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Prostitution laws in Philadelphia

Philadelphia was founded in 1682 and the site of the 1st and 2nd Continental Congress. Serving an active role in the Revolutionary War and being an inlet for immigration, Philadelphia has seen its fair share of crime, vice and other excitement. Continue reading

Prostitution laws in Seattle

Seattle residents will say that Aurora Avenue, Denny Regrade, South Park and the Central District are prime locations where hookers hang out. However, with the pressures put forth by the Seattle Vice Squad over the past two years, streetwalkers aren’t as prevalent in these areas as before. Undoubtedly, prostitution still occurs in Seattle, but it occurs in different ways. Continue reading

Los Angeles prostitution law

With only a fine line existing to help define the differences between legitimate sex industries and prostitution, California is challenged to prohibit all acts of prostitution from occurring. Los Angeles, in particular, has had a prosperous pornography industry centered in San Fernando Valley for several decades, which is strictly regulated by statutes and various laws. Continue reading

Prostitution law in Storey County, Nevada

As the second smallest county in Nevada and located only 26 miles from downtown Reno, Storey County has a lot to offer its residents, visitors and tourists. In addition to historic attractions and gold mining museums, Storey County also allows legal prostitution within the parameters of county statutes. Brothels are licensed houses of prostitution in Storey County. Continue reading

Connecticut prostitution law

Connecticut strictly identifies prostitution and has worked to succinctly define its legislation and laws affecting the crime. One of the more unique aspects about Connecticut laws prohibiting prostitution is that the laws explicitly indicate that the sex of the perpetrator is immaterial. Continue reading

San Francisco prostitution law

San Francisco attempted to be the first (and only) city in the United States to decriminalize prostitution. While governed by the laws set forth in Sacramento that prohibit all forms of and crimes related to prostitution, it was determined by a task force in 1996 that it was costing the city more in money each year to enforce the laws than it would be to set forth a statute stating that the laws against prostitution would not be enforced by law enforcement officials. Continue reading

Prostitution laws in New York City

Just as it is within the state of New York, prostitution and related activities are prohibited in New York City. There are no laws within the city that change the intent of the state statutes created many years before. With many neighborhoods being known for their seedy reputations, prostitution is still a lucrative business, despite the efforts of the powers that be to pretend that they try to uproot it. Continue reading

Nebraska prostitution law

Nebraska legislators have kept things fairly simple when writing their laws prohibiting prostitution. Three main categories define prostitution-related crimes, in addition to the offense of prostitution, itself. Ranging in fines that start at $250 to 5 years in prison, the sentences for prostitution and related crimes are significant. Continue reading

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