The pros and cons of working as an escort

All jobs come with a certain amount of risk, and escorting is no exception. There do happen to be some highly attractive perks for those who choose this occupation. On the other hand, it also presents some serious issues that will likely be deal breakers for some women.

by Ashly Lorenzana

What do escorts do?

There is a saying that goes, “you can’t win if you don’t play”, meaning that in order to reap any rewards one must be willing to take chances in certain situations.

I believe the saying is usually applied to the idea of gambling with money or playing the lottery. In this context, it’s probably easy to see how small your chance of winning is and the few dollars you spent to play are probably as good as money flushed down the toilet.

Obviously gambling with money is one thing, but gambling with your safety, personal well-being and ultimately your life, is most unwise. This remains true regardless of whatever potential reward you are promised or hope to gain from any would-be client

With that being said, here are a few of the best reasons to start working as an escort along with some of the most significant concerns you should have if you decide to explore this occupation.

The good

  • The biggest allure of working as an escort is the ultimate freedom it allows you to have. You work for yourself. You answer to no one. You only do the things you are comfortable with. You choose your own schedule.
  • It’s no secret that escorts make very good money for their time and companionship. Like it or not, escorts can more or less charge whatever rates they want for their services. There are always customers who are willing to pay those rates, regardless of what she offers or how high they may seem to some. When you feel you deserve a raise, you simply begin to charge more. Won’t have to compete for any promotions or ask for another raise ever again, that’s for sure.
  • In most countries, escorting equals tax free profits. Depending on the laws in your country or state, the money you make as an escort may not be subject to taxes since there is no real record of the transaction and you are oftentimes not recognized as a legal business.
  • Less need for credit cards and less likely to become buried in debt. Since you probably accept cash for most of your encounters, there is a good chance that you can avoid using credit cards and other debt-inducing methods of payment when shopping or buying the things you need. No one likes to be weighted down by debt, and the constant cash flow of your escort business will probably help you get out of any debt you may already be in as well.
  • Ultimately, escorting makes for a very fun and enjoyable career that connects you with a diverse group of people from many different walks of life. It’s not uncommon to establish regular clients who become very close friends after some time. Since you get to decide who you will see and who you won’t, you can basically guarantee that you only work with people who you really do enjoy seeing. You’ll never have to worry about annoying co-workers again.
  • As a result of developing these bonds and relationships with your clients/friends, you have a pretty large network of people to reach out to if you need any favors. Just remember to always be professional and not overstep any boundaries with your clients. Each person has a different situation and while it will be perfectly fine to ask for certain favors from some clients, it will probably be totally inappropriate to do so with others.

The bad

  • In many countries and states, the legality of escorting exists in a very gray area that is oftentimes confused with prostitution. However, since the law prohibits direct exchange of money for any sexual favors between consenting adults, the possibility of being arrested or charged with a crime does exist for most escorts.
  • There is a negative social stigma attached to escorting in most places in the world, though it is slowly improving in many countries. Society sometimes shows very little respect for escorts and their work, snubbing them and discriminating against them for no real reason other than their chosen occupation.
  • Disapproval from friends and family. This is a tough one for a lot of women in the business. Many feel they cannot be open about what they do with their families and close friends, which can be very isolating and lonely at times. Also, being open about escorting is not a very practical idea for many women who also have day jobs and children and need to keep their personal lives separate from their work as an escort. These things make it very easy to slip into living a sort of “double life,” which will take its toll on anyone after enough time has passed.
  • Unless you are actually running a legally recognized business, you probably won’t enjoy the same benefits of most business owners when it comes to things like getting approved for loans, opening new lines of credit or anything else which usually requires some sort of verifiable income. You may make more money than you know what to do with, but that doesn’t always mean that you can buy a house or car if you can’t pay in full or prove that you are employed and have a solid employment history. Renting places may be more difficult for this reason as well.
  • Escorting does come with an increased chance of encountering dangerous situations that put your physical well being at risk. In America, the murder rate for escorts is higher than that of loggers and fisherman, effectively making it the most dangerous occupation in the states. It’s a widely known fact that a long history of serial killers have shown a decided preference for escorts and have made them common targets. Of course, there are many ways to go about ensuring your safety these days. Of course nothing is certain, as most things in life. However, the internet has made screening clients much easier and thanks to technology, it’s easier to stay connected to the outside world should something go wrong. Just remember to never compromise your safety for any amount of money offered. It’s never worth it. Always go with your instincts and intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!
  • No benefits or paid vacations. Working as an escort typically does not include the type of benefits you to receive if you are employed. That means no sick leave, no paid vacation and most importantly, no health insurance.

As you can see, the pros may very well match the cons when it comes to escorting. It’s certainly not the only occupation that comes with lots of risks and potential danger – but like many other risky jobs, the benefits alone are often enough to inspire a person’s willingness.