Why do men hire male escorts?

Wouldn’t it be great if all men were the same? It sure would make an escort’s job a whole lot easier. I mean, we all think we know who people are simply by what they show us, or demonstrate in any given situation, but do we ever really know someone? Can we ever fully predict what people will want from us before they ask for it?

by Jake S.

Well, I’m not a mind reader, but I can say that men indeed love sex, and so do women for that matter. The difference with male escorts is that we know men a bit deeper than women do. I only say this because we have the same chemistry and the same wiring. We give the best hand jobs because we’ve had good and bad ones given to us over the years, and likely jerk off at least once a day anyway. We can fuck the best because most of us are versatile and know what it’s like to fuck and get fucked, sometimes simultaneously.

We know how to give the best oral sex because we’d do it to ourselves everyday if we could. Some can and do.

Now, that’s not to say guys fuck better than girls! Please understand me here. I’m saying that is a different animal all together when two guys are in bed with each other versus one man and one woman. It’s not all animalistic, as most straight people would think it to be. It can be quite often very passionate and extremely erotic. A paying client has the option of fucking or getting fucked the way he wants to by someone who has the abilities to do just that. Those of us who’ve been with both men and women know the spectrum of skills does vary.

It’s my belief that a truly gifted escort is one who has been with and mastered the art of having sex with both females and males. We are in the job of giving pleasure and that takes time and practice. It’s a dance, as I attribute it to be, and no dancer has ever learned how to dance like a star by himself. There is a level of ingenuity that exists with people who have experienced both worlds. They can bring a heightened level of sexual artistry to their craft that people in only one camp cannot.

When I was in my twenties, most guys only knew how to fuck hard and quick and that was that. Boring! During that time, when I was with girls I felt I had to teach them and to be very soft with them as if I was going to break them or something. It got old. Then, I started getting older clients and realized there was a whole new world out there. I had a few older women and realized what it was like to be almost venerated and overpowered by a hungry cougar. Then I realized what it was like to be worshiped and overthrown by a hungry tiger. Both were quite exhilarating and both had their advantages and disadvantages.

But if you’re a man who is into men, then you’ve likely experienced being a top and a bottom, at least once, or twice, or three times for that matter. A male escort, if he’s a smart businessperson, is versatile and experienced in pleasing a wide range of preferences. Some men like feet, others like arm pits, most men like it a little dirty. That has to be okay especially since us escorts are catering to the most natural of urges and the most fabulous of fantasies all at once.

Men don’t have to smell like roses or wear the perfect, skin-tight dress to be desired. There is often a perception that women are lofty beauties held to a level of perfection that supersedes the reality of human potential. This may be appealing to heterosexual men, but not gay men. We like it a little rough and tumble. In fact, a shaven face and pretty eyes are great, but we’d often prefer or settle for the “just got out of bed” look. It’s hot, it’s easy, and it’s real! Of course, there is ageism in the gay culture the same as in the heterosexual culture, but at the end of the day a guy will be perfectly fine getting his dick sucked by a turtle if he could. What can I say?

Men who like men like being natural, not too much thinking involved, just a night out with a guy and a roll around in the hay. They like the smell of men and being around other dudes who bring them back to reality. There is a grounding that masculine energy brings to an equation that may be desired or lacking for some people; it’s that comradery, this fortitude and brotherhood experience that men in general crave in varying degrees. I can play with and be with another man, we can wrestle, and have fun, and not have to worry about hurting each other too much. After all, we’re dudes. If we get a black eye no one is going to call the cops and expect our boyfriend beat us. They’ll think we got in a bar fight and probably lost.

Being a male escort, I don’t have to be perfect, but there are a few things that are noteworthy. You have to do your prep work. You have to take care of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally, because you honestly never know what the hell you’re going to be asked to do or what the hell may be expected of you. So you better make sure you’re at least presentable and ready to take on the work.

I’ve had a guy simply want to worship my feet and smell my sweaty socks after I went to the gym one afternoon. He gave me an hour-long foot massage and eventually jerked off onto a picture of Lance Armstrong. I could have read into that one all night long, but why bother? Hey, it’s not my problem. I was happy to help! He gave me a big bear hug afterwards and asked if I’d come back the next day. We shook hands and made the business deal right then. The following session required a jockstrap.

This type of quality that men want from a male escort can take the appearance of a best friend, a lover, a friend, a brother, a daddy, a son, an uncle, a student, you name it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to same-sex, sexual business partnerships. Mostly, men just want to be close to someone and it just so happens that what jives with them is the company of another man. In my case, I just so happen to be a man they want to be close to, and that’s fine by me.

There’s a bit more of a common understanding when a man chooses a male escort. It’s almost as if they are making up their own rules, rather than attributing to the traditional views of what turns men and women on respectively. It’s a whole different ball game and that just works for me. I’ve never been one to follow the rules and likely most gay men have had to learn how to be apart from the crowd most of their lives. You go where you are most comfortable, you surround yourself by people who understand you, you love whom you love, and you sleep with whom you sleep with.

You’ll find, as an escort, that many men are reliving fantasies with you. You are that guy he wanted to fuck back in college, but never had the chance. You’re that kid he wanted to play with as a teenager on his soccer team or at camp. You’re the Daddy he never had, but always wanted. You are living – if even for an hour or two – in a make-believe world designed by experiences from the past and created using the pieces of the puzzle that you provide your client. It’s a fascinating line of work and something that can be quite profitable in the end if you play your cards right.