Los Angeles prostitution law

With only a fine line existing to help define the differences between legitimate sex industries and prostitution, California is challenged to prohibit all acts of prostitution from occurring. Los Angeles, in particular, has had a prosperous pornography industry centered in San Fernando Valley for several decades, which is strictly regulated by statutes and various laws. However, the line sometimes becomes fuzzy when investigations for prostitution are started.

Battles with the Law

Since the days of the Old West in the late 1800s, prostitution and prostitution districts have been commonplace in Los Angeles. In the early 1900s, law enforcement officials sought to shut down prostitution districts&hellip’; and they did. However, the districts cropped back up in other new locations.

In more recent years, prostitution as it is typically known has taken a back seat to high-end escort businesses (especially in Los Angeles), where escorts tote their educations, knowledge, class and abilities to fit in with society, in addition to their beauty or other skills. Many escorts skirt violating prostitution laws by veiling their services as providing companionship or assistance at corporate functions for their clients.

However, their “services” often fall into a category including sex for hire, which is strictly prohibited by California laws.

Prostitution laws in California

Prostitution is considered the engagement of sexual conduct with another person for payment of something valuable or money. The item of value can be many things, including clothing, jewelry, shelter or anything else that is mutually agreed upon by the prostitute and the patron.

Considered a misdemeanor offense, prostitutes convicted of the charge may receive a sentence of a fine up to $1,000 and/or time in jail for up to 1 year. Patrons of prostitutes are subject to the same sentencing parameters.

Promotion of prostitution charges, which may include pimping or brothel ownership, earn offenders much more severe sentences. Offenders of these laws may face between 3 and 6 years in prison. More severe sentences are given to offenders involved with the promotion of minors or promotion of prostitution through violence or threats.

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