Nebraska prostitution law

Nebraska legislators have kept things fairly simple when writing their laws prohibiting prostitution. Three main categories define prostitution-related crimes, in addition to the offense of prostitution, itself. Ranging in fines that start at $250 to 5 years in prison, the sentences for prostitution and related crimes are significant.

Prostitution and solicitation

Prostitution, the exchange of valuables for sexual acts, is punishable by Nebraska law with a sentence of up to 1 year in jail and/or a fine that should not exceed $1,000. Considered a class I misdemeanor, the crime is taken seriously on each and every offense.

Solicitation and patronization of a prostitute results in a charge for a class I misdemeanor the first time and a fine of at least $250. Further and subsequent convictions cause a defendant to be charged with a class IV felony and face fines of at least $500. Anyone convicted of solicitation may be mandated by a judge to undergo mental health and substance abuse assessment. This assessment must be performed by a licensed mental health professional or a substance abuse professional.


Pandering is defined by Nebraska statutes as a class IV felony. Someone who is found guilty of pandering has enticed another person to become a prostitute; has procured or harbored an inmate for a house of prostitution or any other place where prostitution is allowed and regularly practiced; or has encouraged, enticed or procured any person to come into or leave the state of Nebraska for the purpose of prostitution or other debauchery. Sentences for pandering include imprisonment for up to 5 years and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

In Nebraska courts, pandering is an exception to the husband/wife privilege. Spouses may be required to testify against each other regarding this offense. However, testimony used against another may not be used to incriminate the person testifying.

Keeping a place of prostitution

Brothel ownership or anyone who has or exercises control over and allows the use of any premises to offer a place for the practice of prostitution may be charged with a class I misdemeanor. Jail time up to 1 year and a fine that does not exceed $1,000 may be ordered as a sentence for a guilty conviction.

Nebraska uses these baseline statutes in convicting prostitution-related crimes, but the state does rely on other laws defining assault and statuary rape to charge other related offenses. It is very common for someone to face several charges in addition to prostitution when charged with crimes in Nebraska.

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