A few legal strategies for escorts living or working in the USA

Prostitution is considered illegal in nearly every state in the U.S. and many countries abroad. And, while escorting is not prostitution, law enforcement is always sniffing around, ready to misinterpret escort’s work. The good news is that there are legal loopholes for escorts and their counterparts to slide in without breaking the laws.

From the argument about consensual adults’ actions and the fact that money only exchanged hands to pay for time, not sex, loopholes are a part of every escort’s encounters. However, there are 2 other unbelievable scenarios:

  • It’s not prostitution—it’s pornography. Sex for hire is illegal. Creating a movie with sex isn’t illegal, although it does require permits and special paperwork from city or county governments, which is a whole different legal ball of wax with lesser punishments.During a date, an escort can set up a video camera or her mobile phone to record any physical intimacy that may or may not occur between them and their clients. If the police barge in during the encounter or have questions about the experience, the escort or client can simply say the session was recorded for use in a movie. The escort was paid to act in the film, may be used as the excuse.Keep in mind that for this to be truly legal, according to legal websites, the film must be for sale. Since any escort worth her salt isn’t going to let this video get past the delete button, there may still be some legal issues. The biggest thing the escort has to worry about with this loophole (other than beating legal charges for prostitution) is what happens to the video. Do not allow your client to get possession of the video, unless you want images of your encounter all over the Internet.
  • It’s not prostitution—it’s a condom demonstration. It might be an urban legend, but claiming to be a condom salesperson could be a successful defense for prostitution. The escort has to have a wide array of condoms on her person for this loophole to work. If questioned by the police, the escort simply informs the officer that her client purchased a (very!) expensive condom from her, but the transaction required a free demonstration about how to use the condom and a test of its effectiveness and strength.As long as the client goes along with this argument, there is nothing “technically” illegal about a transaction of a ridiculously priced condom and consensual sex.

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