How to escort the powers that be

Cosmopolitan Magazine once ran a piece on how primary season in the US affects escort’s business in primary states. Big surprise, more clients.

Iowa escorts enjoyed the traffic spike last week too. Rachel*, 38, a Des Moines-based escort, said she woke up each morning last week with “five or six” calls from numbers she didn’t know — a rarity in a state not known for its tourism. “All week, I had excessive calls all the way up until 5 o’clock in the morning, because of the caucuses,” she said. Another Iowa escort named Kylie*, 31, said she noticed the same spike in calls from guys who were not her regulars. They were there for the caucuses, she said, and they were looking for company. Continue reading

How to register an escort business in Iowa

Iowa. Home of Quaker Oats, Winnebago’s and corn. A lot of corn. You produce 1/10th of our country’s food supply. So, thank you, Iowa. Thank you for corn chips and edamame, for backyard barbeques and tofu. You truly are the Beautiful Land. Continue reading

Iowa prostitution law

Iowa, known as the Hawkeye State, has very cut-and-dried laws that prohibit prostitution and other related crimes within the state. Although they are not lengthy in description, the laws are very clear on the illegal aspects of prostitution and possible sentences. Continue reading