10+ reasons why this escort accepted your gig

Contacting a new escort always presents a chance that your request for an appointment may get turned down. She could be too busy, not accepting new customers or not like something about you from the beginning. It may feel like providers are inconsistent with how they accept new clients, but many of them do adhere to some standard protocols. You’ve just got to understand them to have them make sense. Consider these reasons providers DO accept a client’s request for time:

  1. Your information passed the check. The screening process that many escorts use requires extracting some levels of personal information from you before scheduling an appointment. Basic information like your name, address and employer are pretty common details. Once in a while, she may ask for some other facts, too, depending on your answers to the first questions. Once you’ve answered, she will do some quick background searches online to determine if the data you gave her seems consistent. When everything coincides with what you’ve said, she is much more likely to accept your request for a gig. Feeling like she can rely on what you’ve said as the truth gives her faith in the fact that you’re likely not a security risk. But, if any of the details don’t seem to mesh, she may return to you with more questions. Be prepared to clarify or provide more details.
  2. You were forthcoming with information. escorts do not ask you questions to try to get in your business. They, frankly, don’t really care who you are and what you do. But, when it comes to their own discretion and security, it matters. A lot. Clients who are hesitant to give answers or attempt to skirt the request for information put up a huge warning flag to providers. They don’t know whether a client is just very private or if he’s hiding something. Erring on the side of caution, a provider may just eliminate a close-mouthed client from her potential list of bookings. But, when you answer questions cooperatively and willingly provide information to help her screen you, she gets the feeling that you’re far from a threat. Any client who offers details about himself to aid this process along gets a “pass” from providers.
  3. You have a clean criminal record. Providers understand a speeding ticket or maybe a minor assault charge from a silly bar fight when you were 21. But, they are on the lookout for prospective clients with histories of violence, burglary or worse crimes. When something pops up during a screening check that indicates a client may have a history of sexual assault, they will automatically blacklist a prospective customer. If she learns that you’re a habitual drunk offender, she may deny you appointments, for fear of having to deal with your alcoholism. Drug charges may get you denied from appointments, too. She doesn’t want to take the risk of you showing up high or being associated with any drug-related activities that may follow you. One of the best ways to ensure that you’re a good prospective customer for an adult entertainer is to keep your nose clean and out of trouble.
  4. You are easy to locate on the internet. Even the best, most conscientious provider likes the screening process to be easy and streamlined. They know the value of their time and don’t like it when a client is difficult to find online. When you are an active member of your community and a leader in your field, it’s very easy to search for you online and legitimize your details. However, if a provider can’t located anything about you in her usual sources, she may become suspicious. In this day and age, it’s rare to not show up anywhere online. When a prospective customer fails to be revealed in a search online, a provider may immediately suspect that she’s been lied to and a client is disguising his real identity. Nobody is a ghost and flies that easily under the radar. If she’s accepted your request for a gig, you’re likely visible online where you should be, including in various public record searches.
  5. You have good reviews. Depending on the type of provider you are looking for, there are opportunities for clients to receive good reviews as patrons of their services. Escorts, for example, often post their services on directories that require users to register. Often, they will review a client so that other escorts know what to expect from future bookings. Depending on the community you live in, many providers network and discuss exceptionally good (and bad!) customers. Nationally, there is a blacklist for providers to post extremely negative experiences and help others avoid dangerous or risky situations. And, while a review, alone, won’t ensure that a provider will accept your request for a gig, it may help if she’s on the fence about you for any reason. This is definitely a reason to put your best foot forward with each provider you meet up with.
  6. You didn’t rush her. Providers understand your excitement about spending time with them. But, you have to comprehend that they can’t just talk to you on the phone and immediately plan to meet you the next minute. Providers have to be given time to ensure you are a not a threat to her security. In many cases, a provider may book an appointment with you. But, she has to allow herself time between the booking time and the scheduled meet to do her research about you. If you attempt to push her for a sooner availability, she may balk and refuse to meet you at all. By having patience and waiting until it’s your turn, your provider will be a lot more likely to accept your gig. It helps her feel comfortable and prepared.
  7. You stayed within the boundaries. Providers hate it when clients try to push boundaries anytime. But, it’s even worse when a client attempts to take advantage of a provider during the booking process. Talking too long, texting incessantly or asking out-of-line questions are simple ways to push boundaries that many customers don’t understand. But, booking an appointment with a provider is a lot like scheduling a dentist appointment. You should be nice and personable, but it’s not the time to share your life story or get terribly personal. Customers who get bookings with a provider usually aren’t the ones who push the boundaries right out of the gate. When you’re talking to a provider, remind yourself that it’s a business arrangement, not a blind date.
  8. You are nice. Providers want to know that they are booking a gig with someone who can actually be nice. If she accepted your booking, you probably used your manners, displayed courtesy and demonstrated you had a nice personality without carrying on or trying to monopolize her time. After all, if a client can’t be nice for the five or 10 minutes it takes to book an encounter, it’s unlikely that he can be decent for an entire hour or more. Because you were kind on the phone or polite through your messages, she felt comfortable with you. That, alone, will get you pretty far when trying to make a first impression with a provider. Throw in a little wit, charm and humor, and you’re all set (as long as your screening comes back without any black marks). On the opposite side, clients who can’t exhibit even the slightest kindness or manners may find themselves denied time.
  9. You didn’t act entitled. One of the things that providers hate most is an entitled client. Calling her up and acting as though you just deserve a booking, at your very convenience, is a way to turn her off faster than anything. Nobody deserves time with her, just by their very nature. You have to earn it. And, by acting as though you understand this from the beginning, a provider is much more apt to accept your request for an appointment. She doesn’t have to accept your request under any conditions. She gets to choose who she sees and doesn’t. Once you have this clearly in your mind, it’s obvious to her when that you accept this. Providers utilize the screening process to determine whether a client is a security threat, but they also use the booking period to give them a sense of the person they will be spending time with. What happens and what you say during this period is very influential when it comes time for her to make her decision about you.
  10. You showed creativity. Asking for the same old cheerleader, schoolgirl or sexy librarian routine will demonstrate that you have no creativity. And, depending on how slow business has been, a provider may accept your request for a gig, even though the routine you want is tiresome and old to her. But, when you ask for something that is unique, she is likely going to be intrigued by your request. It might be a challenge to her or a new concept that will inspire her to use her own creativity during a performance. Either way, your request stood out among others. She sees something different in you, which is very persuasive for your case. Any prospective customer who exhibits some ingenuity with his fantasy promises to be more fun. While providers can’t pick and choose gigs based on fun, only, they are definitely drawn to those that may hold their attention better.

So, what do you do when you know that your screening check may be far from perfect? You may have lived a full life, made some mistakes and are attempting to clean up your act. But, your past makes you look as bad as the ace of spades. Here are some ways to sustain that bad personal history:

  • Be honest about your issues. Instead of allowing your provider to discover your criminal history or other situations on her own, be up front about them. When you disclose the information yourself, it demonstrates that you are not trying to hide anything. When she finds negative details about you on her own, a provider has two reasons to reject you: 1) the problems, themselves, and 2) the fact that she suspects you tried to hide them. By disclosing that you’re not perfect, she knows immediately what she’s going to find. If her discoveries are consistent with what you’ve told her, she’s a lot more likely to overlook them, than if you’d tried to disguise them in some fashion. But, even if you’ve been honest, it still doesn’t guarantee that she will book an appointment with you.
  • Explain your situation. Sometimes, you find yourself at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Anyone can be the victim of that. Or, you’ve made mistakes. Nobody is perfect. If you’ve got a criminal conviction that doesn’t tell the full story — and, your explanation makes it sound more reasonable, tell your provider about it. For example, a criminal conviction for sexual assault will follow you forever. But, if it’s a result of having intercourse with your 16-year-old girlfriend when you were 18 years old, it’s much more understandable. Sometimes, an explanation is all you need to clarify the black marks on your record. However, don’t try to lie your way out of things or make excuses. Providers have a sixth sense for liars. And, they have no use for people who always blame others.
  • Do not offer to pay more. Providers get offered more than their going rate a LOT by people who know they won’t pass the screening test. Don’t offer to “tip big time” or pay twice her rate when you know she’s going to find negative things as she screens you. It makes her feel like you’re trying to buy her off. Providers know that their personal security is not worth a little extra money. And, when you offer more money, it makes you seem even more smarmy. Just don’t do it.
  • Accept that extra security measures may be required. Even though most providers utilize security methods in one way or another, she may enact stricter guidelines with you when she discovers your background. If your history suggests that you’re a physical threat, she may have a body guard with her during the booking. If you’ve got a long history of drug charges, she may require a drug test or search you upon your first meeting, to prove you are clean and not carrying anything on you. While it may make you uncomfortable, it’s better than not getting a booking at all. You may need to agree to additional security a few times, to prove that you’re not a threat.

Regardless of the kind of gig you’ve requested from your provider, there are a myriad of reasons she may accept your booking. But, the bottom line is that various factors contributed to it. From being nice to having a clean criminal history, a provider looks at all the variables before she shows up for that performance. However, you should know that even though she ultimately accepted your bid for a meeting, she doesn’t have to follow through with it if something else proves her initial instincts wrong. She can turn you down as soon as she sees you or even halfway through the booking. That’s a simple reminder that you should continue to be nice, use your manners and provide respect.