What clients mean when they make these 12 obvious comments to escorts

You took great care when you wrote the content for your escort ad. You pondered every word and sentence to ensure that your message was clear, concise and specific. Pictures in your photo gallery are really you and give accurate representations of what you look like. You realize that your conversations over the telephone may be a bit vague, but they must be for you and your clients’ welfare. The majority of clients understand the subtle nuances of your communications with them.

Golden hits by Captain Obvious, Vol. 1

But once in awhile, you get a client who asks an obvious question or makes a comment about issues you thought were apparent. It may take superhuman patience to just listen to them, let alone answer in a friendly manner.

  1. “Discretion is a must!” Your clients recognize you as a professional in your field. Though, sometimes, they are so caught up in the taboo task they are performing by booking an encounter with you that they forget you know how to do your job. They know that keeping your rendezvous as discreet as possible is an element of your services, but they may not fully comprehend it the first time or two they see you. Realize that a client may feel quite vulnerable to you as they answer your screening questions, providing several personal answers about who they are, their profession and anything else that you need to know. This may leave them feeling extremely exposed. Even though it can be annoying when your client insists on discretion, reassure him that confidentiality is as much a part of your business as the services you provide during an encounter. Additionally, it may benefit you to inform him that you need him to be discreet, too. Let him know that you wish to keep your true identity concealed as you have a personal life to protect, just as he does. Take the opportunity to encourage him to hide his communications with you and avoid being careless in ways that could reveal his actions to family, friends or coworkers.
  2. “Are you clean?” This is a loaded question that escorts who have chips on their shoulders may take immediate offense to. Keep in mind that the stereotype of escorts is that they, like prostitutes, are disease-riddled drug addicts. Of course, the stereotype is wrong, but your client may worry about what he’s getting himself into. Reassure your client that you do not use drugs and that your quarterly STD tests (or how ever often you get tested) come back negative. This opens the door for you to quiz him about his sexual health, inquiring about whether he’s been tested recently and how many partners he’s had in the past few months. Most clients will realize they’ve overstepped a boundary when you retaliate with questions that are completely fair, given the subject they brought up. Remind a client that even though both of you believe you are STD-free, the rules about wearing condoms still apply.
  3. “Will there be other clients waiting at your incall?” Clients who haven’t met up with an escort before have many misconceptions about how the system works. They may have the impression that your incall has a revolving door with clients coming and going at all hours. While it’s tempting to take offense to their assumption, you shouldn’t. Your client just needs to be reassured that he’s the only one who will be at your incall during his scheduled encounter (other than a security partner, if you have one). Tell him that his hour (or two) is specially reserved for just him and there will be no interruptions from other clients. Inform him that you are exclusively his for the time he pays you for, and he shouldn’t worry about anyone seeing him arriving or leaving your incall. He may also need to know that he’s not under pressure to end things early so you can meet another client. He may be confusing your incall with a brothel, and he will quickly figure out that his imagination was nothing like the real thing.
  4. “Please look nice.” While it’s tempting to tell your client that you’ll put on your good sweatpants just for him, it’s probably not a good idea. Clients are often nervous when they call to set up an encounter and rattle off inane comments that really mean nothing. It’s fairly certain he doesn’t think he has to tell you to fix your hair or put on make-up. When a client asks you to look nice, inquire if he has something special in mind. He probably doesn’t, but it’s best to check so that both of you are on the same page. He may expect you to show up in a flirty cocktail dress, when you plan to arrive wearing a pencil skirt and tailored white blouse. Use this comment as your opportunity to feel your client out about how he’d like you to dress. Clients all have different perceptions, and the encounter purpose is to fulfill his fantasy.
  5. “Wear sexy lingerie.” Your client is probably not really making a request. He is probably thinking out loud about getting to see you in your sexy skivvies. And, even though some clients appreciate white granny panties, you are very unlikely to lay those out for your typical encounter. You can relieve any doubts your client has by saying that you already have some sexy ones picked out just for him. Unless he follows up with a specific request, any of your panty/bra ensembles will work. Some of your clients don’t understand that you wear your sexy lingerie for all of your encounters, possibly because their partners never or rarely wear it.
  6. “You have to use a condom! I don’t want to get you pregnant.” It’s easy to reply with an indignant comment about not wanting to get pregnant, either, but you should refrain. Again, your client is just the product of bad media exposure where men have been tricked into supporting women due to illegitimate pregnancies. Realize that your client is making a personal comment to you, but he’s issuing a general, ignorant statement. The best way to handle this comment is to simply say that you wouldn’t think of engaging in intimate acts with any of your clients without a condom. Elaborate on your statement by praising him for his diligence about using protection, as it keeps both of you safe from STDs or other infections, in addition to avoiding an accidental pregnancy.
  7. “I hope you’re easy to find.” One of the requirements for a good incall location is that it is easily accessible and can be found with uncomplicated directions. But, most of your clients won’t know that you selected your incall with this criteria in mind. They are simply worried that they will get lost, be late or have a difficult time finding you. Provide clear instructions by using north, south, east and west to direct your clients to specific landmarks that will get them easily to your incall. If you are able, tell them how many miles between turns or landmarks, in addition to other details that will help them know they are on the right track as they are en route. If your incall is hard to locate, offer to meet clients at a specified location and allow them to follow you to your place.
  8. “I hope you show up looking like your pictures.” Your client may have had a bad experience where an escort appeared looking nothing like her profile pictures. Or, he may have heard horror stories about online agencies stealing pictures and posting them as the real deal. The best way to respond is to confirm to your client that your pictures are genuine, recent and reflect your real appearance. If reviews exist validating your pictures with how you really look, refer him to those so he can feel more confident about the encounter. Offer to your client that if he’s disappointed or feels you don’t look like your pictures, he can send you away immediately, no questions asked. This should help him feel more comfortable with the situation.
  9. “I want to have a really good time.” It’s probably just fine to respond with, “I want you to, as well!” As an escort, your goal is for your clients to feel fulfilled and happy when they leave an encounter. You take pride in your ability to please them. However, not all escorts are as conscientious as you are and may fail to live up to a client’s expectations. In order to fully please a client, you may need to ask him what constitutes a “good time.” Depending on his answer, do your best to live up to his desires and provide him with an experience that exceeds his hopes. Your intention is always for your clients to enjoy themselves, and while it seems like an overly obvious statement to you, your client may not realize that the encounter ensures him a “good” time.
  10. “I think you are beautiful; that’s why I called.” Of course, he does. Escorts realize that clients find them beautiful and attractive. If clients didn’t find them sexy, they wouldn’t book encounters with them, possibly risking family and work conflict for the pleasure they seek. When clients make comments about your beauty in relationship to contacting you, it’s often because they don’t know what else to say. That first phone call or text is incredibly awkward for them, and it’s a way to start up small talk. Instead of being quick and direct, they’ve been brought up thinking they must sweet talk a woman to get anywhere with her. It’s only natural for a man to express that he thinks a woman is attractive. And, face it: he’s thinking about sex when he contacts you. Your sensual allure is the most obvious trait to him at that point.
  11. “I don’t suppose you’d meet up for less?” Clients who are new to booking escort encounters may think they can bargain with you, just like they do for a new car or other purchase. They may not intend to insult you or insinuate that you aren’t worth the fee you request for your time. Telling a client that your rate is firm and you are not willing to accept less for your time is completely appropriate when he tries to dicker for a lower fee. Most clients will accept your comments and book an encounter, anyways. Others may say that you’re too expensive, which they should have known from reviewing your profile. If that’s the case, avoid getting snooty or snide and thank them for their calls anyways. You never know, if you were nice, one might call you back in the future when he realizes that he’s paying for quality time.
  12. “Your profile lists your services. Do you really do all of these?” Clients new to the industry may not realize that so many things are available during an encounter. Getting a naive client like this can be kind of nice, as he probably won’t expect you to swing from the ceiling fan during your first session. And, while it’s tempting to tell your client you wouldn’t have listed the services if you didn’t do them, don’t make him feel stupid. Tell him that you’re full of surprises and have many talents, referring to the indulgences you’ve listed in your profile. Encourage him to book an encounter so that he can see for himself which services you do perform.