A disability should not prevent you from hiring an escort

With nearly 50 million people in the United States with some level of disability, it’s no surprise that some of them seek out the services of escorts. Despite being disabled, many clients of escorts are ready, willing and able to proceed with the client/escort relationship. However, in all fairness, it’s always wise to communicate with your escort about your disability and your level of need. Many escorts are fully willing to serve and welcome disabled clients, just as long as they know what to expect and how to proceed to make the session enjoyable and fulfilling for the client.

The most important thing a client can do when setting an appointment with an escort is to communicate. It’s essential to inform the escort about your disability. If you have a spinal cord injury or use a wheelchair to get around for a different reason, this is something he or she should know, especially if you plan to visit the escort at his or her home. Special needs for spinal cord injuries, illnesses, catheters, seizures, heart problems or other conditions need to be discussed prior to the appointment.

If mobility is an issue, be sure to discuss accessibility with your escort. Places with stairs or narrow doorways are especially difficult to maneuver from a wheelchair or with a walker. Arrange to meet somewhere that is handicap accessible so it’s easier for you to get around.

Confidentiality is a concern for many disabled adults living in residential care facilities or at home with relatives. Express your living arrangements to your escort and request that he or she assist with keeping your rendezvous as discreet as possible. For instance, if you live at home with relatives, arrange for the escort to come dressed as a home health nurse or doctor. The escort can visit you in the care facility dressed as an insurance sales representative. Be creative so that you retain your confidentiality, if necessary.

Inform your escort about any medications you currently take so they can expect appropriate side effects, especially if they may interfere with the services at your appointment. Some medications affect certain organs’ normal functioning, for instance. This is something that should be communicated to the escort.

Explain to your escort your expectations for the appointment. If you are simply looking for companionship and a little bit of physical intimacy, let him or her know this. However, if you are hoping for a full-blown afternoon of wild, kinky sex, explain this, too. Communication is key to getting what you what from your appointment with an escort. He or she may be good at his or her job, but that doesn’t mean he or she is a mind reader.

Finally, it’s important to remember that your escort, while he or she may be handsome/beautiful, kind, compassionate or dreamy, is still being paid to spend time with you. He or she is not your boyfriend or girlfriend; he or she is not in love with you; nor will he or she vow to spend the rest of his or her life with you, forsaking all others. Do not fool yourself into thinking that the time spent with an escort is anything more intimate than that. It is simply business (albeit, very pleasurable business), but business just the same.

Many escorts deal exclusively or mainly with disabled clients. Your situation or symptoms may be different from what they’ve encountered in the past, but they are willing and open to find ways to make your appointment enjoyable and fulfilling. They may use interesting techniques such as erotic wordplay, role play, massage, toys or other things to make your time spent with them complete. The use of female condoms, special lotions or creams and unique toys may make your experience as a disabled individual with an escort extremely fulfilling. However, none of this is possible, unless you fully communicate with your escort.