10 ways experienced escorts run their business better

By no fault of their own, novice escorts do not run their businesses as well as experienced escorts. Novice escorts are worried about when their next client is going to call, what happens if a client doesn’t like them for saying “no” to a request and how they are going to make this lifestyle successful for themselves.

Experienced escorts know there will always be another client, saying “no” is a matter of self-respect and that they are already successful in the business. Experience is a tough teacher, but all escorts attest to the fact that they learned from their many mistakes and now operate their businesses better as a result. However, new escorts don’t have to make the many mistakes of others in order to learn these lessons if they pay attention to what mentors have to say about why and how they run their businesses better now than they did at the beginning of their careers. Here are some examples:

  1. Set outcall limitations. In the beginning, most escorts are willing to lug around bags full of role-playing costumes, kinky toys or other accessories for an hour or two of “fun” with a client, per his request. Experienced escorts don’t have a problem with role playing with costumes or playing with toys, but they usually limit excessive costume changes or a wide selection of toys to their incall encounters. And, besides, who wants to be caught carrying around an array of vibrators across town? Setting limitations on what you’re willing to bring to an outcall is perfectly acceptable in the escorting world. And, when you explain to clients that you are more than willing to provide these kinds of services, based on the supplies that you already have at your incall, they will understand that it’s simply easier to come to you, instead of insisting you come to them. Other outcall limitations include minimum-hour bookings (i.e. 2-hour or more bookings required due to costs/time/energy it takes to travel to outcall), location areas serviced (due to safety and distance) and limitations on where outcalls are allowed (private residences are often avoided for safety concerns).
  2. Enforce boundaries. In the early days of an escort’s career, she may be tempted to loosen her boundaries and go along with things that are slightly (or significantly) outside of her comfort zone. Novice escorts are often afraid to say no to a client for fear that he won’t call again or leave negative reviews. An experienced escort is offended by clients who attempt to push boundaries by asking for things she’s explicitly excluded from her services. For instance, if a client asks over and over for a BBBJ and she has clearly stated in her profile this is off the table, an experienced escort may simply walk away from the encounter with the client. Clients who are known for pushing boundaries typically do it over and over, again, and don’t take “no” seriously. Experienced escorts usually avoid clients like this and never cave in, despite how badly she may need the money. Being careless with your boundaries simply isn’t worth it.
  3. Don’t be a party girl. Early on in a career, a young escort may feel that doing a little partying is okay. However, it’s terribly easy to foul up when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your inhibitions are lessened, judgment is impaired and abilities to perform your job fully may be decreased. Additionally, being in the presence of illegal drugs or possessing them for you or a client can get you into further trouble with the law if you’re caught. Experienced, successful escorts do not party. They do not ever make an exception and never touch illegal drugs. They stay aware, alert and clean. A glass or two of wine or other cocktail is acceptable fare with a client, however, escorts who are serious about their careers rarely indulge heavily in alcohol with their clients, either. (Plus, you don’t want your clients to drink heavily during an encounter, either. Drunk clients have erectile difficulties and may become violent or belligerent.)
  4. Protect your true identity. In the beginning as you’re starting to develop your persona and it’s all new to you, it’s easy to give out your real name instead of your escort name. Or, to reveal too much personal information about yourself. However, as you become more seasoned, you find out how important it is to protect your true name, address, etc. It’s essential, most times, to keep your career a secret from your loved ones, unless you’ve told them what you do. So, keeping your real identity a secret is a must to protect your relationships. Also, to keep yourself safe and clear from stalkers or over-anxious clients, it’s important to never reveal your real name, etc. Too many escorts have been followed home or harassed by clients once they find out real names and identities.
  5. Work your own hours. Newbie escorts often feel that they must be available when the clients want them, ending up working seven days per week, 24 hours per day, if that’s when the clients call. However, experienced escorts know that clients are willing to wait until the escort of their choice is available. Establishing specific working days and working hours allows you to schedule the rest of your life and maintain relationships with friends, family and significant others. Additionally, it allows you time for yourself, too, which is vitally important as an escort.
  6. Avoid timewasters. Those clients who try to get you to hang on the phone with them for a long time, talking about the what-ifs of an encounter are simply getting their kicks from the conversation and are unlikely to book an encounter. Experienced escorts do not allow a phone conversation to continue more than 10 minutes with a client, nor do they engage in text messages back and forth that go on forever. They can spot timewasters quickly, and don’t spend time hoping they develop into genuine clients. As a new escort, you can rest assured that genuine clients will call and book quickly, and you don’t have to jump through ridiculous hoops to get them to schedule a time.
  7. Lower tolerance for inappropriate behavior. Many escorts report that when they first started out, they felt they had to accept rude, disrespectful behavior from their clients. However, as they became more seasoned, they realized that their tolerance for such cheeky actions was lessening, possibly to the point of not accepting it at all. Most escorts will walk away from a client who is rude, condescending, disrespectful, tardy or one who attempts to haggle them down on price. These actions do not indicate that a client sees the escort as an equal or someone valuable, so they choose to leave the client and booking, instead of subjecting themselves to ridicule or negative behavior. New escorts should not accept inappropriate behavior.
  8. Set clear communication rules. Many new escorts are so excited for new clients to call, they are willing to pick up the phone morning, noon or night. However, experienced escorts have specific communication hours they are willing to accept phone calls or emails from clients. They establish particular times they are open for setting up bookings. For instance, some escorts work only during the week and refuse to communicate with clients on the weekends. Others decline communication during the middle of the day. Most refuse to communicate on holidays. You can set your own communication standards — just be sure to stick to them.
  9. Be selective when it comes to clients. New escorts often feel that they have to accept any and all clients who call them up for an encounter. However, experienced escorts have struggled through encounters with grossly obese clients, clients with bad breath and clients with B.O. or other issues. After awhile, they establish some ground rules about clients they will not see. Some escorts have a thing about facial hair or uncircumcised penises. Others won’t see clients who weigh over a certain weight. Many escorts say they won’t see clients who remind them of their old boyfriend. It’s just a matter of personal preference that every escort has the privilege and right to determine any ground rules when it comes to clients.
  10. Don’t buy special items to clients’ requests. Many clients will tell escorts they want to role play with a special costume, and they often expect the escort to run out and buy the particular costume. Or it may be a special sex toy. Or a special kinky prop. And new escorts are usually happy to go out and spend their hard-earned money on that item, thinking they will use it again in future encounters. Experienced escorts rarely do this, unless it’s for a regular client. And then they often request the client to reimburse them for it. Seasoned, successful escorts don’t make money by purchasing toys for clients to use with them once. If a specific client is insistent that you wear or use something specific, require that he reimburse you for it before you go out and buy it. Experienced escorts require this from clients, and so should new ones.