Get glossy: Level up your escort look

There are literally hundreds of make-up styles, haircuts, manicures and grooming tips a girl can use to change her look (see Youtube for everything and more). But if you look closely at gorgeous women – and your clients want you as gorgeous as you can get – they have a sort of shimmer which comes through no matter how they are dressed or where they are.

by Hannah Jay

It’s an inner confidence and outer polish that adds up to a look that turns heads and attracts envy. It is this unmistakable allure which allows them to forget about themselves and focus on the world, the task at hand, and, most importantly, the person they are with. These are women who are not continually fussing, and primping and priming. Some escorts don’t need a mirror to know they look beautiful.

How to get that glossy look?

Gorgeous hair

A really good haircut is a brilliant thing, but is of little point if your hair is damaged, dull and lifeless. I found my wonderful stylist by stopping a woman on the street to ask who did her fabulous hair. She was flattered and even gave me a card from the salon (I have a feeling she has been asked before, and is wonderfully prepared and gracious when it happens).

A good haircut is the foundation for your look so take the time to discuss what works for your hair type and face shape with the stylist before having anything done. Book a consultation before you commit to an appointment. That way you can decide whether you and the stylist are compatible and comfortable with each other. Trusting someone with you hair is a huge leap of faith. Tell him/her what you want and like but also ask what they recommend. A stranger can see you in an objective way you can’t and sometimes a push out of your comfort zone is just what you need to go from cute to gorgeous. Look through magazines and bring in hairstyles you like. This way the stylist will clearly understand the look you want to achieve. Another tip is to be honest about the amount of time and effort you are willing to spend on your hair at home. Happily, wash and wear hair with sexy, tousled beachy waves is very in vogue right now.

Gorgeous skin

Healthy, well-cared for skin glows. It is luminous, radiant. You don’t have to spend a fortune on designer skincare products to transform your skin. In fact, less is usually best. There is however, one item that no one should be without: sun block. It is essential to apply it every day — yes, year round — to avoid skin damage like pigmentation, wrinkles, leathery skin, and skin cancer. Opt for a SPF 30 minimum, more if you are spending a lot of time at the beach. Don’t think a foundation with SPF built in is going to be enough. It’s not. Protect your lips, neck, décolletage, feet and hands as well. Buy a stunning hat and sunglasses. Sashay around the pool (and the city) like you are Greta Garbo.

Skin care products range from remarkably inexpensive – Nivea Cream for your feet and legs – to moderate – organic Dr. Hauschka — to shocking — Crème d’Mer. Any product will take some time to work so be patient and don’t expect miracles after one use. In fact, you sometimes need to try a few to find the specific products which are right for you. Do ask for help (and samples) from the pros at the beauty counters and do your research on line before you buy. But best advice? Whatever you choose, be consistent. Even the best cream can’t work if you don’t use it.

Take the time to pamper yourself by making your morning and evening skincare routine a delight rather than a chore. Splurge on a luxurious face towel, set your beauty products on a lovely tray in your bathroom, put cotton balls in a crystal dish instead of leaving them in the plastic bag… you get the idea. Remember beauty comes from within as well as skin deep. Feel as beautiful as you look.

Make up comes off every night. Religiously. No skipping because you are tired. And in terms of application, heavy foundations tend to make you look old, not glossy. Contouring is fine in moderation and lightly used. Highlighting your best asset (eyes? lips? cheekbones?) can make you shimmer. And always do a final check in daylight not just the bathroom mirror.

While I know girls barely know what stockings and hose are these days, they have a terrific ability to make good legs look great and give a finished look to any outfit. And even if they aren’t really your taste, savvy escorts indulge in them because stockings are on the lust list of virtually every client.

Healthy hair and glowing skin give you the basics for any look from Queen of the Night through Girl Next Door.

Mani/pedi perfection

Whether you leave it to a pro or do it yourself, keep nails short, neat, and polished. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

While you can have a lot of fun at the nail salon with all sorts of glittery excess, all that does is make your nails look as if they are still in high school. Which, in turn, spoils the finished, healthy look a glossy girl is striving for. Much better to go with a neutral, light, shade of polish which will not show the inevitable chips and which you can maintain yourself. If you are off to a fabulous dinner date by all means move to that sexy scarlet many men adore. As long as you have been taking care of your nails there is no reason not to.

Whether fingernails or toenails, the darker the polish the more attention it draws. If you have pretty feet, lucky you, then a darker shade can be very effective.

Pearly whites

You know the routine: brush, floss, visit your dentist. Then smile a lot.

Routinely bleaching your teeth either with the many excellent home products or at your dentists will give you a dazzling smile. Is there any such thing as teeth which are too white?

When you start making serious money you might want to consider cosmetic dentistry if you have dental issues. It is amazing what dentists are able to do in a non-invasive way.


To care properly for your skin, first figure out what sort of skin you have. The skin on your face is different from the skin on your elbow. You may have very oily facial skin but dry skin on your body. Pick your products accordingly.

Soap never touches my face, but a good morning scrub with a gentle soap in the shower is a great way to start the day. You want your skin to glow after a shower with gentle exfoliation. Use a loofah sponge and use gentle circular motions. You want the layer of dead cells and oils to be lifted away from your skin but you don’t want to scrub so hard that you damage the healthy live tissue just below the surface. In addition, you want to avoid the dull, dry, flaky skin which can result if you are using harsh soaps, hot hot water and rough towels. A good, inexpensive and widely available brand is the famous Dr. Bonner’s liquid soap. Its natural formulation is nourishing to the skin, and the peppermint formula is a morning eye-opener (and the bottle gives you something to read in the shower). Even Gwyneth Paltrow uses it. Go buy some. You can even use it to wash your lingerie, your floors, your sink.

Paying daily attention to your feet with a pumice bar at the end of your shower when your skin is soft will avoid calluses. A quick buffing and moisturizing every day means that there will be next to no build up for your next pedicure. Better still, your shoes, even your heels, will fit better and your stockings won’t snag. And speaking of smooth, Dr. B’s does double duty as a shaving foam.

The “girl on the go” shower sets you up for your busy day, but at the close, a long soak in a hot bath is a sensual transition towards evening. While the luxury of a glorious bubble bath with a glass of Chablis and a good book usually has to be reserved for off duty days, even the busiest escort can take fifteen minutes to enjoy a bath.

Bath oils, bubble bath or a bath bomb is your ticket here. Epsom salts are a wonderful way to de-stress and unkink tense and sore muscles. A face cloth or soft sponge is all you really need if you had your exfoliating shower earlier.

Put on some music, light a scented candle, and just let your thoughts drift (no making a mental grocery list). And make sure you have a gorgeous, fluffy towel within easy reach. And remember to pat yourself dry rather than vigorous rubbing. Have a bathrobe nearby and you can move on to your evening makeup and dressing.

A touch of sun – or not?

Glossy girls look healthy. For many that means a little – and I do mean little – sun on face, arms and legs. Of course, the truth is that even a little sun is not brilliant for your skin. However, ten minutes of morning sun followed by sunscreen will keep your Vitamin D levels up. In the winter take Vitamin D supplements. There are many high quality brands and this vitamin is relatively inexpensive. Sun-tanning itself is a terrible idea and don’t even think about a sunbed.

To get that golden bronzed glow without inflicting sun damage, there are excellent bronzers products available for every skin tone and type. But, for Heaven’s sake be selective. First off, no glossy girl is ever orange. Or yellow or any other colour which is not her own natural tan plus at most a couple of shades darker. Try samples and test them for a day. Remember that many fake tan products will actually darken with minimal exposure to actual sunlight. Second, understand that a fake all over tan is a huge commitment. It may be worth it but it takes time. Two pro tips: wear latex gloves when applying the tan to avoid the tell-tale tanned palms syndrome. Second, get a “buffing” mitten to work the tanning solution into your skin. Be prepared to wear a loose, dark, dress while your fake tan sets.

Critical point: with fake tanning products less is more and two shades lighter than you think you want is what you want. The era of the deep dark tan is over. Sun kissed is lovely and more than enough. If this just seems too much summertime wasted, embrace the luminous beauty of pale, perfect skin.

Glossy girls dress simply

A famous fashion photographer, Irving Penn did most of his studio shots with just one light. Asked why, he explained that two lights were “just too complicated”.

A girl with swishy hair, meticulous grooming and glowing skin will look her best in simple clothes, but clever designs. The fact she is an escort should never ever be apparent from how she dresses — no plunging necklines, skirts up to here, cheap fabrications, or shoes only found in a sex shop. You are the attraction and should never be upstaged by your dress.

While there are occasions where bows and frills and flounces may be called for, those are few and far between. An escort can make a lasting impression with nothing more complicated than a little black dress for evening and a pencil skirt and white cotton shirt for day. A chic, monochromatic sundress for afternoon dates is ideal for summer. By streamlining her wardrobe to workhorse separates and coordinating colourways, a glossy girl is able to have really well-made clothes that fit (or are custom tailored to fit). (Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge is a prime example of a woman who has clothes crafted to fit. Jennifer Aniston famously has her t-shirts tailored. No, really, and you can too.)

Just as her hair, make-up and nails have that finished look, a glossy girl chooses clothes that are flattering. When selecting wardrobe staples take into account your height, weight and body type rather than merely the latest trends. Classic wardrobe staples like a trench coat, white shirt, LBD, leather boots can be worn season after season. If you look after them. Polish and protect your boots after a day out in inclement weather. Store them with a boot tree insert to retain their shape. Iron your white shirts. Yes, you. You would be amazed what a little cornstarch in warm water does sprayed lightly on a cotton shirt or linen skirt. Sticking to natural fabrics – cotton, linen, wool and cashmere if you can afford it – means that your wardrobe will look rich, even if you aren’t. (Yet.)

Jewelry, bags and shoes

This is a category that is the downfall of many a sensible girl. What is it about jewelry, handbags and shoes that can mesmerize said sensible girl to make her willingly, nay, eagerly, part with her hard-earned cash?

You know about eBay, the realreal, Net-A-Porter, your local vintage and consignment stores. Just avoid paying full retail. Many “used” bags are sold with tags still on for a steep discount or worn only a couple of times. Beware of counterfeits, they are out there and hard to detect. All I can say is think twice, maybe thrice; then buy without regret.

But with bags, shoes and jewelry the glossy girl is looking for sleek, real and elegant. Two, simple, real gold or silver bangles are more elegant than an armful of obviously fake “jewels”. A plain, made by real Italians, buttery leather bag is more versatile and far more attractive than a bag which screams “fake” by being covered in logos. A pair of vinyl six inch heel, three inch platforms scream “stripper”, where a vintage pair of three inch heels in real leather, no platform, whisper “lady”. Glossy girls are always ladies.


Nothing destroys a look like a slouch. Learn a few model-y moves to walk, sit and move with grace.

Posture is a telling thing; it tends to reflect how a person feels about themselves. Standing up straight, walking deliberately, holding your head held high are positive signals. Projecting confidence into your world is a decision just like slouching is a decision. Glossy girls project confidence. They have worked hard to create their look, they have polished and edited and thought carefully about how they want others to see them. Even if they actually woke up on the wrong side of the bed and burnt the toast, they don’t let it show. By faking it, it doesn’t take long to shake the bad mood and really mean that bounce in your step.

Regardless of where a glossy girl’s escort life takes her, whether it is to a grand hotel for a sumptuous champagne dinner or just to her front door, she makes it clear she is worth it. If you think you are special; others will too. It’s that self-fulfilling prophesy working its magic.

Confidence can be a double-edged sword; beautiful women can be aloof, cold, impolite, demanding, shrill; in essence, better appreciated from a distance. Truly beautiful women are passionate about life, are interested in others and are kind and gracious. Their manners are impeccable, they are polite, friendly, extending compliments, commending excellent service, and asking questions and actually listening to the answers. At the same time, expecting to be treated as a lady goes with the territory. Doors are opened, arms offered. A lost art you say? It’s amazing how men will step up to the challenge when confronted with a beautiful woman who expects him to be a gentleman.

A confident escort is almost always a much safer escort. Her confidence, her certainty that she is worth every penny her client is paying, means she tends to take charge of her encounters. Her glow, her glossy exterior, her clever clothes give her an edge which men will enjoy but which will also intimidate most of her clients just a little. This is a good thing.

Ultimately, a glossy girl has taken charge of her presentation and it shows. Her clients will, at some level, “get it”. When they “get it” they will realize they have leveled up in the escort game.

Glossy girls are more than meets the eye.