5 little known facts about escorts

The life of an escort is not all wine and roses or the life depicted in the movie Pretty Woman. Escorts all lead unique existences, however there are some common factors to all escorts. Many of these common factors are not well known by the general public and may be surprising. Little-known facts include the fact that escorts travel, much like they are on tour; they speak a different language; and they are rated on the Internet. To obtain more insight into the world of escorting, learn about these little-known facts:

  1. Escorts travel and tour in order to make more money. Many high-end escorts travel outside of their regular business area in order to expand their client lists and make more money—much like escorts. A successful escort in a large metropolitan city may decide to travel to another city in order to book appointments at a premium price, because her limited time in a location is in higher demand. She (or he) may advertise or promote her special appearance in advance. This is not only a common practice with high-end escorts in the United States, but it is also very popular with escorts located in other regions across the globe. For example, escorts from Eastern Europe make a common practice of traveling to Western Europe in order to meet up with wealthier clients.
  2. Escorts speak a different language. In order to distance themselves from the prostitution laws in the U.S., escorts resort to abbreviations and other forms of communicating about services they may or may not be interested in. Browse definitions of escort abbreviations and sex terms to find out the meaning of “BBBJ”, “GFE”, and dozens of other words associated with a romantic relationship.
  3. Escorting is legal. Being an escort means selling one’s time and companionship. It is legal even in the freest countries of the world. Escorting has nothing to do with the trade of prostitution, which is perfectly legal in some countries, too. In Japan, for example, it is legal to pay for oral sex; however, it is illegal to pay for traditional sexual intercourse. Amsterdam in the Netherlands has completely legalized prostitution. It’s even legal in some counties of Nevada!
  4. Escorts can make a LOT of money. We’re not talking about street walkers. Educated, self-respecting escorts who dress well and maintain a clientele of successful individuals may make between $150 to $400 per hour for their services and expertise. Escorts who break into working with celebrities, professional athletes and high-level executives may make in excess of $2,000 per hour for their skills. Additionally, any escort who specializes in fetishes, fantasy or provides unique services that require great skill may command a much higher per hour fee. Escorts who are exceptionally beautiful are in uncommonly high demand, which translates to premium donations.
  5. Escorts are better for your independence. People who have been through the grinder of a “normal” relationship may choose to seek out an escort because there are no strings attached. There is no risk of emotional damage, divorce or other pitfalls associated with socially encouraged relationships. Additionally, one doesn’t run the risk of being forced to deal with his or her date’s emotional baggage and quirks either, which often makes “free” dating yet more undesirable.