Escorts and the role play

Escorts are often asked by their clients to do a bit of role play. Whether it is the naughty cheerleader or the police woman who will not take no for an answer, escorts can often make excellent money simply by gratifying the slightly unusual desires of their clients.

However, we wondered if there were not escorts who went a bit beyond the sex shop costumes and really took seriously the fantasy requests of their clients. While there were dozens of girls who offered “role play” along with the GFE and the pleasures of pampering, we had to really look to find a girl who took escorting role play to the next level.

We reached out to Martine on the basis of a really rather clever ad.

by Hannah Jay

I create worlds.” read the headline.

You have a dream. Detailed. Like a photograph and in it there is you and a girl or a woman or maybe several. You think it is a fantasy because you don’t think it can happen.

It can. I will make your dream real.

Immersive experiences take time to create. I have time. And talent and a deliciously perverse imagination.

Let us begin to make your dream come true.”

We reached out to Martine and soon had her booked for a Skype interview. From her name we thought she might be French and we were right.

“From Lyon. Which is a beautiful city but very, well, boring. So I went and studied theatre in Paris for three years.” Martine has a slight French accent and pronounces her English with an English rather than American accent. Very dark long brunette hair, bright blue eyes and shiny white teeth she is leaning in to her computer as she speaks. “Then I got an English boyfriend and moved to Brighton and studied more theatre but this time on the production side: stage decoration, lighting, props, make-up while I learned how English is actually spoken. We learn English in France but that’s not the same. I met a guy there who makes movies, little movies in New York and I went there with him. And then he left and I thought I could make some money without having an immigration hassle by escorting. And I did and that was ok.

The thing about escorting in New York is that the competition is crazy. All these beautiful girls. I was lucky because being French and speaking French is very valuable in an international city like New York. Plus I spoke a bit of German and a bit of Italian. Just schoolgirl level but that was way more than most girls could.

But I am not model gorgeous and I have average sized boobs which I won’t get done and I like being a brunette. I have blonde wigs and corsets and falsies and pushup bras. Plus you would be amazed what you can do with a little bit of contour stick. But I get ahead of myself.

I have always been attracted to the Southern United States. Probably because I loved “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” when I read it as a girl. But also because it seems more European somehow. I just liked the idea of Charleston South Carolina. So, with a few thousand dollars which I had saved I loaded up my little Subaru Outback with clothes and makeup and nothing else and drove to Charleston. I didn’t know anyone. But I wasn’t worried. I had a bit of a plan. Very special escorting.

For my plan I needed a place where I could rent something quite big, a bit old and with lots of rooms. Obviously the touristy areas of Charleston were well beyond my budget. But what I was looking for was space and a bit of atmosphere. It took a while to find the right place.

My idea was to create fully realized dramas for men who had particular fetishes, interests and peccadillos. Most men do, at a very limited level; but some men have elaborately worked out ideas about what they would really like. Escorting in New York I would say one in five or six of my dates were interested in something which went well beyond the world of the dungeon dominas or dress up games we read about. And some of these were men had a good deal of money. In New York my escorting fees were high but the agency took so much.

I thought there might be a market for an escort who was, essentially, a destination provider. It was a bit of a risk but I realized that with a clever website I could reach out to, literally, the world. Were there men who could afford the costs of a fully realized drama in which they actually lived out their sexual fantasy. Not a pale imitation, rather a carefully crafted, well staged realization of the idée fixe they had carried with them since they were fourteen. If I built it, would they come?

Just the right place turned out to be a large apartment and what had been a storage loft above a store just outside the historical district of Charleston on a little narrow street. It was a mess. I couldn’t live in it, much less escort from it, for nearly two weeks while I cleaned and had two nice young men paint each of the rooms a lovely, light grey with gloss white for the trim. The storage loft remained unpainted. It was to be the stage. When I was too tired to clean I worked on my website and began to compose my ads. The good news was that the place was very inexpensive and, under the layers of dirt, really rather charming.

I did not advertise my special escorting service in Charleston. I knew I could make a good living escorting locally but I actually wanted to create a different sort of experience and my sense was that to be a local escort would get me involved in a world I preferred to stay away from. Plus, and this was a big consideration, I wanted to be entirely invisible to local law enforcement.

So, in my advertising I don’t mention my location. Which, no doubt, costs me more than a few escorting dates but, well, c’est le vie. If a gentleman gets in touch with me and passes my screening, which I am very strict about, I first tell him my prices and, if he does not blink, I give him my location. Charleston is actually quite close to a lot of big cities in the US. Two hours from New York, a little more from Chicago, a little less from Miami. And my clients are all frequent fliers.

Men looking to have the dream of a lifetime made real don’t blink at a couple of hours travel. Nor do they blink when I send them the costs of building out the scene (or scenes) for their fantasy. As I say to prospective clients, “It is all smoke and mirrors but done well that is all you need.”

Over the time I was an escort in New York I read a lot about the exotic inner sexual lives of men. I also asked my clients a lot of questions. It is surprising what a man will tell a girl who has just given him a wonderful time and whose company he wants to enjoy a little longer.

Men obsess about many things and some of those things are impossible to really access; but for things like watching a girl in a bathtub through a window or being trapped in the changing room of a lingerie shop or having Auntie giving her naughty nephew a good spanking and sending him to her room? Well for all of those and many more there is the gentle suspension of disbelief which is the essence of theatre.

My escort dates are a minimum of a single afternoon or evening, although I prefer two. And I absolutely require two full weeks notice and a deposit which covers the costs of the set and whatever I am to be wearing, carrying and so on.

The reason I prefer two encounters is that I like to spend time during the first (almost always non-sexual) encounter, going over the requirements and the script. Escorts on regular dates are often asked to say things or do things by their clients. Within the context of a two hour date there is no lead time between the “ask” and the escort’s getting to business. I think that is not nearly as erotically satisfactory as moving from a conversation on the first night to a fully scripted scenario on the second.

There is a very lovely hotel a few blocks from my apartment which I encourage my clients to book in. It has a very European feel and, at the same time, a wonderful Southern sense of hospitality. I know the manager as I often, when I am not working, will have a late breakfast in their airy, terraced, dining room. I do not, however, dine there with my escorting clients. Rather I meet them in the hotel bar, portfolio case in hand.

Charleston is one of the few places I have been to in America where a woman can dress nicely without attracting unwelcome male attention. My lovely pencil skirts, heels, hose and crisp white shirt will certainly gather their share of glances, but I can walk into the bar secure in the knowledge that only my gentleman will come to my table.

Our first meeting is about business and about story telling. Of course payment details are concluded; but the real business is my client becoming comfortable enough with me to give me the details which are vital if my performance is to be convincing. For this conversation I like to go to a charming restaurant, have a little wine, perhaps let a button or two on my blouse fall open but, most of all, put my client at ease. It is a luxury most escorts really can’t afford simply because time is very much money. For me, though, I make my arrangements prix fixe. I am paid a flat, very generous rate, for the time I will spend with my client.

In the course of our conversation we cover, lightly and hypothetically, what triggers and keywords my client will enjoy the following day or evening. Minor details of my dress and demeanor can be discussed playfully over dinner. Of course we have more than a little wine and by dessert my client will often be telling me what he really wants from this theatrical escort encounter. Men are surprisingly specific: patent leather stilettoes not matte leather. A chaise rather than a bed.

Part of my service is to get all these details right. If one of my escorting clients wants an encounter with a maid I will find out as much as I can about her uniform, her hair style, where the encounter should occur. It is a lot of preparation but, as many of my clients return again and again, apparently the effort is worth it.

The one thing I am meticulous about is getting the period right. My clients’ dreams, their fantasies, are almost always very tightly locked into a particular era. They may not even realize it. When I am speaking to them when I book the encounter I try to get an idea of the relevant dates; but it really is over dinner that I narrow it down. That encounter with the sultry older woman? It happened on a specific day in a specific month of a specific year. What would the background music have been? Would she have smoked? What sort of bra and panties would she have worn? If she wore a dress what was it likely to have been made of.

I don’t offer the standard escort encounter. I offer the Remembrance of Things Past, the Proustian madeleine which lets loose a torrent of memory.

When we have finished dinner I walk my client back to his hotel, bid him à bientôt and give him my address and the time he is to be there. Then I go home, jot down notes of our conversation and go to bed. I know I will have a busy day. Armed with my notes I find the finishing touches to complete the illusion. Knowing a few vintage clothing stores, a few nice antique stores and having a growing collection of mid-century knick-knacks I can usually “dress the set” and the escort to my client’s taste.

Most of the time I am conjuring scenes from my client’s youth. But sometimes it is more complicated and my client will want a scene in a fin de siè·cle French brothel or he’ll want to “breed” a corn fed Iowa blonde farm girl in a barn over a bale of hay. My job is to get all that right. (Hay is scratchy, have a horse blanket handy.)

I have a couple of girls I work with when I need extras. They are escorts and they are paid very well for doing, frankly, very little but looking decorative in whatever I tell them to wear. Sometimes they are there as “extras”, sometimes they are involved in the scenario. And sometimes a client will simply want an audience for whatever performance we are undertaking.

Most of my escorting clients have been nursing their dreams for years. Sometimes for decades. They have tried to find escorts to accommodate their desires but, while these girls have tried, they usually fail because they are not specialists. They don’t have the time to find a 1950’s waitress uniform much less figure out how to embroider “Agnes” just above the left breast. I, on the other hand, have a sewing machine with an embroidery function.

As I have said, my client’s desires are usually incredibly detailed once you scratch the surface. You can’t get all the details right but if you manage to hit 70% on the first encounter you will have a very happy client. And, like every successful escort I have ever known, I have wonderful regulars.

I am very upfront about the fact I want to improve my clients second and third encounters. If they agree they will be coming back, I will spend time on email and the phone, walking through our first encounter and taking their notes as to what was right and what needs work. We collaborate and we improvise and, usually, by about our third special escorting date we will be closer to 93% right.

When we have reached that point where everything is redolent of the period and the sensibility they are looking for, I often suggest variations on their theme. By this point they see me more as a friend than an escort and they see the money they are spending, which is substantial, as an investment in a series of encounters in which they are transported to a world entirely outside their day to day life. Apparently this is addictive.

As you might guess I cannot do too many of these escort performances in a month. Even with regulars where I have all the furniture, music, fragrance (a key component, thank you eBay) and lingerie, I still have to construct the set and work out the script.

Of course, given what I charge to do all of this I don’t need many escorting encounters to live very well indeed. Charleston is a lot cheaper than New York or Paris. And, quite honestly, a pretty young French woman is never lacking in company and invitations. I have discretely let it be known that I have a private income, which, in a way, I do.

Because I do not escort clients from Charleston and because I like to dress elegantly but demurely, my little private theatre is unknown to the people I am meeting. I have, rather carefully, admitted that I get financial advice from time to time which explains any situations where I am seen with a rather older man. But, even if some of the smarter ladies have an inkling, as I make a point of not flirting with their husbands I find doors open to me.

I have a slight dilemma with taxes but I resolved that by creating a small Canadian consulting company which declares its US income. Because it is a company the question of my immigration status does not come up as a result of my paying my US tax. I have a federal tax number. That is enough I think.

I’ve been doing my special sort of escorting for nearly three years and now, having raised my rates twice, make more than enough money to live very easily in Charleston. I can get anything I want or need online or in the clever little stores in the city. Plus and this is a huge bonus for my business, there is a wonderful tradition of tag sales and estate sales where fabulous vintage things are practically given away. Plus there is the Junior League. Mon Dieu, lovely clothes practically given away.

There is no reason at all why I will not be doing my little, private, theatre for years. Unlike the really competitive world of regular escorting, I have a small, select group of clients who, honestly, don’t really care if I am young or conventionally beautiful. They care that I can evoke the memories they have carried for decades.

Because there is, usually, activities between consenting adults I have no doubt that I am escorting. But when I am up late sewing the fourth petti coat for a naughty French teacher’s 1955 faux Dior dress, it feels much more like a piece of performance art with, perhaps, a happy ending. For sure it is escorting but it is also work that I love and am very good at.