luxurious is pretty addictive and hard to give up. Once you’re working a traditional career, you will have little cause to go to these places and even less ability to open doors there. High-brow fundraisers or elite parties will probably be out of your grasp, along with getting to rub elbows with the top-tier socialites in your community at a ballgame with a client. These places and experiences will be off limits to you.
  10. The hotel experience: Even though road warrior business professionals will tell you how tired they are of staying in hotels, escorts will brag on how much they enjoy them, at times. Once you are no longer able to afford to go to one for work periodically you will notice how much you miss several elements of a hotel stay. The turn-down service is superb — and, the little candy may even be something you remember with remorse. The amenities of most hotels are wonderful: the pool, spa and the workout area are parts of a hotel stay that truly make it worthwhile. Escorts who are busy with clients, as they use a hotel suite or room as an incall location, often order room service when they are between encounters. This is one of the best services offered by most hotels. Being able to order French toast, fresh strawberries and champagne right up to your room is something that is not available at midnight when you’re at home.
  11. Gifts: Even though it is not required, many clients delight in bringing gifts with them when they come to see you for an encounter. Fine wine, jewelry, champagne, electronics, flower, candy, perfume, cosmetics, lingerie and other items are fun to receive. It’s exciting to see what a client has brought you. But, when you leave the escort industry, all of that stops. You’ll be lucky if a date brings you flowers, little lone anything more exciting. The expensive, designer accessories will be long a thing of the past. And, unique, hard-to-find items that clients sometimes reward you with will never happen again. Being in the “real” world of work won’t yield bonuses like the gifts that your clients reward you with. Some gifts, though, you won’t miss. When a client brings something totally weird or off-the-wall (a new taxidermied squirrel or a half-full bottle of old-lady perfume), you may welcome the fact that you don’t have to feign excitement and pleasure over things you don’t want. (And, you may be happy that you no longer have to find a way to get rid of them.)
  12. The sex: Most adult services providers will say that they don’t enjoy the sex or other intimate acts they engage in with clients, it may be different with you. The no-strings-attached sex that you get to have with clients can be so fun. Exploring new fetishes, teaching clients new things and getting to explore your own desires may be what you miss the very most about leaving escorting. The clients you interact with expect nothing from you in return for your allotted affections. They ravish your body for the time of their booking and will not bother you, again, until the next encounter. This is much unlike how the real world of intimacy works. Emotions and feelings get all mixed up with sex, which may be a real bother to you. This could definitely be something you miss.
  13. The power of seduction: Even though you may despise clients for being so beholden to your seduction, it may actually be something you miss later. That feeling of power and control you have when clients easily succumb to your womanly wiles is addicting. Feeling like you can maneuver them in so many ways, just due to your curves and beauty is empowering. There’s nothing quite like walking into the room and knowing that you took not only your client’s breath away, but also impacted every other man in the room in a similar fashion. It’s powerful and addicting — and, you will certainly want to experience that time and time again.