North Carolina prostitution law

Prostitution and related offenses are outlawed in the state of North Carolina. In rather brief statutes, prostitution is defined and other offenses are categorized together including pimping and brothel ownership. Loitering is considered an offense on its own, and multiple convictions of all related offenses result in more severe penalties.


Prostitution is the receiving of or the offering of the body for sexual intercourse or indiscriminate sexual intercourse for hire. Penalties for prostitution and patronization of a prostitute are class 1 misdemeanor charges and sentences up to 45 days or a fine. Defendants may receive probation in lieu of imprisonment. The state mandates that a female offender must be matched up with a female probation officer if probation is granted.

Related crimes

Several prostitution-related crimes are categorized together as unlawful according to the statutes of North Carolina. The laws specifically state that it is illegal to maintain, set up or keep a place of prostitution or allow a place, building, house or apartment (or any other premise) to be used for prostitution. Also illegal is the receiving someone into a place for the purpose of prostitution. It is unlawful to transport or provide transportation for anyone for the goal of prostitution, just as it’s illegal to procure or solicit for prostitutes or patrons for prostitutes.


The law prohibits anyone from loitering (or remaining) in any public place and attempting to promote prostitution. The repeated beckoning of and numerous attempts to stop or delay passersby or vehicles in order to solicit for prostitution is illegal. A public place includes the sidewalk, street, bridges, parks and plazas, parking lots and motor vehicles.


Prior convictions for related crimes and reputations of people and places are admissible in North Carolina courts. Individuals with more than two convictions within a year may be convicted of a crime in the first degree, resulting in a more severe penalty. Sentencing for first degree crimes includes imprisonment for 1 to 3 years and a fine.

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