Iowa prostitution law

Iowa, known as the Hawkeye State, has very cut-and-dried laws that prohibit prostitution and other related crimes within the state. Although they are not lengthy in description, the laws are very clear on the illegal aspects of prostitution and possible sentences.

In Iowa, prostitution is defined as anyone who sells or offers to sell one’s services as a participant in a sex act of some sort. Also defined as illegal is anyone who acts as a customer of these services and pays for this interaction. These offenses are considered aggravated misdemeanors. Although they are considered misdemeanors, they still pose a hefty sentence and fine. Guilty convictions can receive jail time up to 2 years and a fine between $500 and $5,000.

Pimping in Iowa is considered a class D felony. A person may be found guilty of pimping if he or she solicits or recruits a patron for a prostitute. Pimping is also considered to knowingly taking or sharing in the proceeds derived from acts of prostitution. Furnishing a room or other place for the purpose of prostitution is also defined as a form of pimping. Punishable with up to 5 years in prison, guilty defendants may also be required to pay a find between $70 and $7,500.

Pandering is illegal and defined as when a person arranges for, persuades, coerces or in any other manner causes someone who is not a minor to engage in prostitution. Keeping a premises for the purpose of prostitution and receiving a share of profits from a place used for prostitution are also defined as forms of pandering. A class D felony, the offense becomes more serious if minors are involved. In a case including minors, the offense is a class C felony.

One last form of prostitution is defined by the Iowa statutes. Any person who has rented or leased a structure, building or some sort of shelter to another for the purpose of seclusion and prostitution is guilty of leasing the premises for prostitution, which is, by law, defined as a serious misdemeanor.

Generally, any offense related to prostitution can be charged under one of these previously stated statutes. While specifics are left to interpretation, the law is very specific about sentencing and charges.

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