Prostitution law in Las Vegas

Known as “Sin City”, Las Vegas may be a hotbed of frowned-upon sensual entertainment, but it is not home to legalized prostitution. Except for a few counties in Nevada, prostitution is prohibited, along with all actions related to it.

Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas

In most of Nevada (including in Las Vegas), the engagement in prostitution is illegal. Defined as accepting a fee for engaging in sexual intercourse, oral-to-genital contact or the touching of sexual organs or other intimate body parts in order to gratify the sexual desires of either person, the crime of prostitution is a misdemeanor.

Anyone found guilty of being the customer of a prostitute is also guilty of the crime of patronization, also a misdemeanor charge.

Guilty convictions for these crimes may result in sentences of up to 6 months in jail and/or a fine up to $1,000. Many other related crimes are defined by the statutes of Nevada, with sentences to match the offenses.

Tolerance in Sin City

More so than in other major cities in the United States, the act of prostitution is generally tolerated by law enforcement, as long as it happens behind closed doors. Few Las Vegas prostitutes take to the streetwalking lifestyle, because they know this is a surefire way of getting picked up by the police. However, there are many other ways prostitutes in Las Vegas find their customers or clients.

Many types of transactions begin in a hotel bar or inside a casino. A prostitute is usually the one to make the first move, and she may be apt to approach wealthy looking men who are alone. However, not all of these transactions end up being legitimate. Every year, thousands of visitors find themselves the victims of rogue prostitutes who rob, cheat and, possibly, assault them. Of course, as they have also committed crimes by attempting to solicit a prostitute, they have no legal recourse to report the illegal occurrence. Visitors are cautioned by the authorities and tour guides to be very careful when entering into a transaction like this.

Several Las Vegas prostitutes advertise their services in newspapers called “bachelor’s guides.” These publications are available throughout various areas along the Strip, and include straight-forward advertisements from women with direct contact information provided. Often, the ads include pictures of the women, but rarely are the pictures accurate depictions of the actual women. Most of these ads are under the categories of “Escorts” or “Models”.

It’s very common for prostitutes in Sin City to advertise their “erotic services” on the Internet on various online classified ads websites. Many high-end “out-call girls” have their own websites that describe their rates and a little about them.

Moving billboards that are driven on vehicles up and down the strip also showcase information about escort agencies for pedestrians.

Visitors to Las Vegas and prostitutes need to keep in mind that although there is considerable tolerance for prostitution in the city, the laws are still enforced. If acts of prostitution are brought to the attention of law enforcement, arrests are likely to be made.

Options to find legal prostitution

Just 60 miles away are legal brothels located in Nye County. In Nye County, brothels are licensed, and prostitutes must register with the county to be employed at one of the brothels. All prostitutes must regularly acquire a clean health certification.

Within these brothels, a customer may choose his pick of prostitutes from a line-up and then work out the details of the arrangement with the prostitute.

Other brothels exist throughout the state within counties that allow prostitution—see the links below.

Other adult entertainment

Las Vegas offers a plethora of other forms of adult entertainment. Since its establishment as a city, it has always been known for scantily clad cocktail waitresses and dancers.

Many musical revues feature semi-nude and topless dancers and entertainers.

The Strip is home to many gay and lesbian bars, strip clubs and swingers clubs. Numerous locations cater to specific erotic fetishes.

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