Girl on the go: Escorting in a mobile world

Lying in your purse is a tiny device that is, in actuality, a full-scale computer thousands of times more powerful than the computer aboard the Apollo 11 mission which landed men on the moon. Saying that the Smartphone has revolutionized the internet is no exaggeration. Add to it tablets, and suddenly the world in which a modern-day escort conducts her business is totally transformed.

by Hannah Jay

In the no-pay dating world, Tinder lets people hook-up with a swipe; in the semi-pay Sugar World, SeekingArrangement has an app; in the pay world, Peppr has launched a Tinder-like app in Europe which allows clients to find and book escorts with a quick swipe.

For a working escort the reality of mobile means altering how she does business and how she markets herself. The extent and speed of adaptation is at the escort’s discretion, but not being tech savvy is not even an option.

Using your mobile phone smarts

Having a smartphone is like having a phone, a camera, a video-camera and a computer in your purse. Everything from your contact book to your escort blog or website can be accessed from that smartphone. Need to find a client location? Google Maps is literally, at your fingertips.

For all its convenience, a smartphone is also a potential source of trouble. Because all your escorting information, dates, clients’ numbers, your comments about clients, your current location, your internet history, the login details to your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and those naughty selfies and sex tape, are all on your phone or accessible from it. You are leaving a digital imprint

So how do you protect your privacy, keep your secrets and counteract snoops? With a bit of counter-technology, of course. Here is what you need to know:

Basic security

Use a screen lock so no-one can look in your phone if you leave it unattended. Although you may be tempted to increase the security even further by using apps which encrypt the data on your phone, these can be a bit cumbersome and there are better ways to keep your data private.

Having two phones might seem a bit extravagant but it can pay off. Keeping a phone with its own number exclusively for work is a huge advantage if you have a busy life. When you are out with friends you turn the work phone off and only check it for messages when you have privacy. Your work phone will only show your escort persona name and number and all email and text details will be for your working, not your personal life. (If you have an Android phone take a look at the article on useful Apps.)

With a dedicated work phone you can set it up to really drive your business. At the same time, you can keep a work phone clean of the wonderful time wasting apps like Angry Birds. And if necessary, it can be tossed off a cliff to delete your escort past rather than your whole life.

For your eyes only

For additional safeguards, Black Book will allow you to keep a secret contacts list on your mobile. Cate efficiently erases calls and texts, and Mobile Vault keeps your secrets locked in your iCloud.

Above and beyond

When your phone is your work, you better be particularly careful not to lose it. Although you probably don’t have to go as far as Angelina Jolie’s $15,000 Louis Vuitton Lockit PM Devotion gold clutch that she donned for the Moneyball premier in 2011 which was handcuffed to her wrist:

Making it work for the working girl

When you are setting up your work phone, configure it only with what you really need and what you will use: contacts, a good SMS app to deal with texting, a calendar app to keep your appointments straight. Those are the basics. Now think about a few marketing features. Men are very visual creatures and so good photographs are always useful. While you should have the photographs for your main website and your advertising done professionally, there is no reason at all not to put up selfies on a blog, a Facebook page or a Twitter feed. For that you’ll need a photo-editing app or two. Plus, you’ll want to use the Facebook and Twitter apps.

At this point you will want to think seriously about off-phone storage options. Now, bearing in mind the possible Apple hack which exposed Jennifer Lawrence and a host of other stars more private moments to the internet, it makes sense to look into the security of the off site options. But Google Drive or DropBox provide pretty good password-driven security.

This level of security protects you against casual curiosity and the awful possibility of your phone falling in your bathtub – which happens more often than you think. There is, however, another level of security risk which an escort can encounter: law enforcement.

And it is here, in the worst-case scenario, that your work phone is used against you. It becomes (potentially), evidence in the event that the police are attempting to make a case against you or your clients. While the Supreme Court of the United States has recently held that a cell phone cannot be searched without a warrant, the police can certainly seek and will almost certainly obtain a warrant.

And once a warrant has been issued, information like your call logs is available. So practice scrupulous phone hygiene. It’s easy and quick, and could be critical. Deleting a call log on an Android or Apple phone is a mere ten second process.

If you want to keep the name of a caller in your contacts, then do yourself and your client a huge favour and change that name. At minimum, change the last name. The law of evidence is a funny thing and a changed last name is likely to give your client an out. Similarily, if you keep notes on your clients’ predilections and peccadillos, using a simple code will make the policeman’s task much more difficult. However, don’t use well recognized escort acronyms.

The one thing which you should never record with respect to clients is how much they paid you “Fred S. GFE $300 $50” where there is a row of these sorts of entries is solid evidence against you and Fred.

In fact, financial details of any sort are best kept somewhere other than your smartphone. Having an email address entirely separate from your escorting address for things like Paypal payments or Square transactions makes a lot of sense. Keeping your financial affairs entirely off your work phone is a huge layer of protection. Seeing a lot of men is not illegal; being paid is.

At least once a week, more often if you are busy, you need to do a sweep of your work phone: delete the call log, delete the SMS/text records, check your contacts and your notes for possible issues, delete client emails. Now, the fact is that the National Security Agency or the FBI will be able to reconstruct your digital history; but for a local policeman to go to the trouble of gaining a warrant and then tracking down warrants to access third party cell and email providers, may simply not be worth it for a prostitution arrest.

Marketing to mobile

Imagine for a moment that a handsome businessman has finished a late meeting and is having a quiet drink in a swanky hotel bar. His now relaxed mind turns to the rest of his evening and, right there, he decides female companionship would be just the thing.

A few years ago he would have had to find an alternative newspaper with escort ads, or find a phone book to find an escort agency.

These days, to arrange a tryst, your potential client reaches for his trusty smart phone and goes to a site like, swipes his city and finds a long list of girls ready to please. The ads are optimized for mobile and the girl he seeks is right there. Or is she?

Part of the magic of smartphones is that they are locationally aware. They know where they are and so a tech and mobile-savvy escort will ensure that her location is discoverable because a man in the mood doesn’t like to wait . And it is to little avail if he is in a bar in New York and you are drinking champagne in Paris.

Clients are on the move, and so escorts have to be, too. CNN reported in January 2014 that mobile internet usage in the US overtook desktop usage for the first time. What this means for an ambitious independent escort is that her entire marketing effort needs to accommodate mobile platforms. A few years ago this required building an entirely different web site. Now, with responsive template designs, a single website will, by and large, render well on every device. And with every smartphone iteration, conducting business on an apparatus the size of your palm becomes easier and easier.

A well-designed and functional website is a joy to behold, but don’t forget to double check your website once you have made it responsive. Glitches do happen. For example, the front page may look perfect on a mobile phone, but your galleries may not render properly. This is no reason to panic or lose sales when a few minutes of a webmaster’s time will fix the problem.

Next, optimize your advertising and review venues. Although you can’t change the venue, you can make sure your presence there stands out. Often something as simple as re-sizing your photos will mean they display beautifully on the small screen.

You really do need to understand how the advertising venue or review site works for mobile because it may be somewhat different than it is for desktop. One feature which some advertising sites offer is what amounts to a “second page” where your contact information is located. If this is the case, make sure you give your potential client a reason to go on. A line like, “for contact information and more pictures….” incentivizes the client to click.

If mobile usage has grown, text messaging has exploded. As has Skype and a host of messaging apps like Whats App. Text messages as a preliminary to an encounter can work well (remembering to turn off the history so as to leave no trace.) However, for screening and confirmation, a telephone call is still preferred.

Make sure that your tech capability is made known in your ad. A line like “text me at xxx-xxx-xxxx” makes it clear and convenient. The real objective is to make it as easy as possible for your prospective client to get in touch with you. For a slightly shy client, email or text can break the ice.

Having adapted your website to mobile and made sure that your advertising is ready for the mobile world, it is time to focus on staking out your local turf.

Google, and let’s face it, there is no other serious search engine, offers terrific localization options for businesses. The only problem is that Google makes it difficult to list if you are an independent escort. Escort agencies are able to use Google Places for Business but it is a bit more difficult for girls working on their own.

However, as with many other things on the net, there are workarounds which are not that difficult.

The entire idea behind Google localization is to tie a business to a specific address. In order to get into Google Places you have to register and then they send a card with a code to the address you have registered at. A PO box sometimes works but Google is pretty smart about such things and may not let you register from such an address.

Ask yourself where you would like your clients to think you are. For example, if you enjoy outcalls to exclusive hotels and there is a hotel district in your city, you will want Google to believe you are right in the middle of that area. To accomplish this you need access to an address in that area. And you need an address where the actual business is not going to mind. If you have a friend with an apartment great; but, in fact, it is usually better to find a news stand or a smoke shop which would be willing to hold your mail for a small fee. Once arranged, go ahead and create a Google Account. Do this using your escort name and details. Then it is off to Google+, Pages and My Business.

Google can be infuriating when it comes to setting up these services but, with a bit of clever planning, you can make the process fairly painless. Make sure you have a good photo – nothing rude, mildly risqué is acceptable – and a description of your business which does not involve the word “escort” (we suspect “courtesan” will fail as well). Rather, something like “providing discreet companionship for discerning gentlemen” would work. And, of course, the all important actual street address.

You are made to jump through the hoops Google sets up and, with a bit of luck, you will create a full on Google+ account with a business page and your contact details including the address. Once you create this, Google will send the card with the code which will verify the address.

At this point you have a page with your name, a picture and a tag line about companionship. Adding to that page is easy. So is editing it. As is adding material about your escorting activities, the hotels you prefer, pretty lingerie you love…you get the idea… will all add up to create your profile.

What this does is establish your address and your activities in the Google searches for your area. Combined with a good website, an escort able to use technology to her advantage can make her way to the top of the search engines in her area.

Building a strong, local, Google+ profile and a mobile-friendly web presence will enhance your escort business in the mobile market. Great clients will not only seek you, they will be able to find you.

Now he’s found you…

Some escorts focus on business with their prospective clients. After all, time is money. Other girls like to play a little. Known as much for their personality, wit and charm as for their sexual prowess, they employ technology in their gameplan. Pre-smartphone, no matter which way a girl liked to handle her bookings, she was limited to chatting on the phone. Now there are lots of ways a girl can entice her client.

Here, as with most things, the key is to have a real plan. If you like to flirt a bit while texting back and forth, then keep a few mildly naughty photos in a file where you can easily find and use them. A very short – 15 seconds – teaser video can be seriously sexy. And with your smarty pants phone, you can send images and video pretty much instantly.

For legal, elegance and privacy reasons, a good deal of discretion is a must. You are whetting his appetite not serving digital dinner. And before you send that lovely shot of your balconette bra, ask first. Playing it slow, coy, and seductive is your best strategy. Pushy is never a turn on.

At the same time, an escort can use the fact her perspective date has a smartphone to actually assist her with his screening. These days, more exclusive escorts always look for a way of affirming identity. What could be simpler than a picture of a prospective date’s driver’s licence and business card sent from his phone to yours?

Mobiles and regulars

With their permission, you can also use your smart phone to stay in touch with regulars. Sending a text saying that your website has been updated is a wonderfully professional way of inviting a regular to see your new pictures. And keep you in their minds.

For more intimate shots, you can offer regulars “Snaps” using Snapchat. (While there are flaws in Snapchat’s “disappear” function, it works well enough that your naughtier pictures will be hard, if not impossible, to access.)

Sending a visual remember me? to a regular you have not seen for a while using your mobile can be a great tactic to fill your appointment book. The nice part about a mobile phone is that, unlike a laptop or a desktop computer, a man’s phone is very private. But, as ever, remember that anything you send over the internet by whatever means can end up places you do not intend. A little wisp of black lace over your face, and lighting on your body rather than your cheekbones, can preserve your privacy.

An age of miracles and wonders

Mobiles are here to stay. And further wonders we can’t even imagine are on the horizon. Adapting your escorting business to a tech-oriented and mobile world will lead to more clients and more opportunities. At the same time, carrying a computer in your handbag means you have to be careful about who has access to it and what data you leave exposed.

For modern escorts, like all the rest of us, a smartphone is a powerful business communications tool. Thinking about how best to use that tool, how to marry text, pictures, video, web presence and plain old phone service to your marketing efforts will make you a successful girl on the go.