12 keys to making the best use of music in escorting

In 2012, Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Amit Sood told the New York Times that music stimulates the opioid activity in the so-called reward center of the brain, which creates feelings of pleasure much like eating a favorite food, viewing a beautiful sight or experiencing an enjoyable physical sensation, such as sex. Knowingly or unknowingly, escorts often incorporate music into their encounters. Clients become more relaxed, the melodies set the mood and the music theme helps an escort avoid distractions.

Escorts can’t select just any music for their sessions. Planning and taste must are required to determine the “right” playlist for each client. Overall, though, there are some things you can do to ensure the music you play during encounters is not only appropriate, but perfect for the occasion. Use these top 13 tips for choosing the right music:

  1. Your favorite radio station may not be everyone’s favorite. Even though you may thoroughly enjoy the music, on-air personalities or other features offered by a particular station, there will be part of its programming that will not be conducive to a great encounter. Whether one of the DJs is long-winded or weather updates interrupt the music, something usually breaks in to spoil the mood created by the playlist. News updates and advertising can cause distractions, along with self-serving promotions taking away from the time spent on music. Even if you think the music featured on the station is appropriate for your encounter, find it elsewhere than on your radio dial.
  2. Know your clients’ preferences. Some clients are into rock and roll, while others are strictly country. You may have clients that like the hip hop scene. Regardless of whether your clients like classical concertos, opera, folk, bluegrass or jazz music, you will probably not be able to guess what they would prefer to listen to during their visits with you. But, you can find out easily by just asking them. Most men have strong opinions about the types of music they find romantic, seductive or good for intense lovin’. And, even if they don’t give you specifics about what they want to hear, they will often tell you what they DON’T want to hear, which may be even more important. Most clients won’t object if you don’t select their favorite types of music; however, if you ask them to endure an hour (or two) of music they detest it may become a problem. Music that puts your client into a bad mood should be avoided at all costs.
  3. Consider instrumental arrangements without lyrics. Despite the genre of music, versions of many songs are available as instrumentals. Many experts suggest that people who use music as background noise when they work benefit most by music without vocals or lyrics. Studies indicate that lyrics are distracting, because the mind is interpreting them, and cause a worker to lose focus. It’s possible to become lost in the lyrics and drift away from the situation at hand, especially during an encounter. On the other hand, instrumental arrangements of your favorite songs won’t tempt your imagination as much because they don’t put obvious verbal cues into your mind. And, another bonus is received when you use music-only versions of tunes: you don’t have to worry about the messages told by the lyrics. The song can be about anything — heartbreak, murder, partying or revenge and it doesn’t matter. Instrumental versions depend on the melody and not the words to evoke emotion.
  4. Plan activities with specific songs in mind. If you choose to leave songs with lyrics in your playlist, you can really take advantage of them. Not only can the music and rhythm evoke feelings, but the words can create a sensual mood, too. Many escorts incorporate songs that easily lead into a striptease or other elements. Popular songs for a striptease include: “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails, “Hot In Here” by Nelly, “Justify My Love” by Madonna and “Cream” by Prince. Many escorts perform steamy lap dances to “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Joe Cocker or “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC. Much like a workout playlist, different songs can be strategically placed throughout the list to encourage special moods or actions. Midway through a playlist, songs that are extra sexy or would be good (rhythmically) for sex may be programmed in. The songs toward the end of the playlist should be slower and less seductive, to encourage a “cool down” as a transition to the conclusion of the booking.
  5. Match your music selections to your image, unless your client requests otherwise. If you’re a country girl from the heart of Texas, complete with the cowboy boots, you probably shouldn’t break out your most recent hip hop playlist. Even though it’s common for people to have vast ranging tastes in music, you should make an effort to stay true to your branding through your song selections, just as you do with the way you dress. (Of course, exceptions are easily made when your client requests you step out of your comfort zone to role play as someone different.) But, despite your image, don’t feel as though you have to stick to only one genre of music. A girl-next-door type can easily like pop, blues, jazz and R & B types of music. A Goth escort might enjoy heavier tunes most of the time, but she could also enjoy classical music. Many genres easily cross over to others, and it’s acceptable to like more than one type of music, as long as it doesn’t seem totally out of character.
  6. Create a sexy playlist full of seductive, suggestive music. While your clients are very visual creatures, they also respond powerfully to music. Your song selections can help excite your clients and put them at ease for an exciting encounter. You may be quite a music expert and know a number of provocative tunes you want to include. But, if you’re not well-versed about love songs (or other sensual music), don’t worry about it. Many compilations and playlists already exist. Amazon features a number of MP3 downloads already organized into seductive playlists or compiled on CDs. iTunes and Rhapsody also have a wide selection of playlists and songs available for you to download. You may be able to find a perfect playlist already put together for you on either of these sites.
  7. Consider the rhythm and feel of the songs you select. Encounters with different clients have different grooves to them. Some bookings may be slow, seductive and sensual. Others may be about passion and urgency, featuring a much more rapid pace. After you’ve seen a client a time or two, you may have a feel for the type of music that will fit him best. A client who enjoys a faster paced encounter may thrive on dance, techno or rock music; but, an encounter that is based on taking your time will benefit from sultry blues, R & B or jazz selections. Perhaps a client is into a particular ethnic style; he might enjoy upbeat Latina tunes, reggae or Indian melodies. But, regardless of the ethnicity of music, ensure the rhythms and beats match the pace of your client. Fast songs aren’t good for clients who want to take things at a more relaxed pace, and slower options don’t fuel the desire of a client who operates more quickly.
  8. Use your music to drown out distractions and noises. Depending on where you are meeting your client, there may be noises that could cause you both to lose your focus during intimate moments. Horns honking, sirens blaring, neighbors talking and other sounds of many metro neighborhoods can ruin “the moment.” Your music should help to disguise these sounds and help you focus on your client. And, if you are visiting with your client in an apartment, condo or hotel, you must be careful to avoid loud noises of passion, too, for fear that your neighbors will hear you. Your music can muffle your sounds of excitement and climax. Turn the volume up when things get hot and steamy.
  9. Consider both current and old hits when planning your playlists. Even though they may not have been as overtly obvious about it, many musicians from the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s sang about sex and getting it on. Older songs by Marvin Gaye, Donna Summer, George Michael, Roberta Flack, Rod Stewart and the Rolling Stones all have sexual messages and music that gets you heated up and ready for making love. Mixing up some old songs with current ones in your compilation can create a well-rounded selection that will appeal to a wider variety of clients. Some clients have never heard of Rhianna or Nelly, so they will be relieved to hear something recognizable from Rod Stewart. (Some of these older songs may even bring clients back to their younger years and other sexual experiences that make them happy.)
  10. Music must make you feel sexy. Even if your client makes special requests for specific types of music, you shouldn’t oblige if anything makes you uncomfortable or if you really dislike it. For instance, if your client requests Marilyn Manson and similar music, and it’s just not your thing, suggest something else or try to compromise on another artist. Most times, clients won’t have their hearts set on an encounter full of trash metal music or anything else that you might find offensive. They are willing to bend in their selections. Going along with music that you really dislike will hinder you from being able to provide the level of service you are capable of. It’s important to find music that both you and your client can appreciate.
  11. Choose music that you don’t normally listen to in your personal life. Music can evoke emotions and memories, both good and bad. When you play songs during your encounter that you regularly listen to, it’s easy to think about people and events in your daily life, which can distract you. Additionally, any experiences you have with clients (both good and bad) can be resurrected easily when you hear a song that played when you were with them. Keeping your music worlds separated can help you to clearly define your work life and personal existence.
  12. Program your playlist for the length of your encounters. If most of your encounters last for one or two hours, select songs that will play for the desired amount of time. Escorts often rely on their playlists to cue them when an encounter is half or nearly over. Certain songs signify special points of the encounter, which help an escort move things along so that a client doesn’t miss out on anything special during his booking. Playlists that are created for time specifications aren’t always perfect, but they perform double duty by being a timer and mood music.