New Hampshire prostitution law

New Hampshire relies on one state statute to explain and define its prohibition of prostitution and related crimes. Considered a misdemeanor, prostitution is illegal, regardless of what sex the offenders are.

Prostitution is defined as the agreement to perform or engage in sexual penetration or contact with another person in exchange for compensation. Forms of compensation may vary, but they often include money, drugs, shelter, clothing or jewelry. Additionally, anyone who solicits another person to pay, as a patron, for such services is committing an act of prostitution.

As a patron of a prostitute, anyone who agrees to pay, offers to pay or pays another individual to engage in sexual penetration or contact with the patron is guilty of a crime related to prostitution.

Other prostitution-related crimes are:

  • Inducing or causing another to engage in prostitution.
  • Transporting another person into or within the state of New Hampshire strictly for the purpose of promoting or facilitation prostitution.
  • Being knowingly supported by the proceeds of prostitution (unless one is a legal dependent incapable of self-support).
  • Permitting or allowing a place under the person’s control or ownership to be used for the purpose of prostitution or related crimes.

Defendants found guilty of prostitution and related crimes (as mentioned here) may be sentenced to fines not exceeding $2,000 and imprisonment for terms up to 1 year.

There are more serious aspects to prostitution crimes in New Hampshire. Some are considered class B felonies and result in much more severe penalties. Someone who involves a minor under the age of 18 years old in prostitution or related crimes may be charged with a felony. Additionally, anyone who uses force or intimidation to compel another person to engage in prostitution may be found guilty of a class B felony as a result of the more serious nature of prostitution promotion.

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