How to ensure your escort is exactly who you want to meet

When you start looking for an escort online, it can be pretty overwhelming. The options are endless, the providers are gorgeous and it may make your head spin. When you started looking for one particular service, you may be distracted by something else that sounds fun. An ASP you hadn’t even considered before may strike your fancy — only to be replaced by the next pretty face you stumble on. In short, it’s really hard to choose a provider. But, to get the kind of services you really want, you need to do the work to ensure you get exactly what and who you want.

Consider these tips when searching for an escort, to ensure she is exactly who you want to spend time with:

  1. Focus! Depending on where you live or where you’re looking for a provider, there may be more profiles than you can look through. Don’t expect to go through the entire directory’s list of escorts and look at each individual who offers services. That will take way too much time, and it will be entirely too confusing. Don’t start looking at services provided and jump from niche to niche. It can become baffling when you start seeing all of the things that providers do. And, it’s easy to change your mind a hundred times during a single search. When you focus on the general genre you’re looking for, it’s much easier to create a successful search. Otherwise, you’re looking for a needle in a haystack.
  2. Identify the physical characteristics you’re attracted to. If you’re not sure whether you want a ASP who is tall, short, big busted, blonde/brunette/red head, you’re not going to find her by just looking randomly at photos. Most clients have some ideas in mind about the kind of woman they are readily attracted to, in general. Start by looking for those characteristics. Once you get the basic descriptions out of the way, you can begin to narrow down your choices by refining your search even more. For instance, once you’ve identified tall redheads, you can look for those with curves or those who have blue eyes. There may be instances where you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, but knowing ahead of time will make it much easier to find a provider who will please you.
  3. Develop and communicate realistic expectations. Some customers expect an adult entertainment services escort to do the impossible. They anticipate miracle workers will show up at their doors and do for them what no other woman has ever been able to accomplish. If this is your expectation, you might as well stop right now. You’re not going to find that. Providers are just humans. They can’t perform feats that are virtually unable to be done. However, when you develop realistic expectations about what an escort can do for you, you will be much more successful in your search for a little fun. In addition to your grounded ideals, you need to talk to your potential provider about what you’re hoping to receive during the encounter or appointment with her. Some ASPs won’t go into intimate detail about what exactly will happen during your time together. But, others, such as dancers, will be willing to elaborate in great detail about what they will do for you.
  4. Ask questions. When in doubt, it’s best to ask about it. So many times a customer assumes that an appointment with a provider will go a certain way… according to the scenario he has mapped out in his head. If you aren’t sure about something, ask your escort, either ahead of time or when you see her. Many disappointing customer experiences can be saved by eliminating the chance for miscommunications or misconceptions. It’s your responsibility to question your provider if you’re unsure about something. Inquiring may give you the information you need to go ahead and book your ASP for a gig or the knowledge you need to go back to the drawing board in search of someone new. The only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked. And, believe it that a escort would rather be asked questions ahead of time, instead of showing up only to be turned away when the truth is revealed.
  5. Read the poster’s profile. Speaking of misconceptions and miscommunications, many issues can be resolved by simply reading a provider’s profile. There is usually a wealth of information about the services she provides, her attitude/personality and her appearance within her profile. The only time an escort will get annoyed by questions about what a customer can expect from her is when the answers are clearly provided in her profile. Providers spend a great deal of time, usually, writing and editing their profile information. Some even have it down to a science, trying to ensure all information clients need from them is included. When you read the details they provide about themselves, you get a sneak peek into the type of entertainer they are. This, alone, may help you make smart decisions when choosing an ASP who will please you.
  6. Look at her photos. You can tell a lot about who you’re going to get as a provider when you check out her photo gallery. Of course, photos may not indicate to you whether she’s short or tall, but it can put in perspective the other information she may include within her profile about herself. And, it helps to see if she’s got a nice smile (if she includes facial pictures) or a curvy bust line. You can see how she’s proportioned — if it’s to your preference. And, the pictures may tell a story about her services, her attitude and personality or other give other details that will help you make a decision. If you haven’t checked out her photos, you certainly have no room for complaints when he she arrives at your door, not looking like you’re hoping she will. Compare the photos to make sure they are of the same person. (This will help you avoid getting an escort who is using stock or stolen photos for her profile.)
  7. Determine your availability. Some providers are only available week nights, or weekend days or some other combination of times that simply won’t work for you. They are usually unwilling to change their work schedules. (Seriously — they have lives, too, that they try to work around their careers.) Once you’ve analyzed your schedule and decided when you can meet up, choose a provider based on this information. Don’t try to squeeze into a time that won’t work for you or causes conflict in your own schedule. Find the one whose availability matches up with your own. When you do, you are much more inclined to enjoy your time with her, without the worry of getting caught or missing something else you have going on in your life. And, once you schedule, do your best to not have to call to change appointment times. Escorts can try to be flexible, but if she’s booked up, you may have to wait awhile before she’s got an available appointment to plug you back into.
  8. Establish a comfortable rapport with her. During the booking period, it’s important to talk a little bit to your provider to get to know her, especially if intimacy is going to be involved during your appointment. And, while it’s ill advised to try to talk with her for a long period of time, a worthy ASP will readily engage in a few minutes of harmless small talk. Avoid asking personal questions. Avoid asking her what she’s wearing. And, avoid engaging in any kind of conversation that might lead her to think you’re just seeking a cheap thrill. Once she realizes you are ready to book an appointment, depending on the flow of conversation you have with her, she should be cooperative in some idle chatter. If she isn’t, you might want to keep looking for a provider who is. But, be clear that some providers are “down to business” types. They know that time is money and expect to establish a rapport during the actual appointment together. If that’s not your style, you may need to find a escort who is a little more comforting during the initial contact period.
  9. Choose a provider based on her niche or services she provides. Sure, you may have found an absolutely stunning ASP, but if she’s not willing to engage in the kinds of activities you’re looking for, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Determine the kind of engagement you want to have during your escort session and look for that, specifically. If it’s something a little less mainstream, you may be better off looking for a niche provider. For example, if you’re hoping to find a larger, more voluptuous woman, the BBW groups may be better for you. Or, if you’re wanting her to dress up in a sexy Goth outfit and play out some darker role play, you may want to focus on that niche, instead. Trying to get a mainstream Susie to do something off the straight and narrow is a stretch — and, she may not be as proficient at the task as a provider who readily serves the niche.
  10. Have money for what you want. Escorts never give their services for free. Set a goal for how much you spend and set aside this money for your appointment with your adult entertainment provider. Usually, within their directory listings, ASPs list their basic rates. Be aware, though, that if you request something out of the ordinary or require her to travel extensively to get to you, her fees may increase. But, realize that you’re not going to haggle with her on price. Many will cut off communications with a customer who wants to negotiate on her fee. She sets her rates and they are what they are. If you can’t pay for her services, find someone new. Don’t try a sob story to get her to reduce her rates. Don’t expect her to give a first-time discount. Be willing to pay her price or move on. And, don’t have difficulties bringing the money with you for her services. Promises to “pay later” or offering an “IOU” won’t get you anywhere.
  11. Look at her reviews. In order to know exactly what you’re getting when you hire a provider, it’s sometimes wise to check out what other customers have said about their experiences with her. Keep in mind, though, that not all reviews are entirely accurate. And, realize that good reviewers won’t go into specific details about their experiences, due to the discretionary nature of the business. But, you may get a good feel for whether an escort lives up to the hype or gives a disappointing experience by reading what others think of her. Don’t judge on just one bad review. However, if all of them seem negative, it might be a good idea to pass on to another prospect.
  12. Take your time picking your date. To ensure you’re going to truly be happy with her, it’s a good idea to avoid selecting a partner on the spur of the moment or without a lot of thought. If you’ve just suddenly decided you want to be entertained, realize that your quick choice may not be the best one. Sure, you may be satisfied with your selection. But, the odds of her being the best lay you’ve ever had will be slim. When you take some time to choose an ASP, you can sleep on the decision, truly analyze what you want and determine what your expectations are. When you quickly make the choice, you’re probably just paying attention to hormones and not any deeper desire for satisfaction on other levels.
  13. Don’t be wishy washy with your choices. When you call up a provider and ask her about what she offers, pay attention to what she says. Even if her voice is intoxicating and she sounds beautiful, if she doesn’t offer what you’re looking for, thank her for her time and hang up. When you aren’t confident in what you want or accept less than what you’re looking for, you will probably be dissatisfied in the long run. By settling for services that aren’t what you were looking for, the end result will leave you unfulfilled — and you may blame the escort for not doing a good job. That’s not fair — especially since you were wishy washy about what you wanted.

Basically, the only way to ensure your escort is who you are wanting to meet up with is to take some accountability. Sure, luck and general attraction may play into the scenario some. But, you have to step up to the plate and identify what you’re looking for. It’s on you to choose someone who offers what you desire, possesses the traits you are looking for and is compatible with your fantasies. No adult entertainment provider can be all things to all clients. It’s up to you to choose carefully, especially if you’re going to be critical in the long run. If you haven’t selected wisely, you have yourself to blame if the experience wasn’t up to par, in your book.