4 things that you can’t get away with on the job – unless you are an escort

Working as an escort has some unique perks that you’re not likely to enjoy when working in other positions. One of the most universally cited luxuries is being in control of your own work schedule and having no one to answer to.

by Ashly Lorenzana

The idea of working for one’s self is generally an appealing one for most people, though it does require some amount of discipline and that can be a challenge for some people who struggle to motivate themselves and need some extra encouragement or someone to hold them accountable at the end of the day.

But beyond having the freedom of working for yourself, there are some things which escorts can “get away with” which would not be possible when working in most other positions. While the following list of things is written from my experience, it does not necessarily mean that I recommend or endorse any of the items.

Keep in mind that just because you CAN get away with something doesn’t necessarily mean that you SHOULD or WILL. However, these are my observations regarding the reality of escorting with no sugarcoating at all.

  1. Being late or not showing up at all. While standing up a client is certainly not very considerate, it almost never means losing a customer. I know this because I was probably one of the biggest flakes in the history of escorting. In fact, it sort of became part of the “legend” of Mona and was pretty much mentioned whenever someone dropped my name on review boards where many reported making plans with me and then not hearing a word after that only to find themselves waiting on me until finally giving up.

    This does irritate some clients, but they almost always get over it and will call again, as long as you provide a good experience on the occasions when you do show up. I always did my best to make up for no shows when I would see a client the next time and it must have worked because the general attitude on review boards made it pretty clear that it was excused due to good performance when I pulled through for them.

  2. Only doing what you want for customers. Most jobs require that you put the customer’s requests and demands before your own comfort or you risk losing your job. While escorting certainly qualifies as a service and the ultimate goal is to provide pleasure to your client, it never has to mean that you do anything which makes you uncomfortable or that you just flat out do not enjoy doing.

    One of the most awesome and remarkable things about working as an escort is that there are plenty of clients and prospects who are specifically looking for the things you ARE okay with doing for clients. There are enough of them that you never have to compromise on what you are willing to do, it just won’t ever be necessary.

  3. Clocking out way earlier than you’re supposed to. Obviously that’s sort of a joke since you won’t literally be clocking out. In my experience, however, an hour long job for an escort is rarely ever a full sixty minutes. Often you will book an appointment for an hour and get paid for an hour, but only work for half of one.

    Once a client reaches climax, most are satisfied and won’t have the stamina to go for another round within the same hour. Of course there are rare exceptions, but I’d say 8 out of 10 times you will be getting paid for time you didn’t spend working.

  4. Picking and choosing which clients you see. Since there is no shortage of clients seeking the services of an escort, you also have the luxury of being selective about who you see and when you see them. Once you have some regular clients, many of them will contact you looking to book appointments at the same time and this effectively gives you several options to choose from at any given time.

You can choose based on whatever criteria you deem most important. Who is quickest, who tips the most, who you enjoy socializing with more than others or whatever else matters to you. It’s a luxury many don’t have in the workplace.

These are the luxuries of escorting that I’ve noticed most, but I’m sure there are many more.