Pros and cons of mini escort dates

Professionals working in the adult entertainment industry charge for services in many different ways. Exotic dancers charge per lap dance and accept generous tips from audience members. Prostitutes usually charge by the sexual act—for instance, oral sex may cost $50. Escorts charge by the hour.

Many escorts have a two-hour minimum, however, the recession and slower business days have some escorts accepting mini-sessions of 15 or 30 minutes. Escorts ride the fence on this topic: some feel it is degrading and won’t work with clients for any time less than an hour; others want to please clients whether it’s for 15 minutes or five hours. There are pros and cons to mini-dates that escorts should consider.


  • Mini bookings are quick and easy. They require little work in comparison to a two-hour appointment with a client. 15 or 30 minutes fly by rather quickly, especially when you factor in the time it takes to get payment out of the way, entice a client to get undressed, perform any acts requested and get you both dressed, again. There is very little time for small talk or questions about what will happen during the encounter.
  • Clients and escorts can get right down to business. There is no awkward “settling in” period in a mini session. In order for the client to get their money’s worth, you must get right down to business. The client arrives and the date begins at the same time.
  • Escorts can avoid marathon clients. Some clients attempt to orgasm (shoot on goal) as many times as possible during a date with an escort. During a mini date, an escort can avoid the “come again” man. With 15 or 30 minutes for the session, it doesn’t leave much time for a client to try to get their rocks off, again. Additionally, some clients take forever to get to climax. During a mini booking, an escort doesn’t have to worry about being completely worn out and sore from a client who lasts and lasts and lasts indefinitely.
  • You don’t have to spend as much time with undesirable clients. Face it, every escort has a client or two that they just don’t enjoy seeing. Whether he has an obnoxious personality, stinky breath or a mole on his neck with a hair growing out of it, you may have that one client that, honestly, repulses you. Schedule him in for mini bookings instead of four-hour afternoon sessions. It’s less time that you have to pretend to enjoy yourself.
  • Clients who prefer mini bookings can be scheduled into gaps in your schedule. If you have appointments at 10 a.m., 1 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m., you can easily fit in a few mini bookings between your other scheduled appointments, if you want. Or, if you just have a morning and afternoon appointment, you can certainly fit in a couple of mini bookings, without fearing you will wear yourself out too much for your other appointments.
  • Mini bookings don’t have to be your standard procedure. You don’t have to offer these mini sessions to everyone. It can be an exception that you offer only at times to certain clients. Your standard two-hour minimum, for example, can still be applied to nearly every other client. Just because you accept a mini booking from time to time doesn’t mean that you have to change the way in which you charge clients most of the time.


  • You’d have to charge an excessive rate to make a mini booking worthwhile. When you factor in the amount of preparation time it takes you to get ready for a client, the time it might take you to travel to him and the time it takes to clean up afterward, 15 minutes of client bliss doesn’t compensate you adequately. It’s just not a worthwhile use of time. Mini bookings pay a fraction of the price of a normal booking, and anything less doesn’t pay for your efforts and time.
  • Mini dates don’t accomplish much. You offer an experience through the encounters you provide for clients. A mini booking doesn’t give him much. He undresses and showers (five minutes), you do the “deed” (five to seven minutes) and he cleans up and dresses to leave (three to five minutes). There is no possible way that you can provide an experience in that 15-minute span. It’s simply not the service you provide.
  • Mini sessions don’t attract the type of clients you are looking for. Unsavory characters only looking for a quick romp in the hay are the types who will respond to quickie offerings. They pay for their 15 minutes, get off and leave. They don’t tip; they don’t form a connection with you; and they don’t have the class that other clients do. Most mini-booking clients don’t transition into higher-paying clients who seek out longer times.
  • Excessive traffic to our incall due to mini bookings can attract more attention to yourself. Because you can schedule more mini bookings in a day, you will be bringing more people to your door every day. More people in and out of your place may cause the neighbors to wonder.
  • It takes too many mini dates to make your income. Usually, you can make a decent living seeing two or three clients a day. Or, maybe you only see two or three clients a week. However, with a discounted rate for the mini bookings it requires many of them to make up what you need for your income.
  • Mini bookings cause you to doubt your value. Seeing more clients for income-boosting purposes causes you to, in effect, decrease your value to your clients. You are telling them they can get a piece of you at a discounted rate and that they only need 15 to 30 minutes to fully enjoy you. This isn’t the image you want to live with.