The fine legal line between escort and prostitute: some strategies for an escort to stay out of trouble

There are many benefits to taking employment as an escort: the pay is often lucrative and can be handled in cash, the hours are flexible, and the social nature of the job trends towards potentially interesting and exciting work. But the profession also carries a degree of danger, as the legal line between “escort” and “prostitute” can be easily and accidentally crossed.

In the United States, where laws on prostitution are determined by state governments, someone charged with prostitution can be fined and even serve a short prison term for a first offense. While these laws apply both to prostitute and client, it is the escort who is put in greater legal danger, as subsequent offenses carry far greater sentences.

To safeguard from these headache, many escorts work under the curtain of a service that is experienced in the fine print of the field. Yet a few simple strategies can be applied to anyone working privately that will assure that both escort and client stay safe and out of the law’s way.

  1. First off, know the definition of prostitution and its parameters in your state, and make sure nothing you say or put in print can be taken as such. Having this knowledge at your fingertips will come in handy when confronted by an angry client or in legal situations. For a guide to prostitution laws by state, check out Some such definitions of prostitution:
    • “The act of offering one’s self for hire to engage in sexual relations.”
    • “…knowingly engaging in or offering to engage in a sexual act for hire. As used in this section “sexual act” means sexual intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, masturbation of another, anal intercourse or the causing of penetration to any extent and with any object of the genital or anal opening of another, whether or not there is any emission. Whoever commits prostitution is guilty of a petty misdemeanor, unless such crime is a second or subsequent conviction, in which case such person is guilty of a misdemeanor.”
  2. Familiarize yourself with escort terms and acronyms of the hobby scene. While it’s a good idea not to specify what your time together may entail, it’s helpful in discussion with clients to abbreviate what you want to do with commonly used shortcuts. This is one of many such reviews on a popular escort service site:

    “We were naked in no time, and the kissing led to some DATY… We switched around for some 69, and then a very nice BBBJ. On went the cover and she climbed on for some CG. rolled over for some Mish, and finished in K9. Cleaned up and spooned and talked for a few minutes. Round 2 was started with another BBBJ and it felt so good I just wanted the enjoy it for a while and ended up finishing. No CIM, but the combination mouth and hand was great.”

    By knowing the most commonly used acronyms, you set a clear path towards providing what your clients desire while maintaining legality”. Or, as a smart and successful escort puts on her site, call your fee a “donation” and overstep one legal jumble altogether. Do not use the word “sex” or any other such term like the ones in the definition of prostitution above, or you’re pretty much condemning yourself from the start. Make your rates defined, clear and unquestionable, but let the power of the word ‘escort’ do your talking for you in regards to what your service provides other than time and company.

  3. When keeping records of clients for your personal use, include a relatively standard form that you will have them sign, and include a disclaimer specifying what your service does not include. Something as simple as: “Money exchanged in legal adult personal services for modeling is simply for time and companionship. Anything else that may or may not happen is a matter of personal choice and personal preference between two or more consenting adults of a legal age, and is not contracted for, nor is requested to be contacted for, or compensated for in any manner.” This is an easy way to remove blame should you be challenged by a client, and can used in your defense legally should you need it. Whatever you do, DO NOT specify what you are exchanging on a form you or your client sign, even when using acronyms. Using phrases like “time spent”, “massage” etc., and make sure it’s understood that anything beyond those is unrelated to compensation.
  4. If you choose to set up a website for your work, remember to include a disclaimer that you do not legally give access to persons under 18 (or 21) years old to view your site. Though escort sites do not legally fall under the umbrella of “porn”, it’s an added safety measure should an angry parent choose to sue or a defense be made against you for a separate offense. You can easily download a script to the main page of your site that only allows access to the site if the reader verifies that they are above a certain age.

Please note: is not a legal service, nor are we tax advisors or accountants. We do offer you what we consider our best advice, but if at all in doubt, please consult a professional.