Mississippi prostitution law

The statutes in Mississippi prohibiting prostitution are literally short, sweet and to the point. With only three statutes directly covering prostitution and related crimes, one might be led to think that the law is relatively open to interpretation. However, this isn’t the case as the statutes are clear and leave very few loopholes regarding unlawful acts and lawful ones.

According to Mississippi laws, it is unlawful to engage in prostitution or aid or abet anyone engaged in the crime. The procurement or solicitation of anyone for the purpose of prostitution is considered unlawful, as well.

Maintaining or running a house of prostitution is against the law in Mississippi. Specifically stated in the law, it is illegal to establish or keep a house of ill fame, a brothel or a bawdy house. Additionally, the leasing of, renting of, contracting to lease or agreement to rent any vehicle, place, building or other conveyance that will be used for prostitution or to aid the purpose of prostitution is unlawful. Just as it is prohibited to own such a place, it is also illegal to enter or reside in any place that is established to promote the purpose of assignation, lewdness or prostitution. Additionally, it is against the law to receive a person into such a place.

The solicitation of or procurement of persons for the purpose of prostitution is prohibited in Mississippi. Also, the procurement of any female inmate for a house of prostitution is illegal. Furthermore, it is unlawful to participate in any practice that induces, causes, encourages or persuades a female (by threats, schemes, violence or other devices) to become a prostitute or remain an inmate of a house of prostitution.

Any transportation involving prostitution or related crimes is prohibited. Specifically, it is mandated by law that anyone who takes, directs, transports or offers to assist in the transportation of any person to any place or vehicle for the purpose of prostitution may be convicted of breaking the law. The persuasion or encouragement of any female to enter or leave the state of Mississippi for the purpose of prostitution may be punishable with jail time or a fine.

All actions that could be considered pimping activity are prohibited by Mississippi law. The law describes this type of activity as receiving or giving money or other valuables for the procurement of any female for a house of prostitution. Also included in the description is the acceptance or levying of any amount of money or other items of value from a prostitute as a result of her proceeds from prostitution activity.

Each of these crimes are punishable by law with a jail term of up to 6 months in the county jail and/or a fine up to $200.

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