Why regular clients are important (and why you still have to advertise even when you have some)

In almost every type of business, building relationships that result in loyal customers is like striking gold. This is very true for escorting as well.

by Ashly Lorenzana

If you are just starting out in the business, you will probably be meeting lots of new people for a while. There is a pretty good chance that many, if not most, will call you again and want to meet more than once.

With the exception of traveling gentlemen who don’t return to your city, most clients are interested in seeing escorts who they hit it off with during their first encounter.

There are also several different profiles for regular clients, before we move forward. Some regulars will call you every weekend, others once or twice a month consistently.

Then there are less frequent regular clients, oftentimes men who return to your location for specific reasons (whether business or personal) on a semi-regular schedule and who like to make a stop to see their favorite escort before leaving town again.

So no matter how often it is that a client calls you back, the fact that they seek you out in certain intervals puts them on your regular list just the same. Generally speaking, the ones who don’t have as many opportunities can usually be counted on with more certainty than those who try contacting you more often or live nearby.

In my experience, it was fairly common for some clients to tell me right away that they were looking for someone to meet up two or three times each month and it was important to them that they were able to schedule something that often.

This can work out very well as it gives both you and the client something they can count on, so to speak.

Which brings us to the main reason why having regulars is important to you, as an escort. It somewhat remedies the common uncertainty when you are between bookings and need to be sure all your expenses will be covered.

As you probably already know, escorting typically does not offer the luxury of a weekly or monthly check. While you can probably easily make enough to cover expenses like rent and any monthly bills you have in only an encounter or two, we all know that unexpected expenses come up all the time, whether it’s a repair you need to fix your car or a laptop that needs replacing.

It can be difficult enough to set a realistic budget each month when escorting, since predicting your income is fairly difficult. Things fluctuate like they do with any type of business, naturally.

Rather than find yourself scrambling to make ends meet at the last minute, you can schedule meetings in advance with semi-regular clients or do your best to be available for more frequent regulars when they contact you to book your time.

You may think that having a list of regular clients would mean you don’t need to advertise or market as much. While that may be the case for some girls later on in their careers, I found that it was actually quite the opposite for me most of the time.

The thing is, it’s usually not appropriate for an escort to call a client when they are available, even those who they see regularly. Sure, there will be a few guys here and there who come out and invite you to do that but for the most part, it’s not considered very professional.

Also, most of the clients who become regulars are also regulars on the site where they originally found your ad in the first place. They tend to keep an eye on the new ads and skim them for something that catches their eye more often than you might realize.

Once they have seen you and had a good experience, seeing your name alone will be enough to catch their attention when browsing ads.

It also puts the ball in their court, which is what most are probably more comfortable with anyway. If they see you have recently posted an ad, then they know it’s a good time to see you because you are probably available and booking meetings.

Without current or recent ads, they can’t be sure and are less likely to call you over another escort who they see an ad for. It’s best to stay fresh in their minds, and keeping active ads up is the best way to accomplish just that.

I say this based on my own personal experience. The first several years I worked as an escort, I made a regular habit of posting ads. Partly because I had fun with the creativity, but mostly because my phone started ringing from numbers I already recognized.

Personally, I always gave preference to someone I already knew if I had my choice because I felt it was safer in many ways than meeting strangers when it wasn’t necessary.

I’d say that eight out of ten times when I posted an ad, I ended up seeing one of my regular clients who responded to it.

Another reason why this is important is that not advertising for long periods of time leads to clients assuming you’ve stopped providing your services. They figure if you never post ads, you must have stopped escorting.

Trust me, I would know. A couple of years back, I went longer than I had ever gone without posting an ad and people started asking about me on some forums only to receive answers from people about how I had retired! Hardly the case! So I had to interject.

Keeping your ads updated and fresh will ensure that this doesn’t happen. It makes perfect sense that clients who enjoy their time with you will be quick to call when they see that you are up and about.