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Private dancer: A stripper and an escort

“Stripping is a funny business.” said Charlie a twenty four year old blonde who we reached in Texas. “There are all sorts of rules. Every municipality can have different rules about full nudity, partial, none. Then there are lap dances, if they are allowed at all. And every club will have its own official rules and then there are the unofficial rules. It can all get pretty complicated if you’re like me and travel a bit.” Continue reading

13 signs it’s time to find a better strip club to work for

Despite your impressions when you first started working there, your experiences may be telling you that the club where you currently perform your exotic dance shows is not up to par. Several factors come into play when deciding whether a club is for you or not. Sometimes a club may appear to be perfectly fine to outsiders, but have several things about it that encourages you to move on down the road. Continue reading

17 common-sense dos and don’ts for exotic dancers at private parties

Adult service providers who work as exotic dancers may find opportunities to entertain clients at private parties. Birthdays, bachelor/stag events, going away celebrations and other activities may warrant some scantily clad eye candy for the party goers’ appreciation. But, working a private party is a lot different from doing a night at the club. Before you show up for a private gig, pay attention to these important tips so that you and your clients’ experiences are as great as possible. Continue reading

12 tips for strippers and lap dancers

Exotic dancing may sound glamorous and exciting, especially when someone thinks about being in spotlight on the main stage. However, there are many things to worry about other than what g-string you’re going to wear or what role you’re going to play tonight. Continue reading