Prostitution laws in Dallas

Texas has been the home to prostitutes since before it even became a state. Dallas, one of the first large cities in Texas, found that prostitution was very much a way of life for many of its residents and in 1910 created an ordinance to attempt to regulate it to some degree. Continue reading

Prostitution laws in Houston

While always illegal in Texas, prostitution had a time that it flourished in Houston. However, with pressures from reform groups, the War Department and the media, Houston’s days of being a vice capital are long over. While prostitution undoubtedly occurs in Houston, it’s not for the lack of effort of law enforcement and city officials to suppress it.

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Prostitution laws in Texas

Although it is said that everything is bigger in Texas, the statutes prohibiting prostitution in Texas are very similar in size and breadth to the other states in the U.S. That being said, prostitution is generally treated as a misdemeanor (until someone is convicted of multiple offenses or more serious ones), and relatively reasonable sentences are imposed upon guilty offenders. Continue reading