Alaska prostitution laws

Just because it’s cold there doesn’t mean that Alaska forgives payment for some time with a warm body. Just like the other states in the U.S., Alaska has very specific and strict laws prohibiting prostitution and several acts related to prostitution. The guidelines explicitly define what prostitution is in Alaska and who is considered to be promoting it.

Definition of prostitution in Alaska

Prostitution offenses are defined by Alaska as the promotion, management or housing of prostitution which is the exchange of valuable items for sexual conduct. Sexual conduct includes oral sex, masturbation and intercourse.

Defense and prosecution guidelines

Specifically mentioned in the statutes, a defendant’s defense about not knowing a prostitute was underage is unacceptable. This defense will simply not be accepted in a court of law. Saying you didn’t know won’t help you in Alaska. It is also noted in the statutes that it is not necessary for witnesses to corroborate the accusation or for other evidence to be presented when prosecuting a defendant accused of prostitution. The arresting officer’s testimony is sufficient. However, it is not uncommon for other evidence or testimony to provided.

Prostitution – 1st degree

Prostitution in the first degree is the most serious charge for prostitution offenses in Alaska. One who is accused of this charge may be guilty of encouraging or causing a person to become engaged in prostitution acts as a result of using force upon that person or his or her loved ones. Causing one’s legal dependent to become a prostitute or to engage in acts of prostitution may also result in this charge. Anyone convicted of this charge of prostitution in the first degree for the previous reasons will be a Class B Felon. The law also provides for conviction if the engagement of a minor under the age of 16 years old into prostitution is caused by the defendant, as other than a patron. A guilty verdict for this portion of the charge results in a Class A Felony conviction and a more serious sentence.

Prostitution – 2nd degree

Anyone convicted for prostitution in the second degree is found guilty of managing, controlling, owning or supervising a prostitution enterprise or business or of procuring or soliciting a patron for a prostitute. Basically, this charge applies to pimps or madams. Resulting in a Class C Felony conviction, anyone receiving a guilty verdict for this charge may receive a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine up to $50,000.

Prostitution – 3rd degree

Anyone charged with managing, owning, controlling or supervising a place of prostitution may be guilty of prostitution in the third degree. Someone who, acting not as a patron, causes someone over the age of 16 years old to engage in prostitution or acts of prostitution may be charged with this, as well. Receiving compensation for involvement in the prostitution acts, other than being a prostitute, may result in this charge, if apprehended. This charge is only a class A misdemeanor, but still has consequences attached to it.

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