What you need to know about virgin escorting

While it certainly isn’t for everyone, there is a distinct niche in the escort world for providers who are still in possession of their virginity cards. Many young people find that they are too busy to focus on relationships, so they never find “the one” they feel connected just enough to lose their virginities to. Others have experienced a series of negative interactions with the opposite (or same) sex and chose to hold onto their virgin statuses. Regardless of the reasons, many novice escorts come into the industry hoping to capitalize on their pure, untouched statures.

However, taking full advantage of the opportunities of a virgin take some careful consideration and calculation. First of all, it’s important to take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of your virgin status:


  1. You can market your pure, innocent status. Many escorts use their full and expansive experience with sex as a calling card when it comes to marketing for clients. They may demonstrate a naughty approach or the fact that nothing surprises them in the bedroom. Others capitalize on the promise to engage in a laundry list of services. But, you can use the exact opposite situation to your advantage. By promoting the fact that you’re sexually inexperienced and have never engaged in full-on, penetrative sex, you will become increasingly more appealing to a certain type of client. They may chomp at the bit, so to speak, for a chance to spend time with you and experience your first time with you. Many clients find it extremely arousing to think of deflowering a young escort.
  2. Commanding a highly profitable rate for your first time is very possible, especially if you market yourself in a metro area with many clients. It’s very common for young women to earn tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of first-time sex. Especially wealthy clients will pay exorbitant rates for the opportunity to teach you the ways of the sexual world. If you aren’t in a largely populated area, it might be wise to travel to a bigger city for your first escort experience so you can take advantage of your earning potential. Sometimes, escorts are able to play the “innocent” card for quite awhile, as long as she fesses up to the fact that she isn’t a pure virgin after her first outing. Some clients will continue to pay for the experience of being the second or third person to “conquer” a young hottie.
  3. You will have no hang-ups about previous sexual experiences as you enter the escorting industry. Typically, experience with other partners is a good thing as you embark on an escorting career. However, it can be a hindrance. As young escorts engage in intimacy the first few times with clients, it causes them to remember tender, personal moments with former lovers. Sometimes, it brings them back to negative experiences that cause feelings of fear, lack of confidence and disgust. However, when sex is new to you, you won’t have to worry about any hang-ups you may experience as a result of good or bad scenarios you were involved in with others. Sex is entirely new and unassociated with previous encounters. You won’t automatically dread a certain position because of an uncomfortable session you had with a past boyfriend. And, you will be open-minded to the many different aspects of sex.


  1. Your sexual inexperience may hinder an encounter. Unless you have some other non-penetrative sexual background, the entire booking may feel awkward and a bit uncomfortable to you. Escorts who don’t have a lot of experience flirting and pleasuring men may find that they don’t know how to move the session along. Additionally, transitioning from one activity to the next may be a bit “off.” Basic sexual knowledge through previous contact helps guide you through the beginning stages of intimacy. Knowing how to touch a client, what it feels like for him to caress you and the other general mechanics of foreplay is necessary for a client to have a mind-blowing experience. However, many virgins lack this expertise. (Some don’t: they’ve chosen to hold back on intercourse, but they have ample understanding of all other aspects of intimacy.) Another way that sexual inexperience may hinder your escort booking is that it causes you to lack essential street smarts that alert you when a client is up to no good. Not knowing what sex is supposed to feel like can put you in precarious position that allows a client to be much rougher than necessary.
  2. You may miss out on discovering what you really like about sex. When your first forays into the sexual world are with clients, you may lose out on the chance to learn what really trips your trigger for your own pleasure. Escorts must focus on their clients’ pleasure during encounters. By constantly giving to a client, you may never get an opportunity to explore what you need to orgasm. Diving into your first sexual experiences as an escort may diminish your healthy sexual development, causing you to never learn what turns you on.
  3. Virgin sex as an escort may tarnish your views of sex. Growing up, women are taught that sex is special and should be saved for only people who are closest to them. When you’re doing it with virtual strangers, it certainly changes how you value the deed, itself. It becomes purely a physical act that isn’t associated with a deep connection, love or even a general fondness. It’s directly linked to money and another person’s preferences. Instead of sex being a beautiful thing between two people, it may lack any special meaning to you when you start out doing it for the first times with clients.
  4. Virgin escorts may be unable to have normal healthy relationships later in life. When all you can associate sex with is your clients, it may become something very unessential in your personal life. When you get to the point where you’re ready for a serious relationship with a significant other, it may be extremely challenging to view sex as a highly intimate part of your connection with him or her. The dynamics of the escort industry are your precedent for how you think of sex, because it ruled your first experiences. It’s hard to move past those original parameters to develop a “normal” outlook on physical intimacy.
  5. The weirdos will come out of the woodwork when you market yourself as a virgin. Escorts who label themselves as “new” when they post their very first ads or profiles find that they receive requests from timewasters and a cluster of extremely odd and boundary-pushing prospective clients. This will happen ten-fold when you announce you are a virgin. You must be cautious as you market yourself as pure as the driven snow.

Using strategic marketing methods to promote your virgin qualities is a must. Consider these tips to get you the most effective results:

  1. Walk a fine legal line as you promote your inexperience. Because prostitution is illegal in the United States and you are NOT a prostitute, you have to make it VERY clear that you are not selling virgin sex to clients. Finding a way to encourage clients to pay a premium rate to spend time with you, in the hopes you might engage in consensual intercourse with them is the key. But, to really capitalize on your virgin status, you have to incorporate the value of your lack of experience. You can’t flat out charge a rate for the deflowering privilege. But, you have to develop a pitch that encourages clients to pay for the chance to woo you.
  2. Establish a deadline if you’re encouraging clients to bid for an encounter. Many escorts who claim they are virgins require clients to send her bids of what they are willing to pay. Make sure that you provide a “due by” date in your profile or ad so that clients know how much more time they have to submit their best payment promises. If you don’t set a time limit, clients will attempt to outbid each other indefinitely.
  3. Don’t allow timewasters to distract you. Posting that you’re a virgin is going to attract a plethora of inquiries that won’t amount to a hill of beans. They will attempt to engage you in conversation that don’t apply to your status or their bids. Trying to keep you talking to them is part of their ploy, and playing into it is easy, especially when you’re an inexperienced escort. If you notice that a client continues to ask questions or try to talk to you, but he hasn’t placed an offer on the table, it is wise to cut him loose. Additionally, some timewasters will automatically place outrageously high bids, just to get your attention….without ever having the intention of following through with them. If anything feels “off” about a prospective client, pay attention to your gut. It could be telling you that this particular individual is not worth your attention.
  4. As bids come in, do some screening. When a client gives you a sum he will pay for your time, ask the other questions that will help verify his identity. Even if the client doesn’t win the bid, he might be interested in future encounters. Getting him screened early is a convenience that will help you out later in your career. Plus, practicing screening will help your efforts later. And, screening clients along the way will ensure whether you should take his or her bid seriously. It could be terrible to settle on a high bid from a client, only to find out that he’s not who he says he is. Screening along the way is the best way to ensure you’re getting serious offers.
  5. Market yourself on a quality site. Do some checking and research prior to posting your ad or profile on a site. Check out the other escorts and do some research about the demographics of the clients you see on the site. If they don’t look like they have the money to provide the offers you are looking for, find another site for your first time. You are looking for elite sites that will afford you the wealthiest clients. (These clients often think they have to have the very best… and, many of them think virgins are top-notch experiences.)

In addition to marketing tips, it’s essential to note a few other steps you should take when you’re doing your first virgin encounter:

  1. Get the money up front. When you’re receiving tens of thousands of dollars for one encounter, it is smart to get a significant deposit ahead of time. And, you should find a way to secure the money for the encounter prior to providing any kind of services. Having that much money on you at one time is an invitation for the client to rob you afterward, just to get his money back. It might be wise to give the funds to your (trusted) security guard or driver for safe-keeping. Having the money on you or with your belongings during the booking is not a safe idea.
  2. Know that the kind of man who wants to take an escort’s virginity may not be the kind you seek out for most of your bookings. These clients are going to be egocentric and focused on status. They want an encounter with you, because they get to be the first. It’s all about rank, power and possession. Most of these clients feel they are better than others and judge people harshly. This client may treat you well, but in everyday life he’s not generally a very gentle, kind person. You may be disappointed about his shallowness, if you get to know him better.
  3. Engage in some penetrative activity before your first virginal experience with a client. You don’t have to be completely innocent to be a virgin. To keep yourself from totally freaking out during the encounter, you should practice some a little bit ahead of time. Masturbate with a vibrator or dildo, or engage in some digital action with a trusted friend or partner. Know what being penetrated by something feels like, so it’s not a total surprise during the booking. Have some serious make-out sessions with someone, also, to familiarize yourself with what foreplay and other mechanics of pre-sex include. Even though you want the client to understand that you are inexperienced, you don’t want to be completely awkward.

Many escorts make a great career out of starting out as a virgin. Others, though, wait until they’ve had a little more personal experience before engaging in intimacy with others. Keep in mind that you are under no pressure to do anything. If it feels right and you could benefit from the money you will earn from offering up your innocence, go for it. However, if you have any qualms about how it will affect you in the long term, hold off on your decision. Granted, if you award your virginity to a partner or friend, instead, you may lose out on some serious coin. But, you could avoid some other issues later in life.

It’s your life. Live it the way that feels right to you.