What is body lift: 11 pros and 6 cons

Sometimes a woman’s body just gets a little frumpy and needs something to give it a boost. From push-up bras to butt-enhancing undies, women’s undergarments do what they can to give ladies that extra “oomph” their bodies need to look sexy. However, there comes a point when the undies no longer do enough. When you’re an escort, the undergarments are never enough. While it’s essential to look good in your clothing when you meet up with a client, it’s also a requirement to continue that sex appeal as you disrobe. Most escorts have to remove their underwear as they become intimate with their clients, so they need some additional help from another source.

what-is-body-liftBreast augmentations, tummy tucks, liposuction and body contouring all do their parts when it comes to helping escorts enhance their assets. But, there’s only so much those surgeries can do. It is at this point that consideration for a body lift may come in to play. Escorts who have body issues involving a saggy buttocks, abdominal region or thighs may benefit from a body lift.

A body lift involves the shaping and toning of the underlying tissues that support fat and skin in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Excess sagging fat and skin are removed during the procedure, leaving an improved contour with better skin. (It can get rid of cellulite and other irregular skin surfaces!) Areas included in the body lift, in addition to the tummy and rear, are the groin (if it sags into the inner thigh) and the thigh (inner/outer to reduce the circumference). An escort’s sagging body may be caused by pregnancy, significant weight fluctuations, age, sun damage or genetic factors that cause the diminishment of tissue elasticity over the body.

Before completely committing to a full body lift, an escort should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. A body lift will help an escort’s body defy gravity. Regardless of your workout plan or weight, it’s natural for a woman’s body to lose a certain degree of lift and perkiness after a few years. Even if an escort isn’t considered “mature,” she may experience body issues with a flabby buttocks or saggy tummy. Over time, these will only get worse. Working out may create toning that will help decrease the appearance of sagging body parts, but it’s difficult to get everything to lift back into place like they once were. But, a body lift can do just that. An escort can undergo a body lift in order to perk up all of her body parts at once. It’s her secret weapon to being able to defy gravity and restore her body’s youthful appearance.
  2. Escorts can repair years of “letting things go” with a body lift. Not all escorts start out in the industry as 18-year-olds. Plenty of women venture into the career at more mature ages. And, as they attempt to compete for clients, they discover that their bodies aren’t what they used to be. In fact, some escorts realize that they’ve let themselves go over the past few years and need some help recuperating from lack of care. A body lift can give an escort a boost in all of the right places. She can gain back a semblance of the body she once had and compete more aggressively with other escorts in her niche.
  3. Gaining symmetry is a huge benefit. In any culture, symmetry is beauty. Often, clients hold it as an essential trait for sex appeal, too. They expect escorts to demonstrate beauty in many ways, including presenting mirror images in their faces and bodies. They expect women’s breasts to be the same size and shape, they want a woman’s derriere curves to be identical and feel the same in their hands, and they think that a woman’s contours throughout her body should resemble each other, too. For whatever reason, some escorts are just not blessed with bodies that are symmetrical. But, they don’t have to live with that, when cosmetic surgery exists that can re-shape their silhouettes. A body lift can create a shape that clients will adore and see as “perfection.”
  4. Your clothes will fit better after a body lift. Designers create clothing lines for the “perfect” female body. When an escort’s tummy or buttocks sags, nothing is going to fit quite right. In addition to normal outerwear, lingerie is often created for curvy figures that haven’t been the victims of gravity. The most beautiful thong or lace panty isn’t going to show off your goods as well if your butt is flat or flabby. In order to do your clothing and/or lingerie justice, escorts have to have shapely bodies. After a body lift that focuses on your trouble areas, your shape conforms more typically to clothing and lingerie selections both in your closet and in your favorite boutiques.
  5. Escorts will look better naked. Even though not every one of your clients will insist that you get naked with them, some want to admire your bare body. After you’ve had a body lift, your curves are more contoured, your tummy shaped up and your buttocks will be improved. Overall, your body is improved through the procedure. Additionally, any cellulite you may have built up on your body can be nearly eliminated with the process, which will automatically make you look better without your clothes. The process will help firm up your jiggly areas and create perkier body parts, which is exactly what most clients desire.
  6. A body lift gives an escort a great foundation on which to build a toned body upon. For escorts who don’t have the patience to wait on a work-out plan to tone their abs and butts, a body lift will create a great canvas to start doing work with. Even though it takes up to eight weeks before you can engage in strenuous exercise after the procedure, your fitness plan may be more motivating if you have a tightened tummy or less saggy rear end when you start. Your results may be more visible immediately, compared to if you had started fresh with your imperfect body. Creating a six-pack is much easier when you don’t have to burn off the fat on top of the muscles. Often, during a body lift, a small degree of liposuction can be done to remove small areas of fat deposits. This leaves you wide open to tone up and create a fit form.
  7. Gaining confidence and comfort with your body is part of a body lift. Many escorts lack the self esteem required to feel good about their appearances. They may know they are beautiful, but feeling sexy is something quite different, especially if body image is an issue. A body lift may create confidence for an escort who needed that extra push to feel good about her curves. And, if confidence is increased, it’s probable that an escort will become more comfortable with her body, too. Both of these elements are essential to creating the kind of sex appeal that many clients are attracted to. Confidence and the sense of being at ease are highly desired traits.
  8. Many escorts find that they are more marketable after a body lift procedure. Due to having more confidence and a better body, the assets they have to show off are more highly desired by clients. They appeal to more clients and are sought out by new ones. Their current clients may have a renewed desire to book encounters with them, as a result of their revamped look.
  9. Some escorts are able to command higher rates as a result of their new appearances. Unfortunately, the general category of the escort industry is one where slender, curvy figures are desired. Escorts who have a little extra weight or are not thin enough often get overlooked. If they aren’t overlooked, they usually are unable to command the kind of rates that other more desirable escorts are. After getting a body lift, many escorts find it’s possible to raise their rates successfully. Clients are willing to pay the rate, if they believe the escort is beautiful enough. (And, after a body lift, many escorts exude the kind of sex appeal necessary for this.)
  10. The results of a body lift are lasting, as long as the escort maintains a healthy diet and fitness lifestyle. An escort who can sustain her weight should expect that the surgeon’s work during the procedure will last. Her lifted buttocks and trimmer abdomen should remain that way, unless her lifestyle causes them to change. Typically, a body lift patient can expect to depend on her results remaining with her for several years. No annual check-ups are required, no replacement of implants are needed; the results should last.
  11. A body lift is not just for skinny women. Escorts who are plus-sized or simply larger than “average” can have a body lift, too. A body lift is not so much about creating a skinny frame. It’s about lifting and making the best of what you have. Of course, some procedures may accompany or include some lipo, but even buxom escorts can have their derrieres lifted to make them more desirous. The procedure doesn’t have to slenderize or focus on only smaller women. It’s for anyone who wants a perkier body, large or small.


  1. The cost of a body lift is often prohibitive for many escorts. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average price for a body lift in 2013 in the U.S. was over $8,000. This cost didn’t cover anesthesia fees, surgical facilities costs, prescription medications or post-surgical garments. Costs may vary across the U.S. depending on location, the surgeon’s experience or qualifications and the extent of the body lift. In addition to the cost of the procedure, most escorts have to figure in how much money they have to budget in order to live during their recovery time, too, as they won’t be able to work for several weeks. All in all, that’s a big chunk of change, especially for an escort who may not be faring as well as she had hoped she might.
  2. The recovery time for a body lift is pretty long. Escorts won’t be able to return to day-to-day activities until four to six weeks after the procedure, and rigorous activity is usually restricted until six to eight weeks have passed. (Waiting ensures proper healing and that everything will stay in place, in addition to protecting your incisions.) The immediate time period after the surgery is pretty uncomfortable, too. Doctors send you to the recovery room with dressings and bandages covering your incisions and drains (small tubes) still sticking out in order to allow the flow of fluids and blood. Initially, pain medications will be administered intravenously, which will then be converted over to oral prescriptions when it’s time for you to go home. Immediate results of the surgery are fairly good, but swelling won’t fully subside until about three months after the procedure. Some doctors say it takes up to two years for full results to develop from a body lift.
  3. Escorts may face several complications and risks associated with a body lift. Anytime that you go under anesthesia, there are risks. Additionally, hematoma (bleeding under the skin), infection, poor wound/incision healing, fluid accumulation, numbness, fat necrosis, persistent pain, recurrent loose skin, swelling, deep vein thrombosis, skin loss, scarring and suture reactions are very possible. Sometimes, a surgery won’t go as planned, and a revisional procedure is required…usually at your additional cost. Once in awhile, a surgeon won’t provide symmetrical results, which somewhat defeats the purpose of the surgery. The best way to avoid complications or risks is to have frank, open discussions with your surgeon ahead of time and to talk about the details of after care. (Following his directions afterward is also necessary to proper healing.)
  4. Some scarring is possible from a body lift. Because escorts are extra conscious of their skin and body’s appearance, any additional scars or marks from a body lift may be an issue. However, due to the extensive requirements of a body lift, scarring is a real possibility. Although doctors attempt to make incisions that will normally be hidden by bathing suits, lingerie or underwear, the left-over marks may be visible when an escort is naked. Most scars will resemble a c-section scar, while others may be even larger. Escorts who want to avoid any additional marks on their bodies should avoid body lifts. Additionally, darker-skinned escorts may have worse scarring than their fairer-complected cohorts.
  5. It’s pretty common that escorts who request body lifts will need additional procedures to produce the results they desire. While a body lift is pretty extensive in the results it offers, many escorts want breast augmentations and liposuction along with it to complete their looks. And, even though some surgeons will bundle these procedures together, it’s not always a great idea to do that due to possible complications and risks. But, many escorts don’t want to wait the suggested time periods between surgeries. This leaves escorts in difficult positions of feeling like they are leaving their appearances unfinished or taking unreasonable risks with their health and, ultimately, their careers.
  6. A body lift must be maintained to sustain the permanent results. Escorts who think they can get a body lift and be done worrying about their appearances are wrong. While many of the results of a body lift ARE permanent, they only last if an escort maintains her weight and fitness routine. If she allows her body to slip into an inactive state, the benefits of her body lift may dissipate, going back to saggy tummy and buttocks.

After weighing the pros and cons, an escort should consider a couple of more things before she commits to going under the knife in the name of her career. This checklist should always be adhered to:

  • Are you an eligible candidate? Escorts who smoke or are presently fighting other health issues may not be the best candidates for elective surgeries. (For instance, if your blood pressure is high, your surgeon may discourage you from pursuing surgery until it’s under control.) Good candidates have significant soft tissue looseness in one or more body areas and heal quickly.
  • Will the surgery benefit your business enough to be profitable? Even though a body lift may make you feel GREAT about yourself, will it really boost your earning potential enough to pay for your surgery with margin to spare? If it won’t make that big of difference in your earnings, it’s probably not a wise business investment. You must consider it like you would a new bed for your incall or a set of lingerie. It’s a business purchase that should be adding benefit to your services.
  • Can you afford the surgery? If you’re resorting to extremely high interest financing plans in order to pay for your procedure(s), it’s probably not the right time for you to pursue cosmetic surgery. Additionally, the recovery time is somewhat extensive, so you need to make sure your savings will cover your downtime.
  • Are you a candidate for serious risks? Have serious discussions about your health, medications and any conditions from which you suffer to determine if you are at risk for complications that may require further treatments or recovery time. Avoid the procedure if you are.
  • Make sure your expectations are realistic. View several before/after photos of other women who have gotten similar procedures and resemble your age/body. Talk to your surgeon about what you can expect. You can’t expect to look like a new person with a simple body lift. However, you can look like a slimmer, perkier version of you.
  • Check up on your surgeon’s credentials. You should be sure that he/she is board-certified and qualified to do the body lift. Ask about his experience and request references.

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